Beat Making Software For All – Choose Your Favorite!

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About Beat Making Software

For all those who wish to create music, may it be as a part of their passion or profession, beat making software are a boon. However, paying a high price for the exclusive composition of music creation might not suit everyone’s pockets.

During such situations, an excellent as well as a free music making software can serve as a savior. There is a list of several beat making software that serve this purpose, along with being pocket-friendly. These come with the basic essential features so that the users need not have to compromise with the quality.

Below mentioned is a list of some free software for Windows as well as Mac. These might be helpful to beginners and also to those who need to make more seasoned music.

1) Dr. Drum

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Dr. Drum can prove to be a wise choice for beginners who want to improve their skills. This software is for Windows and Mac, and it comes with numerous features. It offers the best service to its users. It is also equally suitable for all those who want to give a chance to music-making as their hobby.

2) BTV Solo 

This software is a full package in itself. It can be used to create music beats, customize already existing songs and rhythms, and also harmonize individual music patterns.

This is one of those musical software that comes with several necessary editing tools, in-built high-quality sound mixers, instrumental kits, and sound effects. Also, the non-cluttered UI keeps it organized and easy to use. This is the reason why it works effortlessly. This software is easily compatible with Windows as well as Mac.


3) Sonic Producer

Out of all the software, Sonic Producer comes with the most basic level editing functionality that can be easily understood and operated. Thus, this can be a good option for beginners. Though it comes with limited features as compared to the advanced software, it has a long list of facilities to offer.

Both Windows and Mac support it. The music-making task becomes even more comfortable with the instructional learning videos that this software provides to its users.


4) Native Instruments Maschine MK2

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This is also one of those free beat making software that is supported in both Windows and Mac. This software comes with demo tutorials, which makes things simpler for the beginners.

Native Instruments Maschine has a wide-ranging music library. Also, the software offers great functionality. It assists the users throughout their usage period. This helps them create extraordinary music pieces.


5) HammerHead Rhythm Station 

This is one of the world-class beat making software. It assists the users while creating their music. Also, it provides amazing features. This software can be a perfect choice for people who are new in this field as there is a detailed guide for creating exclusive music track and beats.

This software is absolutely free but is only available for Windows. This can be useful in creating impressive music beats.


6) Garageband

Garage band is also one of those beat making software that can be useful to create beautiful music sounds and beats. Its outstanding features perfectly complement its excellent Graphic UI.

However, this software is available only for Mac users. Also, the detailed guidebook can help the users learn to play instruments like guitar and keyboard. Apart from that, one can remove noise extortion from music. Also, it can be useful if one wants to scale the bass volume or set equalizers if required. Thus, it is an all-in-one package for Mac users.


7) DrumFlow

As all the above-mentioned beat making software, this one is also the right choice when it comes to the creation of remarkable music or beat composure.

The software has a simple UI, which makes it easy for the users to handle it. But the only drawback of this software is that it does not offer an elegant graphical user interface. But its functionalities cover this up. It is quite famous in the market. Also, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.


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8) LMMS 

LMMS | Sharing Platform
Image: LMMS | Sharing Platform

This software can be the best option for those looking for a free yet appreciable software. Among all beat making software, this can be a quite right choice considering its features.

Though the graphics interface that it offers is of average level, its remarkable functionalities steal the attention of most users. Also, users can easily access their voluminous database if needed. They can use these sample tunes while recording or creating their own music or beats. Also, the final creation can ve downloaded in various formats like OGG, Wav, etc.

Apart from Windows and Mac OS, it is also easily compatible with Linux.


9) MuseScore

This software belongs to the category of some famous beat making software. The long list of its amazing features makes it even more popular among the music lovers.

The two most recognizable things about this software are:

  • It comes with a highly organized and well-designed UI
  • It offers all the basic and necessary tools for beginners.

MuseScore makes it interesting to work with music by fascinating the users with its outstanding uses. Users can use it to edit their recordings and can also easily download their final creation in the desired format like OGG or Wav.


10) Ableton Live

This is also one of those beat making software that is easily compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. This software gives a free trial period to the new users. They can later switch to the paid version for a better experience.

The software can be downloaded from the official website to access its exclusive features. Using this fantastic software is fascinating and pretty easy. It gives a music studio experience at home. This software is worth a try to generate stupendous beats and sounds.


11) orDrumbox


This software is one of those beat making software that is loaded with commendable advanced features. It can be a good option for those who like creating unique music. The user-friendly and clear interface makes it even more attractive. It promises efficient and effortless usage.

Also, it works on Linux apart from Windows and Mac OS. This software not only acts as a helping hand to create remarkable music but also supports editing music and beat files that already exist. The final creations can ultimately be saved. Also, users can upload their data for others to view, enjoy, and rate their creations.

This software, with its extraordinary functionality, is becoming more and more popular among music lovers.


12) FL Studio

For those who are looking for some nice music software to polish their skills, this one can be a perfect option. It helps users to turn their musical thoughts into incredible music. This fascinates users to create more tracks and beats, which in turn enhances their love for music. This software is highly popular and trusted by people of all age groups.

This software undoubtedly amplifies the quality of beats and sound effects by its remarkable features. Also, it can be the right choice for beginners. It is supported in Windows as well as Mac OS.


13) Magix Music Maker – Best Beat Making Software For Windows

This software is one of the most famous music software for Windows. It helps users to fabricate their hits. It is best for the new learners and is famous all around the world. So, even for those who are new in this field, Magix Music Maker can be a highly useful tool. Designed mainly for Windows, it comes with various advanced features that improve its functionality.

It runs effortlessly on 512 MB graphics and 2 GB RAM. It is a software that creates impressive sounds and tracks.

The music tutorial for beginners serves as an icing to the already fantastic cake. Thus, it can be regarded as one of the best software among those that are currently available in the market.



So these were some of the free and efficient  software. These are readily available to download. The stunning features help the users create soothing music which could satisfy the listener’s heart and soul.

Users can choose the one that best suits them to showcase their talent and skills. All the above software comes free, along with being highly efficient.