Top 10 Best Graphics Editors for Android Tablet

Android graphic editors

In today’s world, where visual and audiovisual content is in charge, it is essential to create eye-catching elements that connect with the public.

However, we know that imaging takes a long time, or sometimes you don’t have the design skills to make them attractive and quality. There are a large number of tutorials out there that can help you achieve great results. Something like how to draw hands step-by-step can help you get started, especially if you are just beginning. Don’t worry: there are editing tools (better known as apps) that you can use, without investing that much time. Best of all, you can do it from your mobile phone.

If you don’t know yet where to get some of these Android graphic editors, you may visit and start searching. There are some of the best android graphic editors out there ready for you to use.

Top 10 Free Graphic Design Apps for Android

  • Pixlr (Android and iOS)

If you need photos for your social networks, website, or articles, Pixlr lets you play with a number of effects, borders, and overlays.

With this tool you can fix the loathsome red eyes, cut and adjust the dimensions of the photos. In addition, you can create overlapping images with text.

  • Canva (Android and iOS)

It is a tool suitable for novices: you don’t need knowledge in graphic design to perform different types of good quality work from your smartphone.

The app has templates to create brochures, logos, posters, business cards, flyers, book covers, even curriculum vitae. In addition to being free, it offers a payment plan that gives you access to premium templates.

  • Adobe Spark

Create social graphics, web pages, and even videos in no time. You can apply filters and animations to your images. Create your materials in a few minutes and share them instantly. 

The tool has an inspiration gallery (so you can see other projects), a graphic content blog, and a series of templates that you can use to create your images.

The app is divided into three: Spark Post, for social media posts; Spark Page, to create web pages in just a few minutes; Spark Video, to create short videos in no time.

It’s free, but it has paid plans that allow you to customize your projects, create unique designs, and give you access to premium templates. 

  • Fontest (Android)

With this app dedicated to typography, view your texts with the font that best aligns with your brand’s goals.

Fontest allows you to upload your own font to the app and has a fast and agile user experience.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)

From your smartphone correct and edit your photos, add texts and borders to your images and improve the quality of your images.

The tool allows you to make quick adjustments such as flipping images or modifying distorted camera angles. It also eliminates noise, improves the focus of photos and creates motion with the full blur option.

With APE you can also add filters and effects, make collages, and import and export images from your mobile device to social networks, Dropbox, Google Photos, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

The app supports RAW and TIFF images, which helps you incorporate, import, and edit them into it.

  • Adobe Illustrator Draw (Android and iOS)

It is a mobile app that offers vector drawing tools and functions, with easy usability. You can export vectors directly to Illustrator if you want to refine them from your computer.

The app allows you to publish your final project on Behance, the social graphic design platform, so you can promote your work. It has usage tutorials, forums, and a FAQ section in case you have any questions when using it.

Adobe Illustrator Draw gives you a choice of five vector brushes and even gives you the option to customize your toolbar. This way you can include your favorite brushes and paint on ten layers of drawing and one of photography.

  • Snapseed (Android and iOS)

Snapseed is a photo editor with which you can automatically adjust the color and contrast of the image, enhance it, and edit it. Currently, the app belongs to Google.

A great success of the tool is that it allows you to save the progress of your work for later completion if you didn’t have time to finish them the moment you created them. It also saves users’ editing history, so it’s possible to redirect you to any previous action you’ve taken. You can also save the filter combinations that you used and set them as default filters.

With it, share your creations instantly on social networks. Snapseed is available for both operating systems.

  • Create (iOS)

If you want to draw and explore your creativity, Create is an application that will help you. You’ll be able to create designs with a high level of precision, save and share your editable files, as well as add texts and create PDF files.

It’s free, even though it has a $19 monthly subscription with which you’ll have access to its unlimited features. 

  • Color Reference (Android)

Want to know a color dictionary? This graphic design app allows you to see all the gradients of the colors, their composition, their code and their name.

You can create backgrounds and make custom color palettes and save them. And if you want to invent and save new colors, select the color of an image to accurately identify what it is and make colorful wallpapers, it’s the right app for you.

  • Rookie Cam by JellyBus (Android and iOS)

With this app, you will edit photos with professional quality. It allows you to use your phone’s camera and add filters with more than 116 effects that are applied in real-time. It gives you the function of highlighting blur, also in real-time.

You can create collages for a magazine, poster, or themed album; check the editing history and compare your new creation with the original photo. In addition, it has a video tutorial to effectively take advantage of the app.

Need more Android graphic editors? Visit for more options. There are some of the best apps out there that are not available on the Google Play directory yet so it is always better to be the first to experience using some of these apps to experience their full features.