7 Best Photo Editing Applications to Enhance Your Travel Photos

Photo Editing Applications

Photo Editing Applications

Do you want to edit a snapshot of a dish that you ate in Thailand? How about showcasing your gorgeous landscape photography or post your favorite travel selfies?

Back then, you will need to fit a lot of photography tools and accessories in your luggage sets whenever you want to capture great travel photos. These days, all you need is to add a filter on the images you took using your smartphone. Take a closer look at how photography developed over the years with these photography facts.

However, using the existing social media filters are no longer enough. You might want to be able to edit your images while on the go. That said, we have listed down seven photo editing apps that can enhance your travel photos:

1. Prisma Photo Editor

Although Prisma can be quite different from the rest of photo editing apps on the list, it turns your photos into beautiful works of art in whale watching los angeles.. 

How? By making them appear as if they were paintings!

What’s great about it is that you can pick different styles from artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Munch, etc. 

With this app, your photos will not stay as they are for long. They will be turned into gorgeous paintings, sketches, and so much more!

2. Snapseed

Now, if you are quite serious with photo editing, Snapseed is another great tool to have. Apart from being free, it features extensive editing that instantly turns your photos from interesting to stunning! 

The app is developed by Google and it offers a lot of awesome features, as well as handy tools, that allow you to edit your photos up to the very last detail. 

When it comes to editing your photos, it gives you complete control over it (except for the basic tools, of course). With Snapseed, you can also tap into different advanced options like filter adjustments, curb control, and double exposure. 

Using its swipe gestures, you can either automatically or manually enhance your photos. You can also use it if you would like to adjust the rotation and dimension of the photo. More so if it is not as straightforward as you like it to be. 

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is always well-known among photo editing apps, mostly because of its classic interface and more advanced editing tools. 

The Adobe Lightroom editor, for instance, works well with both Andriod and iOS platforms. Not to mention that you can download it for free.

It also features more advanced mobile editing tools that offer more unique features when it comes to white balance, color, exposure, gradient, and clarity settings. Moreover, the app allows you to share your photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also save your work in Adobe Creative Cloud so you can easily access it in other devices via Cloud. 


VSCO is an app that is popular for its preset filters, quite similar to Instagram’s concept, but it is a lot easier to manipulate and is more varied.

The wide range of VSCO’s free and paid filters has allowed users to easily know and stick to their personal style. You can also use this app along with Snapseed to help you get the best image results. 

It is one of the best photo editing apps in the market, but do you know that it is a photo-sharing app as well?

Just like Instagram, photography enthusiasts are allowed to edit and post their work in their VSCO profile. It also allows you to create photo albums with specific themes. 

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

You would find that this app is quite similar to Lightroom, especially with its contrast, editing, and light option. However, it does not have the pro tools and cloud syncing.

It is an excellent tool that you can use to tweak your images, look for a decent selection of filters, and overlay textures. It also features tools that allow you to create stunning collages for photos. 

6. Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms out there to date, and it’s an excellent platform to share stunning photography with your followers. 

It is equipped with all the basic photo editing tools that you will need, like effects, texts, stickers, filters, overlays, and so much more. Similarly, it also features other tools that allow you to grow your following. 

7. Foodie

This app is true to its name, as Foodie is specifically tailored for foodies.

This app comes with pre-created filters that allow you to bring all the yummy goodness in your plate directly to your screen. It is also excellent for anyone who wants to shoot pics directly with filters, and then to be edited after.

It also features a rule of thirds grid that ensures that you get the best possible angle with every food shot that you take.  

Over to You

We are half-way through 2020 and modern photography has been easier now more than ever, thanks to our smartphones and the photo editing apps listed above.

These apps no longer just crop, rotate, and enhance your images. They even allow you to have access to advance, photoshop-like features. 

With these top photo editing apps, the average person can now create beautiful travel photography within the palm of their hand. Hopefully, you will be able to put these photo editing tools to good use as you travel.