Nokia Company Which country? Interesting Facts about Nokia Phones: 1900’s Nostalgia

Nokia company which country
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Nokia is one of the best-known mobile brands that lost its charm by Samsung’s entry into the market in 2010. On the one hand, we all know Samsung is a South Korean brand. But, being the king of the market at one point in time, Nokia company which country? It often goes unknown. From Nokia memes to Nokia rigid models, you may recognize everything because it has given us some evergreen memories. To the reader’s surprise, Nokia was the second-ranking mobile company worldwide. First, was Motorola, introduced in 1973. Then, in 1992, the first-ever Nokia Mobile Phone entered the market. Model 1011 was approximately 500 grams in weight. Unlike nowadays, famous and expensive mobile phones like the Apple iPhone weigh only 135 grams. Seems like the mobile industry has come very far. But, 1990s kids haven’t forgotten Nokia and how fun it was? 

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So, are you wondering which country Nokia is in? Or, do you want to know more about Nokia? Well! Today, we will count down some of the most amazing facts about Nokia, which country that you never knew but have been curious about! 

Let’s get started: 

#1: Nokia Company was originally a paper mill 

When you say “Nokia,” the first thing that comes to your mind will be childhood. Moments of playing amazing games on a 3:2 ratio screen with no camera, no HD graphics, black content with the monochrome effect. But, it feels like the World of entertainment is at your fingers while using it. Today, the mobile market has a fantastic series of smartphones starting from 50 USD to 1000 USD. From iPhone to Galaxy and the OnePlus series, choices of brands are endless.

However, do you know? In 1992, Nokia Company transformed from a Paper Mill company. Indeed, the company was initially manufacturing papers in Finland in the 1980s. After incorporation with Leo Mechelin, Fredrik Idestam reopened the Nokia Company for mobile manufacturing and distribution. 

Nokia Company which country? The answer is FINLAND. 

#2: Nokia is named after a river in Finland (Nokia Company which country)

Do you know? Nokia is named after Finland’s famous river called NokianVirta. Not only this, but Nokia’s first-ever manufacturing premises was also built nearby this river. 

Source: Nokia Corporation

There are a lot of extraordinary features about Nokia. For instance, the company Nokia has not only invested in manufacturing Nokia Mobiles. But, it has also entered different markets such as Rubber, Cables, and Electronics. Even though Nokia phones have lost their charm in the modern market, you can still find many online platforms selling Nokia’s Classic Rubber Boots. Today, the company does not manufacture rubber products. However, its classic design of rubber boots is still in the acquisition by many famous brands like Royal Enfield. 

#3: Nokia and Superstition go a long way!

To begin with, you may have heard companies like Samsung, Apple, and OnePlus tend to attract their customers with new models each year with brand-new advanced features. However, Nokia’s stratagem of marketing in the 2000s has been “superstition.” That’s right! Until this date, Nokia has not introduced any mobile model with the number 4 in it. The reason behind this is, in Asian countries, the number “four” is considered unlucky. 

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Well! If that’s not what “know your audience” means, I don’t know what is! 

#4: Fortune puts Nokia at 20th survey ranking

From Forbes to Fortune, Business times, Economic Times and other high-end magazine brands carry out surveys annually. These surveys give top-notch goodwill to the companies which are selected for a shoutout. Do you know? In 2006, Fortune also carried out a survey where it ranked the top Admirable companies in the World. And, to your surprise, Nokia was in 20th position. However, this position was credited not only because of Nokia Mobiles but also other Nokia’s manufacturing products such as rubber boots. 

#5: Nokia launched over 100 models

In 2020, Nokia may not be the first choice or even second-best choice of any Smartphone buyer. However, do you know why Nokia has been called a legend? To begin with, from 1994 to 2016, Nokia has launched over 100 Nokia Mobile Models in the international market. Among these, Nokia 1100 and Nokia 1110 were the best-sellers with a record of 25 million units sold worldwide. 

Source: Nokia Corporation

Do you know someone who still has Nokia 1100? If yes, comment below. We would appreciate your compensation for this reading!

#6: Nokia’s digital camera are trending

Even though Nokia’s Smartphones are not much of a “best-attraction” in the market. Like, no one today waits for Nokia’s latest model akin to Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, do you know why Nokia is still profitable? The reason is that Nokia is still in the manufacturing business. It manufactures high-quality digital cameras. The irony here is: Nokia Phone Models were camera-less for a long-long time. Nokia Company which country (Finland and Others) provide the following products and services to the World: 

  • Wi-Fi Routers
  • Digital Audio
  • Smart TVs
  • Android Smartphones
  • Operating Systems
  • VR Cameras
  • Video Games
  • Computers and computer accessories
  • Modems and Laptops
  • Digital marketing products: Imaging, Navigation, Desktop app development, and Consumer services


#7: Net Worth 2021

Do you know? Forbes is still interested in capturing the power of Nokia as it is one of the top 100 digital companies in the World. Indeed, Forbes also announces that Nokia’s market capitalization is 23 billion USD. At the same time, Apple’s Net Worth has crossed $2 trillion in 2021. Nokia Company Which country is headquarters? Nokia is in Finland. Its headquarters are in Espoo. In 2016, Nokia dropped the idea of advancing in the Smartphone’s market. Instead, it is now involved in manufacturing technology, hardware and equipment. 

According to Nokia’s nine fiscal year report, its net worth in 2012 was $53.8 billion with negative profit incoming. Since then, Nokia’s net worth (revenue) has dropped consistently for the next eight years. Even today, the company is at a loss of $2.8 billion. 

On the other hand, if you view Apple and other popular(s) like Samsung, their annual revenue is touching $200 to USD 300 billion. Here’s an un-shocking fact: Apple is the 1st of the top 100 digital companies in the World, whereas Nokia is at 95th. 

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#8: Why did it fail? 

Being at the top in 2000, Nokia is now at the lowest of mobile companies. Why did Nokia fail? Well! One of the significant reasons behind failure is Nokia’s obsession with “tradition.” That’s right! In 2010, when companies like Samsung experimented with new technologies, Nokia chose to stick to its traditional outlook and features. It did not add any new features to phone models. Neither it involved itself in making unique and advanced designs for the models. 

Source: Nokia Corporation

Nokia users, when they found out about a new and upcoming series of mobile phones with browsing facilities, in-built cameras, and other exclusive features, they moved on. But, unfortunately, Nokia didn’t. Later on, it also launched the blackberry series with the BBM pin feature. It worked in favour of the company for a while. But, soon enough, the buyers lost interest. 

#9: Abandoned old OSs

Have you ever questioned why you can’t install Nokia’s classic snake and spaceship game on your Smartphone? Well! The main reason is you do not have a supportive operating system for that. According to Nokia 1100 specifics, it was using operating systems like Symbian and MeeGo. However, later in 2010, Nokia dropped these operating systems and collaborated with Microsoft to adopt Windows operating system for Smartphones. Thereafter, Nokia launched windows supportive smartphones series like Nokia Asha, Nokia Lumia, and X Family. 

However, if you still want to play those exclusive games on your Smartphone, you can download them from Google Play Store. Unfortunately, we are not sure if Apple Play Store provides it. 

#10: Microsoft saved Nokia in crisis

When it comes to the subject of bankruptcy, there is only one solution left for bankrupt companies – acquisition by big firms. So, when in 2014, Nokia was on the verge of being bankrupt and losing everything that it had built. Microsoft acquired Nokia for $7.2 billion. Not only this, but since Nokia still had a positive reputation in the Asian Market, many companies tried to acquire Nokia for less. But they failed!

#Bonus: Nokia Theme Tune was indeed a romantic tune

Nokia Theme Tune was once upon a time the most iconic tune of all times. Today, thousands of users search for Nokia’s theme tune for downloading purposes. What was so special about it? Well! It indeed delivered the idea of connecting people. 

Nokia Mobile which country - Finland
Source: CNET

To the reader’s surprise, it was the composition work of Francisco Tarrega. His work was historically known for romanticizing. 

Not only this, but Nokia’s SMS tone was also epic. Even today, those who have used Nokia Phones cannot forget the tinge that Nokia’s SMS tune delivered. But, do you know? The tone was indeed a composition of Morse code for “connecting people.” 


So, if you have your mind filled with memories of playing classic games on Nokia, then consider yourself lucky! Because today’s generation may not be able to enjoy so much with a single match than thousands of games on their Smartphone. You can bookmark us for more information on electronics, smartphones, Windows PC and MacOs or others. We tell you what’s true!

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