Top 8 best graphic design software of 2020 for best learning experience

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Graphic design is one of the most widely demanded digital skills in 2020. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must start with the best graphic design software of 2020 to get the best results. Graphics are a crucial part of today’s digital art. From interpreting and ideology to defining your brand with the help of design, Graphics come into mind. 

If you take a look, there are eternal graphic designing software available. However, which is the best? It is difficult to figure out because there’s no single feature that you cut short your demand too. From the easy user interface to storage capacity and endless designing features are required. Thus, research is essential before you choose a graphic design software to build your skills. 

Today, we present the top 10 best graphic design software of 2020 to get you ahead in your career. This list includes both paid and free versions of graphic design software. Plus, you can also filter out the best graphic design programs based on key features and system support. 

Adobe Illustrator: 1st ranking best graphic design software of 2020

Adobe Illustrator or shortly known as Ai by Adobe Inc., is one of the most prominent as well as successfully running creative cloud graphic design software. It is a vector visual editor initially launched in 1985 for MacBook designing support. Today, it is downloadable for Windows 10 as well, starting from Adobe Illustrator 4 version. 

It is noteworthy to mention that Ai is a pre-paid graphic design software. It comes with over 20 designing features. Adobe delivers pixel-perfect designs. Pixel perfect gives your design a sharper edge that does not sell your design for a blur or distorted megapixels. 

Adobe Illustrator is the best graphic design software of 2020
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Key features:

  • Access Adobe Stock Assets helps designers to use free pictures with no copyright.
  • Adobe’s touch workspace allows the user to design using the trackpad. 
  • Using Perspective Drawing Enhancements, you can enhance your design in size, color synchronization, and custom design options.

Adobe illustrator costs $29.99 per month. You can also purchase an annual plan for $240. It comes with unlimited free transform options, live shapes capacity, magnification options, and so on. Above all, it runs quite smoothly without interrupting other software running in the background. 

At last, some other prominent Adobe’s additional best graphic design software of 2020 are:

  • InDesign by Adobe
  • Adobe Photoshop software
  • Premiere Pro by Adobe
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

Affinity Designer: best graphic design software of 2020 for Macbook

Affinity Designer is a perfect substitute for Adobe Illustrator. It is cost-effective, as well. Likewise, Ai, Affinity also saves the graphics as per the mathematical structure of the design. Hence, it is one of the prior choices of professional graphic designers. 

Affinity serif best adobe illustrator alternative
Image credit: Affinity Designer

Not only does Affinity deliver designers with the opportunity to put keen details into the design. But, it also zooms in over 1 million percent to inspect those details. Rope-based curves to vector-based illustrations, Affinity gives enough choices to the designer. It is highly compatible with Apple products such as iPhone, iPads, MacBook Air, and Pro. 

Therefore, if you cannot afford Ai, Affinity designer is the second-best graphic design software as your go-to option. 

Recently released in February 2020, Affinity designer 1.8 has found highly advanced. Its key features are:

  • Customizable document templates
  • Stock images idea supportive built-in panel
  • HDR supportive
  • Point transform tools
  • New transform modes, sculpt mode, and selection of node
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts

CorelDraw Graphic Suite

When you require powerful editing, nothing can work better than CorelDraw Graphic Suite with the highest features. Sometimes built-in fonts and templates can deliver an entirely new look for your sober graphic. Hence, to your surprise, CorelDraw premium graphic design software of 2020 comes with the following:

    • 2000 ready-made templates
    • Over 1000 fonts for text creativity
    • 350 high-dimensional designed templates
    • Over 500 creative frames
    • 48 file manners of saving the graphic including JPEG and TIFF 
    • Bitmap fills
    • 600 gradients for color synchronization
Best graphic designing software 2020 trending
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CorelDraw Graphic Suite is considered highly productive in the context of features. A user can purchase a basic designing plan, and further upgrade it as per requirement. Its highly flexible user interface supports any brand of the system, including MacBook and Microsoft notepads.

Above all, Affinity Designer is purchasable for a one-time payable amount of $49.99, which is much cheaper for the beginners.

Inkscape: Draw Freely

If you are looking into vector drawing matter, however, not too deep or with keen details, Inkscape is to start with! Initially launched in 2003, the latest version of Inkscape is supportive of multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, iOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. It is an open-source vector graphics editor with the following key features:

Edit Path by Node tool: Using Inkscape, a user can edit all forms of nodes such as smooth, symmetric, auto-smooth, and cornered/cusp.

top 10 graphic design software 2020
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  • Users can draw shapes, practice calligraphy, and design using pen and pencil tools.
  • It supports multiple file formats
  • Users can also practice Bitmap Tracing if less experienced or a real-time paper designer
  • Z-order curves are also available for active and cleansed design.

Inkscape costs $0.0 for starters as a free trial. A user can purchase a premium version once perf the art of graphic designing. 

GNU Image Manipulation Program

GIMP is yet another graphic design software of 2020, trending since launch in 1996. It is shortly called GIMP. Unlike Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer, GIMP has a high-end and informative user-interface that allows the user to learn instead of taking it for a pro at the very beginning. 

Apart from this, GIMP is a free graphic designer of 2020 that allows companies to build websites, brochures, announcements, digital pictures, and more. However, it is a perfect software for only beginners. 

top 10 graphic software design for beginners
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To begin with, GIMP is not a vector editor. Therefore, you can use this software for graphic enhancement and overviewing. Furthermore, it also allows users to save graphic files in several file formats. 

Once a designer pro in GIMP, he/she must upgrade to a vector editor to perfect the art. 

DAZ 3D Graphic Design Software of 2020

Up until now, we have mentioned the most-professional best graphic design software of 2020. However, DAZ 3D is somewhat the freshest graphic design software with the ability to transform pure animation into 3D quality. It is available for download for cross-platforms, including Microsoft Windows and macOS. 

graphic designing software tool with advanced features 3d human designing animation
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Above all, DAZ 3D offers a realistic human appearance to the graphic. It also allows the user to enhance a 3D figure’s facial features, expressions, and gender-based structure. To summarize, it is the ultimate software if the designer prefers to learn animation or fashion-based graphic design.

Some quintessential features of DAZ 3D are:

  • Dress Modeling
  • 3D Printing
  • More Organic Bends and Articulation
  • Genesis 8-figure platforms

Gravit Designer

Gravit designer is the 7th ranking best vector graphic design software of 2020 if you are looking for graphic design within a budget of $100, one-time purchase. It is once again a substitute graphic design program for Adobe Illustrator. It also has a smooth user interface with the main tools set up on the sidebars. 

top 10 best software for vector editing
image credit: Gravit

Apart from this, Gravit designer also delivers high-end drawing tools that are easy to handle and learn if you are building a graphic from scratch. Its anchor-based curve designing is world-class and smooth. From Bezigon to freehand drawing tools and color synchronizing, it has all which makes it more similar to Adobe, yet cheaper. 


At last, Sketch is a top-notch graphic design software of 2020 for Macbook. It is also a vector editor open-source app for graphic designing with multiple tools. Whether you want to enhance an existing design or design from scratch, Sketch is here! It costs only a $99 annual fee along which the user gets premium designing tools and tutorials for learning.

best graphic design software of 2020 trending
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Also, Sketch is best known as the best graphic design software for 2020 for beginners. Although, it is not compatible to run on Microsoft Windows. It comes with four most attractive built-in vital elements:

  • Symbols and Styles
  • Layers styles
  • List organizing
  • Sketch Mirrors


One of the best free graphic design software on the market, Crello helps both newbies and professionals generate design ideas, be aware of the latest design and marketing trends, and create original visuals of any format and for any needs. Its massive library of static and animated templates, together with the online editor for further customization and personalization, allows you to craft projects in minutes.

Key features:

  • 30K+ professionally designed, customizable templates
  • A user-friendly drag-and-drop editor
  • Extensive editing features
  • A library of animations and audio files
  • 1M+ free premium images
  • Access to 200M+ royalty-free stock files from Depositphotos
  • Free download in preferable formats


Free to use, Crello also offers a Pro plan ($7.99/month) for those willing to get some extra features, such as creating a multi-user account or removing backgrounds from images.


In conclusion, vector editor based best graphic design software of 2020 is useful if you desire to learn designing from scratch. More often than not, the free graphic design software of 2020 comes with limited features and tools. Therefore, it is recommendable to purchase premium software as per your budget timeline. 

Apart from this, you can also prefer to take a 7-days trial on Adobe Illustrator and further, figure out what type of design makes what kind of tools? It is the best way to choose a graphic design software. 

Moreover, many users take photoshop software for graphic design tools. However, they are not the same. For instance, Adobe Photoshop allows you to enhance the appearance of an existing visual. Whereas, Adobe Indesign or Illustrator is where you can make a design or even bitmap trace it. 

To purchase any of the given best graphic design software of 2020 provided in the above list, visit their respective sites. You can also connect with us online for additional information.