Amadine Review For Graphics app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad


Without a doubt, the way visual content develops is absolutely captivating. If you are interested in making your blog or business more attention-grabbing, you have to work on it thoroughly and follow new trends to make your information worth paying attention to. Luckily, you don’t have to finish courses and get a degree to succeed in this field—applying modern technologies is half the battle.


Personally, I have been engaged in creating documents for company marketing campaigns and web design for a few years already, and it is especially important to stay an active player in the market and offer a competitive quality of production. 

Since a simple learning curve along with advanced functionality was a search orientation for me, I was looking for a solution to help me be versatile and flexible in my activities. One day I came across Amadine, and that was a great love from the first trial.

Development on the Go

What differentiates this vector drawing app from others is its gaining momentum and constant self-improvement. Previously, the program’s compatibility was one of the slightest drawbacks to using this particular software, but it is going to become just a memory. Pretty recently, Amadine has released their iOS/iPad version, and that is fantastic news.

With the help of this compatibility improvement, it will turn out to be a complete breeze to work on the go whenever I am and exchange the results of my work with my colleagues without hassle and difficulty. The new iPhone and iPad version allows me to switch between different operating systems, following the requirements and preferences of our organization’s clients. Investing in it has let our team achieve quality visuals, supporting our objectives to the full extent.

Amadine General Functionality

Overall, this new vector graphics app for Mac and some other platforms has all the required tools to make our visual content appealing. The range and divergence of built-in templates come along with their excellent customization freedom and adjustability. I don’t feel limited whenever my challenge is to create interactive PDFs or logos.

Amadine is a source of brilliant advantages. It is not only an all-inclusive application for realizing numerous projects (from page layouts to brochures and posters). It offers tools that will come in handy in divergent fields, mainly, product design, web design, gaming industry, and package design, etc. That is a complete boost to a company’s productivity and efficiency.

What I especially appreciate about Amadine is its approach to choosing its features—there is nothing superfluous. Of course, it will take some time to get acquainted with the deals offered, but once the challenge is accepted and the goal is reached, you see that every function helps you be up in arms. Apart from a perfect balance across your devices, a rich collection of graphics tools introduces enthusiasts to the world of diverse vector art.

Editor’s Choice Features: What to Expect from Amadine in 2021

This vector graphics app doesn’t stop impressing me. Its programmers and developers have no intention to lose their powerful performance and thus keep on improving their services. On the main domain, you are always welcome to check which new functions are about to be released. This allows interested parties to predict how they can progress in self-developing and which projects will be affordable then.

Here are some of the upcoming advantages to highlight:

  • The text settings have become more divergent and advanced. For instance, it is far from a problem to use lists of different styles in layouts.
  • The juiciness of colors has always been a benefit of Amadine users, and this feature is kept at a decent quality. The service provider has made monochrome tones and shades considerably brighter in the recent update.
  • The saturation algorithm has been improved.
  • Artwork can be altered easier and smoother with the help of the Recolor function (to tell the truth, I am absolutely in love with this function thanks to its abilities to modify different color parameters, including their saturation and hue).
  • The same attention is paid to troubleshooting and fixing the occurred issues. For example, drawing with fills isn’t Mission Impossible anymore. Manipulations available thanks to the Lasso tool have been modified to become more accurate and functional.
  • Customers are welcome to drag and drop the desired files directly from a web browser.

Wrap It Up

Frankly speaking, the list of advantages and what makes Amadine a special program for me and my colleagues can be prolonged significantly. Although it is still not an ideal tool and there are some improvements to be done, the advantages presented are more powerful.

Since it is a vector graphics app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, there is no need to worry about how multipurpose, heavyweight, or scalable my projects are—these potential challenges aren’t the problem at all in this case. If you would like to test a product that can really improve your working hours, then Amadine is a great program to start with.