A Quick PDF Bear Guide: What Features to Use?

Features PDF Guide

PDF Bear is an online-based PDF Managing tool that people can use for free. With this software, converting, compressing, and protecting your PDF files is more convenient and straightforward Guide. This list will give users the instruction on how they can use the mentioned features. With that, here’s a guide on what PDF Bear features you should start using.

PDF Converter Guide

The first PDF Bear tool that is listed is the handy PDF converter. This PDF Bear’s feature can convert your PDF files to any file formats and vice versa. Using this converter, you can convert file formats like HTML, Word, PPT, Excel, and JPG from a PDF file. Aside from that, anyone can freely convert Excel, Word, PNG, BMP, GIFF, TIFF, JPEG, JPG, PBM, or JBIG2 to PDF files.

This software won’t save copies of the user’s files in the server, making those files more safe and secure. All of the PDFs that you create or modify will be erased quickly from PDF Bear’s system, not more than one hour. This PDF software will maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your files. With that, here’s how you can operate the PDF converter:

  1. Choose your file and begin uploading the data to PDF Bear’s converter from your mobile devices or desktop.
  2. This PDF conversion tool will instantly scan your data and turn them to the file format that you like.
  3. After the conversion process, start downloading the file to your desktop or share it through your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
  4. Users can still compress or modify their documents later on.

Compress PDF

Whatever your purpose in compressing your PDF files, PDF Bear is always available to serve you. The most significant setback in compressing a file is how the process will risk and sacrifice the file quality. Some users might find it normal and not an issue, but there are ways to avoid that. If you use the compress PDF tool of PDF Bear, you can compress files while maintaining the quality. Follow the steps below for the process:

  1. Choose the PDF file that you need to compress and upload it.
  2. Select your option.
  3. The system will start analyzing and compressing your file.
  4. After the compression process, download the file to your desktop.

Protect PDF Guide

The protect PDF feature of PDF Bear is the latest technology in adding passwords to your PDF files. By uploading a file in different formats like PPT, JPG, Excel, Word, or others, PDF Bear will convert your documents into protected files. If you don’t have any tools in setting passwords to your files, this feature will provide the solution. This service is the fastest and best method in keeping your data private and confidential. Here’s how to do the process:

  1. Choose the files that you want to upload.
  2. Place the password you want.
  3. Select “Encrypt PDF” to start the process quickly.
  4. Start downloading the newly encrypted file.


PDF Bear is the handiest and useful software that people can access anywhere globally without spending money. Aside from the listed tools, PDF Bear can easily split, unlock, and merge your PDF files. It’s also a recommended tool because it’s safe, reliable, and straightforward to use.