Life simulator games on android

life simulation games

Life simulation games have grown in popularity over a long period, and this is because of how gamers can control their avatars. Life simulation games refer to games in which a player lives or even holds virtual characters. The games can be completely different, and they do involve a lot of things from the ecosystem and many more. In this article, we will highlight some of the best life simulation games that you can get on Android. Some of these games have different kinds of gameplay that we will highlight, which is excellent, and it will help you determine the game you like most. 


The first game on this list of life simulation games is BitLife. This is an excellent game, and it involves different bites of life. The gameplay is pretty exciting, and it consists of the character as a child. When you create the game, the feeling you have a randomized name, a country, and city, and even hair. The other thing that you get is the character’s parents and their occupation. There are also a few things you get like the character’s birthday, their start signs, and if your name is adopted. Your character might have a sibling or a pet, and that will also be indicated in case he has them. Life simulation games are exciting, and this game involves a lot of things, which is fantastic.

There is a lot that goes on in the life of the character, and this happens in bits. Some of the stages include; childhood, adulthood, and death. At childhood, there is an infant stage, and then the child will begin going to school depending on the country you are in. This stage goes up to 15 years, and there are limited things that you can do. You can ask for money from your parents that you can use in various activities at the childhood stage. 

At adulthood, the stage begins between 15 and 19 years,

and here too, there are different kinds of activities that you can do. You can take a driving test depending on a country you are on, and after you finish secondary education, you can decide if you continue learning or get a job. There are a lot of things that go on at this stage, and they can involve criminal activities, gambling and many more. There are random pop up scenarios that occur in your day to day activities which will force you to make some decisions. At this stage, there is an option to retire also after you work for some years, and you might even receive a pension.

Then there is a death stage, and this can come due to natural causes. If your health bar is close to 100%, there is a chance your character will live beyond 100 years. The maximum age might be 124 years as many players believe. This is the gameplay of the one life simulation games that you can get on Android.


The Sims Mobile is also one awesome life simulation games which involve players creating Sims. Once Sims are created, the players can then start building houses, start a family and even control their Sims. There are a lot of stories that can be told through the Sims, which is exciting and they can advance and unlock new features. 


If you have never played social life simulation games, then Animal Crossing: POCKET CAMP is one game that you will enjoy its gameplay. The players can select and customize their avatars to their liking and even the places the avatars stay. This customization happens when the players have to trade materials for decorative stuff. There are different customization options, and this extends due to their avatars gender, facial traits and other things. If a neighbour asks for a request, you can get a reward after completing it. This is an excellent game that you will enjoy and be sure to try it out.


If you happen to love farming, then there is a game that you will enjoy playing, and that is the Stardew Valley. This is one of the life simulations games that excites me the most and this game is an inspiration from Harvest Moon. When you first start this game, the players create their characters, and these characters stay at a plot of land.

The land entails a small house, and you will get the info that their grandfather used to stay there. There are different kinds of farm types, and each of the farm types has a drawback and a benefit to it. After selecting the farm, you can then start clearing it, and that is removing weed, trees and other things. When you clear the next thing is to plant trees and tend to crops and even livestock. Apart from that, they can interact with other players and also engage in marriages.  


Godus is one game that is very popular on Steam, and the gameplay is pretty straightforward and so enjoyable. At the start of the game, the player saves two people who are drowning, and that is a man and a woman. After saving them, he takes them to land, and here they build a place to stay and even get a kid. When the kid grows up, he will get his tent to live in, and this will, in turn, increase the population. What I love about this game is the ability to redesign the land in a way that you want which is interesting.

Different land levels have different difficulty for them, which is fantastic. There is an instance that the player will get a ship, and he will use different sources of material to repair it. There are cards that you will get, and this comes as a result of the population growth. This is one of the most exciting life simulation games that you can get for Android, which is exciting.


One game that gives you one thrilling life simulation experience is AltLife, and this game is exciting as it offers you to be an author of your life. There are so many stories that you can get with this game, and each level has a different story. The way you live your life is entirely up to you, and you can drop out of school to be an influencer or even live a mediocre life. This game is fascinating s there are a lot of randomly generated events that happen in your life.

You can get a job and even build a career through YouTube. You can get into relationships with people, and the more you interact with them, the more options appear. If you happen to love cars, you can have a collection of exotic cars and even collect different kinds of assets. AltLife is one of the best life simulation games that you can play on Android, and this is an exciting game.


If you are thinking of creating a family virtually then, I will encourage you playing one of the best life simulation games, which is Virtual Families. This is an exciting game, and it involves adopting a person and choosing themselves a mate that they can live with.

That is not the end only, and you need to encourage them to get work so they can get money for necessities. You can renovate the house to your liking adding several things to it, which is exciting. You will be the one responding to the very things that appear daily. This is an excellent life simulation game to play, and the gameplay is so exciting. 


If you happen to want to move up the ladder of a big city, there are a few things that you can do in this big city, and that’s taking control. To take control, there are somethings that you need to do, and that is not by using weapons, shooting and doing so many other things. You can start your way just like a small work and move your way up the ladder.

There are so many tasks that you can complete, and missions and all this help move you up the career ladder. This game has some of the best features like the endless sea of gameplay, HD graphics and even colorful models of characters. Big City life simulator games are one awesome game that you can play, which is exciting.


 LifeSim is one game that gives you the ability to accomplish your dreams which is exciting. If you happen to be dreaming of becoming popular, then this is the game that you can play. The game offers you the ability to star in one of the biggest and famous TV shows, which is exciting.

You will also be able to record one of the biggest albums and end up becoming the highest-grossing actor. This is one life simulation that takes the game to another level as you can even go to work on a helicopter. This is one game that shows you how it’s like living a life as a celebrity.  


If you are a writer, I will allow you to see how it feels to be one of the best writers in the world. The game is so exciting, and it shows you the steps to take from a janitor to a world-class writer. The game allows you to create your avatar and start writing books and plots.

You can upgrade your writing skills which are exciting and even earn from selling the books. You can also have a family and do so many other things. Of all the life simulation games, this game can bring out some imaginations, which is so exciting.


One game that can motivate the hell out of you is Hit the Bank. The goal of this game is to practice how to win at life and end up becoming a millionaire. The first thing that you need to do is to find the different ways in which you can earn a living. Once you can earn, you can now start buying clothes, houses, cars and other luxuries. Once you graduate from university, you can find even more ways to earn.

You can play and win at a casino and continue climbing up the ladder. You can start a family by finding a girlfriend and do all other things. Always check on the health bar and relax often. You can then create your business and eventually become a millionaire. This is a fantastic and exciting game, and you will have an excellent moment playing it. 


The life of a YouTuber can be exciting to some, but what a better way to find out like playing life simulation games and see how it is? YouTubers Life is an excellent game, and it involves managing a character who is trying to build a YouTube personality.

Therefore, the player manages a lot of things like the creation of videos for their channels, and even their social lives. The character will grow, and that means more employees which the player will have to manage. This is one of the best life simulation games that you can get, which offers you an excellent insight into what it feels being a professional YouTuber.


The above games listed are some of the best life simulation games that you can get on Android download right away and start playing. The games are exciting, and they provide a lot of insight into some lives, which is fantastic.


What are the life simulation games?

These are games which provide the players with some of the real-life situations that they can experience with their avatars.

Which is the best life simulation games in Android?

The best life simulation games you can get right now is the Sims Mobile which is a game with some exciting gameplay.