How to Fax Documents on Your Smartphone (Free, Easy and Secure)

How to Fax Documents on Your Smartphone

Now, you can use your smartphone to fax documents. Thanks to online fax services, you can easily and secure fax documents on your smartphone. These apps use the internet to send and receive faxes.

Online fax services are revolutionizing the way professionals and businesses send faxes. No longer do professionals need to invest in traditional fax machines. In this post, you will learn how to fax documents on your phone.

What is an online fax service

According to GoogleFaxFree, there is no way you can send fax from phone unless you use an online fax service. GoogleFaxFree is a blog on online faxing services. Online fax service is a third-party app that makes it possible to fax documents from your smartphone.

Best of all, the online fax services provide a fax app for Android and iOS devices. The apps turn your smartphone into a high-end fax machine. You can send and receive faxes from anywhere through the internet.

GoogleFaxFree acknowledges CocoFax online fax service for its capabilities.

CocoFax – The best way to fax documents from your smartphone

CocoFax provides one of the most reliable online fax services. Millions of professional users across the globe trust the app for their faxing needs. No wonder it has gained the attention of media outlets such as CNET.

CocoFax - The best way to fax documents from your smartphone

CocoFax provides users with amazing faxing features. It lets them fax not only from their phones but also from computers. Also, with CocoFax, you can fax from multiple platforms such as email, CocoFax dashboard, and Google Docs.

The app supports both iOS and Android devices. CocoFax also offers unlimited storage of all faxes. The app helps users overcome the shortcomings of using traditional fax machines.

For instance, no need to wait when sending or receiving faxes. Also, you get 30 days of a free trial.

CocoFax features

With CocoFax, you get to enjoy multiple faxing features besides the ability to send local and international faxes. Below are some of the features that users across the world enjoy with this app:

CocoFax features

1. Easy to use

With CocoFax, you only need to signup or login to start fax documents on your phone. Its intuitive user interface makes the process of composing and attaching documents easy on your phone.

2. Safe and secure

To protect faxes during transmission, CocoFax uses cutting-edge security protocols. The encrypted faxes make sure that no unauthorized person can access your fax documents online.

As well, CocoFax safeguards fax from the public by ensuring you are the only one who can access the faxes. Also, it lets you print faxes only when you need hard copies. This is better compared to traditional fax machines.

3. Versatile

CocoFax provides users different ways of faxing documents from your smartphone. The app even integrates different platforms like Office 365 and Google Docs. It has add-ons for these platforms to ease the faxing of documents.

4. Fast and reliable

CocoFax instantly sends fax documents over the internet. Also, the app’s notification system ensures you never miss important alerts. CocoFax sends you notifications for both outgoing and incoming faxes.

How to fax documents from your smartphone

The process of faxing documents with Cocofax from your phone is easy. It is a lot like sending an email. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Visit the official CocoFax website on your smartphone and signup for the service. In the process, you will have an opportunity to choose a fax number and get 30 days of the free trial.

Fast and reliable

Step 2: CocoFax will grant you access to your dashboard after successfully registering for the service. To fax a document, hit the ‘New Fax’ button. A new popup window will open for composing your fax.

Step 3: Next, provide the necessary information beginning with the recipient’s fax number. Provide the recipient’s fax number within the ‘To’ field. Also, you can include a cover page by providing its details in the body field.

Fast and reliable 2

What’s more, CocoFax allows you to add a note on the fax through the Subject field.

Now, CocoFax lets you attach all the fax documents you need to send to the recipient. With CocoFax you can attach multiple files. CocoFax will merge them into a single file before transmitting them.

Step 4: Crosscheck the fax, then hit the Send button. In an instant, CocoFax will send the fax to its recipient. Shortly after, you will get a notification indicating the status of the sent fax.

Fast and reliable 3

With CocoFax, you will have a sure way of knowing if the fax was delivered or not. Received faxes are in the ‘Inbox’ folder on your CocoFax dashboard. Also, CocoFax forwards a pdf copy to your email address.


Thanks to online fax services, you have the most efficient way of faxing documents from your smartphone. Check out CocoFax it allows you to attach multiple documents.