The Role of Automation in Marketing

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Marketing has always been one of the most important components of any business. In this world of cutting-edge competition, your marketing automation strategy can help you stand out of the crowd. When Xerox Inc. revolutionized the industry of photocopying so much so that the service photocopying is being recognized as Xerox. This is the power of marketing.

With the advent of technology, in the last few decades, we have seen a paradigm shift in marketing. From billboards to radio social media ads, radio broadcasts to in-app ads while using Spotify, marketing has taken a steep turn – which evoked Marketing Automation!

What is Marketing Automation?

In a layman’s term, imagine there is a person in your business who has the answer to these questions:

  • Who are my Customers and Target Audience?
  • When shall I reach out to them?
  • How shall I reach out to them?
  • What motivates them to make the purchase?

If anybody has answers to all these four questions, voila, that’s Marketing Automation. And, yes, in reality, a know-it-all human like this doesn’t exist. But we have software run by Artificial intelligence which is very much capable of changing the way a business implements its marketing strategies.

According to a study by Venture Harbour in 2017, close to 79% of top-performing companies use Marketing Automation. The number is too big for you to ignore.

Why is Marketing a necessity, now?

How many times have you found an ad on your mobile screen about that new mobile from the OnePlus family, right after you searched it on the Internet? I am sure this has happened a lot, and for reasons unknown, you always thought it was a coincidence.

There is no coincidence in marketing, just Marketing Automation! A report by Martech Today, in 2018 read that annual spend on marketing automation tools will soar up to $25.1 billion by 2023.

Omni-Channel Approach to Marketing

No matter how many campaigns you need to create and manage it could be easily done with all-in-one marketing automation platforms like Say bye-bye to Billboards and all those pathetic and sorry media, and say Hi to unique campaigns, designed to penetrate every medium. Remind them about the things they love and they will make purchases, too!


The backbone of a strong marketing campaign is Consistency. A lot of times, your retail stores keep on complaining that there is a lot of Window Shopping, all your e-commerce executives mention that traffic is high but sales are low.

Forget the frustration, and with Automated Marketing, remind your customers to buy the products, they forgot to purchase and left in the cart. Your Cart Abandonment rates on your website will start falling drastically!

Valuable Customer Insight

Marketing Automation tools have opened the holy grail of knowledge a brand needs to succeed – customer insight. Yes, with the right tool, you will not only be able to map all the touchpoints of your customer, but also, use the same to understand their buying behavior, pattern, taste, and preference.

Next time, if your customer likes a perfume from Davidoff and not Calvin Klein, send them an offer on Davidoff! Personalize the campaigns and make your customers feel special and they will keep coming to You!

Return on Investment

Marketing Automation helps to understand the return on your marketing spend and helps you with effective ROI collection. If a person only interacts with Instagram Ads, why waste a Mail or a message on them?

Save Money, increase the returns and this will help you in reducing your Sales cycle, too. This almost feels like a dream come true for businesses. Especially for Digital business houses, this is a very effective KPI, something they rely on heavily.

Positioning on Search Engine Pages

When it comes to digital businesses, the positioning of their Web Pages on the search query plays a very important role. If you were searching for the best headset and you found Bose on page-1 and Audio Technica on page-2, and if you can afford a Bose, you will go for it, right!

Such is its importance. How to monitor this? Enters a powerful automated tool called Stillio, which helps in automated real-time screenshot capturing to let you know where your website appears in SERP and help you record it. This will help ease your marketing automation as the insight will help in better positioning of the web presence!

With a fair share of ideas with respect to Automation in Marketing, why do you not give it a try in your own business? Start small but apply effectively, and your business will skyrocket in no time!

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