A Handy Guide to How to install a graphics card?

how to install a graphics card
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Have you ever wondered how high definition images appear on your computer screen? Well! The answer is straightforward, it is a graphics card that fits into the computer’s hardware to support and render images to your computer screen. More often than not, gamers take a high interest in changing graphics cards to experienced high-end graphics quality like Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation versions. If you are eager to enhance your gaming graphics experience, the first question that will come to your mind is how to install a graphics card? Today in this reading, you can learn everything you need to know about graphics cards for PCs

how to install a graphics card in motherboard
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Before we go ahead, it is significant to have a brief introduction to Graphics cards if you are a beginner in the line of gaming or potentially computer engineering. So, let’s get started! 

What is a Graphics card?

To begin with, by definition, a graphics card or a video card is a type of internal computer hardware accessory that generates images on the computer (or primary device’s) monitor. A graphics card can be good or bad, depending on the quality of the graphics you need. It helps to create a smooth and HD image on the computer screen. In today’s world, video editors, photoshop experts, and graphic designers often use the best graphics card for the money as graphics cards also impact externally transmitted images and videos on the computer. 

install graphics card for laptop
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What are the types of Graphics cards?

For the most part, there are two types of graphics cards – Integrated graphics card and Discrete graphics card. As the terms suggest, integrated graphics cards are those that directly fit into the PC’s motherboard. Laptops and MacBooks already have an integrated graphics card, and those are not easily replaceable. On the other hand, discrete graphics cards are those cards that you can additionally install in your PC’s motherboard to enhance images/graphics/videos/desktop content quality on your computer. Above all, a discrete graphics card improves the image’s processing time and stops the moving graphics from scattering while gaming. 

Now, are you ready to change your graphics card for PC? Here’s a handy guide on how to install a graphics card? You can also use this guide to know how to replace a graphics card with the latest best graphics card for the money? You can use this guide for Windows 7, Windows 10, and Macbook/Probook.

How to install a graphics card?

Following the given instructions stepwise to remove and install a new graphics card on your laptop –

  1. Shutdown your PC and let it cool down for a while. 
  2. Now, use a small screwdriver to remove the side panel on the computer that keeps it intact. 
  3. While removing the screws, keep in mind that the GPU on the rear bracket does not move. 
  4. Further, unlatch the PCI-e slot clip and undo the GPU already installed.
  5. To remove the GPU, pull up the card with light force. 
  6.  Now, carefully dispose of the old GPU and drift the new GPU on the PCI-e Slot. 
  7. With light energy, slide the new GPU’s connector into the mentioned Slot.
  8. When you hear a secure lock click, it means that the GPU has successfully connected. 
  9. Now, re-volt the rear bracket. 
  10. You have successfully installed the new graphics card on your laptop.
  11. At last, reconnect the PSU or power supply unit cables. 
  12. Carefully reseat the side panels and power on your PC. 

It is noteworthy to mention that if you have not installed a graphics card before, you must more carefully with the process. It is advised to take the services of nearby computer repairs services to avoid any internal damage to the motherboard. 

How to choose the best graphics card for the money?

When it comes to – how to install a graphics card? It is a fixed process. However, choosing the best graphics card for the money can be a bit more complicated because you will need to focus on several marketable factors. Hence, for your satisfaction and support, here is a list and brief description of factors you must consider before choosing a graphics card: 

best graphics card for the money
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To begin with, myths like bigger graphics cards generate double HD images, and graphics can destroy your decision in just a single thought! For the most part, a bigger graphics card takes up the entire PCI-e Slot in the motherboard. It may lead to the congested fitting of the PC’s motherboard, causing it to overheat and bring more issues to the light. This is why it is significant to check your PCI-e Slot measurements before choosing a graphics card. 

Thus, to do so, always check the ATX size in your motherboard. If you have a giant ATX, then 4GB – 8GB graphics card will not be a problem. But, if you have micro or mini ATX, your options as a buyer becomes limited. 

Power Supply Unit sufficiency

To the reader’s surprise, an additional PSU or power supply unit feeds power to the graphics card to run without putting a lot of pressure on the PC’s motherboard. However, if your PSU does not have enough wattage capacity to support your high-end graphics card, it will cause your PC to shut down randomly. In this case, you will need to either change your graphics card or PSU. 

install graphics card using 6/8pins PSU
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Now, PSU’s sufficiency also depends on your PCIe slot pins. For example, 6-pins/8-pins PSU connectors are the best as they support graphics cards of all sizes. Apart from this, technology in the context of computer systems is continuously changing. Hence, it is better to keep your advancement alternatives open in the future. 

Video connector support

For both gamers and video editors, it is significant to acknowledge that video connectors and graphics cards must be compatible. Otherwise, whether you have chosen a 2GB card or 8 GB, it might be useless. For example, 1080p graphics cards will work on high definition video connectors. Similarly, choices as a buyer can change in the times to come. Hence, it becomes essential to upgrade your graphics card on a laptop from time-to-time. 

Choose features wisely

The budget timeline and features that you desire for your graphics card can confuse you to no end. What to do? Well! Here’s a solution – keep your budget your priority. For example, a small graphics card and a large graphics card have only a few bits when it comes to performance. But, if you think – a little graphics card and a large one can be profoundly different in the context of money – even a $100 difference is possible. Thus, before you purchase, ask yourself that a performance difference as small as 5% is worth a $100 extra?

graphics card 2020 latest
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Brand: AMD or NVIDIA

If you are not a newbie on the lines of computer technology, you will know that only two companies are highly known for their 3D graphics cards. AMD and NVIDIA are two prominent companies. In the past few years, AMD has improved its name in the market, leaving NVIDIA behind. However, the newest and best NVIDIA graphics cards are leading in the market today. So, choose between two brands by reading reviews online and researching all features. 

Prepare your PC before installing a graphics card

At last, we recommend you to adequately prepare your PC for internal settings before installing a new graphics card. To do so, consider the following instructions –

  • Uninstall all drivers connected to your former graphics card.
  • Change PSU cables if your entire graphics card is upgraded in the context of wattage capacity. 
  • Watch youtube tutorials for visual research and crystal clear understanding. 


We hope that you have understood the concept – how to install a graphics card? With care and like a professional. For more information, connect with us online. Thank you for reading!