Instagram: How to change the Background Color without changing the Photo or Video?


Instagram has become one of the most important marketing tools, online. Since there are 2 billion users in the world, it offers incredible opportunities. However, all companies and individuals can also use this app for its own marketing. Therefore, you have to offer better content to your followers, if you want to keep them and to attract some more. Here are a few tips, including the very important one of changing the background colour.

Why using an App is the Best Way to go

Graphic artists use all kind of tools to help them in their work. Only a few years ago still, Photoshop and Illustrator were the main ones. They were quite difficult to learn, and they cost a lot. Those that learned on them and that need to do complex work, still use them, but the new generations tend to use smart, easy-to-use apps, in order to create their posts online. And truth be told: You should do the same. An app like Mojo will help you to change the background model of Instagram stories, in no time. Something that could be really complicated to do, on a graphic software. Suddenly you can change your background colour, just like a pro would, without having to change the photo or video that you want to use. By clicking on the link, you will be able to learn more on the subject.

Why is it useful to change the Background?

You may wonder why you would want to change the background, instead of just placing a photo or a video, in the first place? The truth is, if you want to be noticed on Instagram today, you need to use all the tools you can get, in order to differentiate yourself. Even if you find your way in front of new viewers, they still need a reason to stop and look at your post. If you provide them with a simple photo or video (which by now they have all seen thousands of times), chances are they will just keep scrolling down. Changing the background is the first step, in creating a post that will really stand out. From there, you can add all the other elements that will attract people’s attention, which we will now look into.

What Other Tools can You find on the App?

Now that you have started using the app to create better content, you need to look into everything that it offers, so that you can use each element, whenever it makes sense, in your future marketing posts. The one that is most used these days, is music. Adding sound to your photos, or replacing the background noises on your videos with songs, is one way to interest viewers. You can even have the lyrics featured on top of the pictures, as the music plays. You can also add some more texts, to describe what people are seeing, or as a call to action. Place GIFS and other images on top, and you should have an interesting post that will attract more interest.

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