How to Design a Logo with Art Text on a Mac


Logos play a crucial role in defining your brand identity. For those luckiest who have chosen the right design, this element will become a powerful engine to increase the customers’ awareness of their services and guarantee your products are noticeable and recognizable. Whether you are engaged in the health industry, real estate business, or planning to establish a new startup, a logo can become a unifying and cornerstone element of your marketing strategy. For this reason, many organizations reach out to Denver logo design companies, who are well-equipped with the right tools and designers that create memorable and impactful logos for businesses.

Getting control over the process on your own or referring to third-party services to get assistance — these are two possible scenarios on how to get your perfect logo. The first variant allows higher freedom and versatility. With the help of Art Text, it won’t be a painful experience to dive into graphics design and gain logo design skills. For those customers who would like to encompass their brand vibes, Art Text offers a rich and unique collection of tools.


2D Text Styles Logo

Advanced typography and lettering will contribute to your logo’s attractiveness and make it reach a new level of efficiency. Corresponding to the latest design trends is a piece of cake for non-tech-savvy users and amateurs in the field. The interface is intuitive and customer-friendly in navigation.

By tuning the color scheme selected, adjusting the text effect through manipulating its gradient, glow, and adding extra attractions via the appliance of font distortion tools, interested parties can visualize the riskiest and most challenging ideas for logo designs.

If you would like to stay on the safe side but make your logo relevant and stylish, a classic layout will work excellently. It is also a great option to satisfy the expectations of a larger target audience. If your service is specific and requires unexpected decisions, then vintage or retro options are your best friends. Besides, mixing different styles will come in handy for achieving brighter and more appealing results.

3D Text Logos

Rendering your text from 2D to 3D may seem a daunting task. Luckily Art Text is developed to cope with this task to the full extent. Don’t forget voluminous projects with airy elements have become possible to visualize thanks to advanced 3D tools, which are also present by the app. These features are smooth and easy to learn to operate, which ensures that you will create a realistic 3D logo in a twinkle of an eye.

Art Text Maintenance of Logo Creativity

Apart from a wide range of advanced tools for 2D and 3D lettering and typography, this solution offers text effects and logo templates. They are accessible at your earliest convenience, so working on the go is a pleasant adventure. If you would like to diversify this collection, there is a library of commercial templates available after an in-app purchase.

These aren’t the only advantages — all the samples are adjustable and customizable. Additional tools help you be up in arms. For instance, it is as simple as ABC to create twisted and bent texts for your logos. The mix of divergently transformed words won’t leave viewers indifferent.

By applying vector shapes in your logo design, you increase your project quality and make it more progressive for sharing and saving. The collection of more than 700 vector graphics will only benefit your logo creativity and approach to idea visualization.

Wrap It Up

Art Text offers an opportunity for customers to stay relevant and have full control over the logo design process. Mask and distortion effects will help you come significantly further from what standard fonts like Times New Roman can visualize.