Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Examples of Artificial Intelligence 

Introduction of Examples of Artificial Intelligence 

Science is now part and parcel of our life. We can not have a single moment without the help of science. From dawn to dusk, science is everywhere. We can see the contribution of science around. Mobile computer, tv, smart controller, etc. all of them are an example of science. In modern science, we have invented many things to make our life easier, like different kinds of things. AI is one of them. It is a human-programmed system. Therefore, that works automatically as it functions before. It is also called the machine intelligence. There are different types of artificial intelligence. Also, there are many examples of AI that we are not aware of it. Even we don’t know many examples of artificial intelligence. So we will discuss examples of AI here.     

What is AI?

The word itself can describe AI that means human-made and intelligence. AI conveys the ability to think or do something its own. So the meaning stands for AI that works automatically. And it is human-made. It is a complete thing. It has many subsectors. But it is a branch of computer science. Its main goal is to create different types of smart machines with the capability of work. Though when it was discovered, it was not like today. It needs considerable time to make a situation like today’s world.

How does AI work?

Alan Turing published a book in 1950. In this book, he described the vision, goal, and fundamentals of artificial intelligence. He explained the core of computer science. But the question comes that what makes the machine intelligent?

Okay, so the answer is there are many essential components of artificial intelligence. With whom the different examples of AI work. 

Machine learning, deep learning, neural network, cognitive computing, natural language processing, computer vision.

Machine learning is the development of algorithms based on daily tasks, like what we used to search on Youtube. Youtube recommends the same category video. Also, Netflix, Spotify, etc. All these do the same thing. These are examples of artificial intelligence. 

Deep learning is the process of machine self-learning, like analyzing a picture that we often face in the captcha. It is also an example of artificial intelligence.


A neural network means the processing of data from vast sources. When we search for a photo like “BMW photos,” the search engine processes thousands of BMW photos. But it only shows only a few. This is also an example of artificial intelligence. 

All of these are the component of artificial intelligence. All of the parts are named artificial intelligence.

History of Artificial Intelligence

In 1956, scientist started their journey of AI. That was held on the campus of Dartmouth College. They predicted a machine as intelligent as a human. At that time, it was expected that a device as smart as a human being. But before in 1950, John McCarthy, the founder of artificial intelligence. He introduced the people what is artificial intelligence. And this was happening in 1955. At that time, Alan Turing, with McCarthy, predicted that the machine could also have intelligence like humans. After the invention of computers. AI got a new dimension inn 1974. In the year 1980, the scientist started to realize machine self-learning. And from the year of 2000, the new term AI become successfully introduced to the people.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence  in different fields

In other areas, we can see examples of artificial intelligence. Such as daily work, medical field, official position, educational field, scientific research field, entertainment purpose, games, sports field etc. Let us see a brief discussion on it.

Daily work

In daily life, we used to search for many things on the internet. In this process, the smart assistant helps us, such as Google assistant, Cortana, Siri, etc. Also, many people use intelligent robots to do their household chores. These are examples of artificial intelligence.

 Medical field

In case for our health issue, we use many smartphone applications to get connected with a doctor. This smartphone applications choose the suitable doctor according to your problem. This is an example of artificial intelligence. Moreover, nowadays, an artificially intelligent robot is used to perform complicated operations. These robots are pre-programmed by humans. That it could be able to do the process. These are examples of artificial intelligence.

Official work

In the office, workers’ salaries, presence, absence, and all other records are managed by artificially intelligent applications. Also, the alarming auto system in the factory. In case of fire or earthquake and other emergencies. It is an example of artificial intelligence. Also, there are many risky places for workers to work in. The in-company uses artificial intelligent robots to do that. Moreover, smart software is an example of artificial intelligence. The company runs that program to maintain the machinery. 

Scientific research field

The scientific research field is full of examples of artificial intelligence. In the explosive experiment, every step is maintained and controlled by software. This software is pre-programmed by humans. Also, if there any chance of human life risks, the program alerts automatically. Which is another example of artificial intelligence? Again, in launching and researching rocket science company are using AI robots and software. In the pharmaceutical industry, software and robots measure every chemical portion. This is another examples of artificial intelligence.

Entertainment purposes

We use Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and many other apps for watching movies, videos, listening songs, and in a word, entertainment purposes. We can notice that what genres movies or music we like Netflix. Surprisingly, Youtube suggests the same category of videos and songs. This is an example of artificial intelligence. The apps analyze and identify our choices and show us the same thing in a comparison of that.  

Buying or selling things

Nowadays, many of us are using e-commerce sites to buy our clothes and our daily necessaries. It shows us the brand and the category that we often choose to buy.

In games and sports

In the last FIFA world cup, we can see the goal-line technology. It works when the ball crosses the goal line.  The light define whether it is a goal or not. Again in the Cricket world cup, the light of the stamp will start lighting when the bell falls on the ground. These all are examples of artificial intelligence. Also, in the Olympic games, the players have to pass through the doping test. The test confirms  that the player is drugged or not. AI also manage this.

Is AI good for us?

Many examples of AI are mentioned above. It reminds us that AI is now a part of our life. Without these, we can’t move an inch. But is it really helping us? Or is it harming us? Think about the past. When we need something to know, we used to search it in a book, to a person who knows about that. In that process, the teacher could earn money. And the publisher who publishes books can make some money too. 

Also, our reading habits keep up. But now, instead of going to a teacher, we search for a new topic on google. And tell our smart assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. to find out that. And that assistant finds that thing from the internet. Different types of pdf books are available on the internet. But we don’t need to pay for that. So, the demand for teachers and handwritten books is decreasing. So, we are losing our hand written book reading habit.

How AI is making us crippled

Even in a math solution, we don’t try to solve that. In fact , we use our smart assistant. And different programs that can solve a mathematical problem. So what is the problem in all these facts? The problem is not noticeable for everybody in empty eyes. But if we think deeply. Then we can realize that how the examples of AI that are mentioned above. This is making us crippled day by day. We don’t need to do our regular household chores if there is a working robot in the house. It impacts in two ways.

 Firstly, the necessity of housekeepers is decreasing. Also, they are losing their jobs. Secondly, using artificial intelligence, we are becoming idle. Again, we are not interested in doing physical works. This is harmful to our health. As a result, it causes obesity, high blood pressure, sugar problem, heart problem, and many more physical diseases.  Though AI is helpful for us, it is also destroying us. Also, many scholars are predicting that a one-day man’s creation of AI  will kill himself.

Merits of Examples of Artificial Intelligence 

The uses of AI are many. Some of them are 

  • We can easily search and find things from the smart assistant.
  • Robot doctors are doing complicated and critical medical surgeries. 
  • Artificially intelligent robots are doing risky tasks in the research field.
  • The company can easily calculate the presence and absence of employers.
  • A smart security system can save us from happening in an accident. 
  • Also, we can get help from the doctor through artificially intelligent apps.
  • Artificially intelligent apps are helping children to pass their time.
  • Many software and robot teacher are available for the students to teach them. 
  • In war, artificially intelligent robots can be used to fight.
  • Auto driving mode can teach people to drive safely.
  • Interactive strategic gaming apps help children to learn strategies.

Demerits of AI 

There is no unmixed blessing on the earth. Every reaction has its equal and opposite reaction. Though the response of the example of AI is not similar, it is impactful. Let’s have a look at them :

  • Humans are becoming idle. Because they are doing their regular works with the help of artificial intelligence.
  • A study shows that people are losing their reading habits. This is also bad.
  • New generations are not able to do any physical work. 
  • Children are becoming addicted to this artificial intelligence. Also, they are losing interest. They don’t want to talk with people. On the other hand, they are talking to Siri, Cortana.
  • People are losing jobs due to artificial intelligence.
  • We are also being controlled by AI sometimes.
  • The demand for workers is decreasing day by day.
  • Children do not like to play with others. They want to play video games instead. 
  • People are being affected by many physical diseases, such as obesity, blood pressure, short-time memory, etc. 

Frequently asked questions about Examples of Artificial Intelligence 

First question: Are these examples of AI beneficial for us?

Answer: this depends on the user. Excessive use of anything is always wrong. So you have to apply these examples in a controlled way.

Second question: Is there any organization that is doing the development of AI?

Answer: Yes, many companies are working to develop AI every day like Innoplexus , etc.

Third question: Is there any way of making an AI robot for my daily home tasks?

Answer: Yes, you can contact the company that is working with the development of artificial intelligence. 

Fourth question: Isn’t AI are dominating human?

Answer: Partially artificial sometimes dominate the human. But if a human wants to stop to get overwhelmed by AI, it is possible.

Final Insight of Examples of Artificial Intelligence 

AI is now like in our step. We can’t move a little bit without using google. Think about you need to go anywhere, and you don’t know anything. What will help you? Google is there. So, now, it has become a part of our life. We can not ignore it. But excessive use of anything is always wrong. So we have to control the use of artificial intelligence. We have to remember that we are human, and our creation might not diminish us. So, we have to use AI in a controlled way.