Expert Tips for New Business Owners


If you’re a new business owner focused on growth and success, you’ve come to the right place. 

With just the right combination of hard work, commitment, and a little luck, your new business can quickly become a success.

Are you ready for some expert tips? Let’s jump right in! 

Learn new cloud skills

Cloud computing has seen a demand increase throughout the new digital era.  

Now, the ‘cloud’ is an important source for business success. It enables efficient storage of data, increased security, and better handling of information. 

Therefore, as a new business owner, you and your team should be focused on gaining digital cloud training. Through training, you’ll equip yourself with the tech skills necessary to thrive in today’s highly competitive markets. For example, you can become expert at Linux and Google Cloud Platform, which are fundamental tools in modern business.  

Prepare for social media selling 

Social media selling is still in its early stages. Right now, it’s ‘the calm before the storm’. 

Soon, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook (and potentially even Twitter) will become gigantic market places for the purchasing of goods and services. 

Facebook has already implemented ‘Facebook Marketplace’ (which has proven to be effective for businesses that wish to sell locally and abroad), but – as previously mentioned – this feature is still in its infancy and has several faults.  

So, the huge migration of big brand names to Facebook’s marketplace has yet to happen, and Instagram is still primarily a social platform. 

However, as e-commerce continues to skyrocket in popularity, social media selling is developing quietly behind the scenes. It’s inevitable that, over the next five years or so, social media will completely join the party and transform into an e-commerce giant.  

Your business should prepare for this – as it is an incredibly exciting prospect. You can prepare by researching your target markets, establishing popular social media pages, and gaining as much e-commerce experience as possible (whether it’s through your own website or a provider like Amazon). 

Focus on efficient shipping and returns 

Speaking of e-commerce experience, your new business needs to start selling its products and services online as soon as possible. 

A key part of your customer service will be shipping and returns (as well as the policies surrounding them).  

The modern-day consumer is very demanding, and at the top of their list are low shipping costs and easy, stress-free returns. 

Now, as a new business owner, you have countless incomes and outgoings to consider – so providing low shipping costs is likely not a priority. However, if it’s financially achievable, you should implement low shopping costs into your strategy. It’s smart thinking, as low shipping costs are often the tipping point for many customers. 

Alternatively, you can create a membership program for your audience in which they (through signing up) can gain access to reduced delivery costs, as well as other benefits. 

You should also have an effective returns policy. Make sure to provide packaging that is easy to return, and make it known to customers that – if they don’t like the product or they’ve ordered the wrong one by mistake – you’ll be happy to take it back.