The Growth and Popularity of Online Mobile Games

Growth and Popularity of Online Mobile Games

Growth and Popularity of Online Mobile Games

Mobile games have experienced organic growth ever since the first version of Tetris was launched. Thanks to technological innovations in hardware and software, the growth of online mobile games has hit unprecedented levels. With the emergence of the 5G network and the continued penetration of smartphones, the growth is expected to rise even further. In this article, you’ll get a general overview of how the online mobile games industry is fairing.  

Mobile Casino Gaming

You’ll encounter a wide range of mobile games in the mobile gaming industry. One of the most trendy online mobile gaming outlet is the mobile casinos. All serious online casinos taking their business seriously have a website and a mobile app. 

The emerging online casino games are designed to work on mobile devices. Most of the games have a mobile application designed to work perfectly on your smartphone screen using the touch screen. The mobile applications also have the same functionality as the websites, making it ideal for most gamers.

The acceptance of online mobile casino gaming has led to many mobile casino providers to emerge daily. Technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, coupled with Artificial Intelligence, have contributed to these high levels of acceptance. They have enabled online casinos to offer gamers a more realistic rendition of the casino, digitally making it more immersive. Mobile casino gaming has played a significant role in the growth of the online gaming industry. 

Massively Multiplayer Online Mobile Games

Popularly known as MMO, these games have grown in popularity in the mobile gaming circles. In the past, players couldn’t interact with others remotely. With improved technologies such as the 5G network and more sophisticated handsets, there is reduced lag time. As a result, more gamers can enjoy a game simultaneously. From your home, you can enjoy your favorite online mobile game with your friends. 

Gamers can sing up at the same time and work together to complete missions together or compete against each other. The MMO games have also impacted greatly on the rise of the online mobile games industry.

Hyper-Casual Gaming

One characteristic of mobile games is that gamers would want to play a short game during breaks at work or school. This desire might be difficult if you’re playing a game that takes more than 30 minutes and requires more attention.

 The need for lightweight games that require less commitment and are easy to play has pushed the hyper-casual games niche a notch higher. Gamers are demanding simple games they enjoy with their friends while on a short break without affecting their other activities. Game developers have taken this demand seriously, and there are plenty of games available in the market. With more games in this niche emerging daily, the number of players is also growing.    

Online Mobile Games: Our Verdict

In the current social distancing world, the online mobile gaming world remains one of the ways to keep the world population connected. You should expect to see the industry rise further and more innovative games hitting the market. 


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