What is the best time to post on Facebook? How to get likes and comments on Facebook by time strategy?

best time to post on Facebook
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When it comes to advertising your service/brand on Facebook, your digital marketer will publish content on your Facebook page as soon as the content is received. But, is it the best? The answer is No! Sometimes, digital marketers also need to rethink the “time” element in order to create voluminous impressions on Facebook post insights.

According to WP Dev Shed reports, real-time entrepreneurs have verified that CTR (click-through rate) is highest at a given period of time. Therefore, digital marketers spend hours researching what the best time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure is?

To begin with, nowadays, every micro and the macro business firms have started to maintain a position over Facebook. Organic reach on this platform has allowed hundreds of brands to grasp customer attention and build new customers in the market. However, when does this organic reach boost? Is there a time? Well! No! There’s no ideal time to get organic followers, likes, and comments on a Facebook post.

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However, “best time to post on Facebook” can help you in many ways to reach out to your targeted audience. So, what is the best time to post on Facebook? It can be considered that “any hour” at which maximum facebook users are activated and relaxed enough to explore a new brand, product, or service provider – is the best time to post on Facebook. 

Thus, let’s begin our journey to calculate the best time to post on Facebook India, UK, USA, and other countries. 

Note: This reading is only to give you an idea of how time strategy works for brands to gain followers or audience on the Facebook post. We don’t claim to provide you with an ideal number of audience on your Facebook post. Read our terms & conditions for more details. 

What is the best time to post on Facebook? 

For the most part, there is no accurate best time to post on Facebook. In a day, there can be multiple times when your targeted audience remains activated on Facebook. For example, audiences aged between 22 years old to 50 years old may not remain “that much” activated on Facebook during working days, i.e.., Monday to Thursday/Friday. Hence, if you are targeting an audience (especially, the corporate world), Saturday(s) and Sunday(s) are the best days to post on Facebook. 

But, in the event that you mainly want to focus on exact hours, the following briefs will give you a notion:
  • 1 pm to 4 pm is the best time to post on Facebook during working days. The reason being, between these hours, the staff/employees/employers are usually out for lunch. Hence, they get to take time off to go through their social feeds and explore new virtual media trends. 
  • Apart from this, another time period (6 pm to 12 pm) are the best hours to post on Facebook India. The reason being, in India, general office timings are from 8 am to 5 pm. Therefore, Indian audiences remain activated on Facebook after 6 pm, according to a report. 
  • On the other hand, if you are aiming at entrepreneurs and micro-level business owners, weekends are the best days to seize their attention. (1 pm to 4 pm).
  • Lastly, if you are targeting a younger audience like students, after-school time is the best. 

However, it is also crucial to note that “best time to post on Facebook” can be different for contrasting firms. Thus, one of the greatest advantages that we have in hand is – Facebook Insights. That’s right! Insights and analytics can help you figure out by yourself the best time to post on Facebook for your brand. Thus, check out further to elements that help you calculate the same. 

How to calculate?

It is often challenging to trust multiple platforms that state different times to post on Facebook and mention them as “Best.” Thus, here’s an ideal weapon to help digital marketers: you can calculate the best time to post on Facebook by yourself. How? Well! There are three methods to do so: 

the best time to post on Facebook
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Method 1: Data Analysis

Digital Marketing has been a far-fetching weapon for startups to transform into bigger names in the industry. Data Analysis is one of the significant elements of digital marketing. However, it does not require much. However, by using data, a digital marketer can easily figure out what “time” works best for their audience? For example, while viewing through data insights, you can see at what hour, your Facebook post has gained maximum impressions. 

Not only this, but via data collection, you can see into details such as: 

  • How many users click-through the link given in the Facebook Post?
  • What percentage of users responded positively?
  • Are you receiving any queries from potential customers? 
  • Which product is getting much more attention?
  • What is trending in the market right now?
  • Reach on Facebook Post

Indeed, you can also call this method “Facebook Data Analysis.” 

Method 2: Beat your competitor!

The real-time business world is not the only world where you will have to face your competitor. Indeed, there are 99% chances that your competitor also holds a Facebook Page. Thus, why not use your competitor’s Facebook page to figure out the best time to post on Facebook. One of the best methods to do so is – follow-up your competitor’s profile. See whether he trails around with a chronology of time throughout the day to post on Facebook. For example, if your competitor posts around 3 pm daily. You can also adopt this chronology. 

How will this help you? It’s very simple – when a customer watches a Facebook post published by your competitor. There are 30% to 50% chances of your post also appearing in the next feed. However, this is not a verified strategy. You can approach your competitor’s profile or Facebook page to get some insights concerning the external environment. This will definitely take best to figure out the best time to post on Facebook?

Method 3: Relevance of Data

One of the greatest advantages of data is that it allows you to find out when your audience is off-peak. Meaning, it tells you when your audience is only focusing on your Facebook page for updates. For example, “Cricbuzz” is a very prominent website where millions of viewers check out scorecards whenever a national or international match goes on. Thus, the relevance of data is significant. For example, if you tell you about viewers who remain activated during an upcoming occasion like Halloween or Christmas, you can act according to it. Such as, if you are selling decorative accessories online, you can post about them on Facebook around festivals. 

Thus, a match between product and occasion is crucial. To do so, the relevance of data must be checked. 

Method 4: Third-party Facebook Insight checker

In the event that you want to go “premium” to check the best time to post on Facebook, there are a few best third-party facebook insight checkers to do so. This third-party software allows you to open Facebook page dashboard to obtain additional information such as click-through rate, when your fans are online, likes by days, post type, etc. Apps like Buffer allow you to boost your Facebook post for enhancing reach on Facebook. 

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Here are the best apps to check Facebook insights and analytics: 

Hootsuite for Facebook

 Hootsuite is one of the top-notch social media marketing and management dashboard access applications. Premium Hootsuite for Facebook allows you to schedule posts on Facebook as per the best time calculated. This app allows you to add quality to your Facebook posts by tracking trends and sentiments of customers. With Hootsuite, you can focus on multiple social media channels. For example, if you want to schedule posts on Instagram, it allows you to do so. 

the best time to post on Facebook
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As the name suggests, Sprout social acts as a healthy ingredient for your Facebook analytics and insight process. Whenever you demand in-depth details such as: how many customers you reached yesterday? All you need is to access the SproutSocial Facebook Dashboard. You can review Facebook posts that obtained the highest click-through rate. Hence, you can figure out at what hour. The maximum audience is activated. Apart from this, Facebook post review will help you to check likes and comments. It notifies you when it’s time to post. 


 This is one of the classic Facebook Insights and Analytics tools preferred by hundreds of online business firms. Buffer.com does not only allow you to analyze each Facebook post on your page. But, you can also publish new posts on Facebook directly via this app. It makes Facebook page maintenance much easier for a digital marketer.

the best time to post on Facebook
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To the reader’s surprise, buffer.com facebook dashboard and insight has a clickable option called “when you get maximum reach.” When you click on it, Buffer tells you the best time to post on Facebook by keeping your customers’ behaviour into consideration. 


1. Q: When is the best time to post on Facebook?

A. The “best” time to post on Facebook is not a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on several factors, including your target audience, demographics, and online behavior.

2. Q: How can I find the best time for my audience?

A. Facebook Insights offers valuable data about your audience, including their age, gender, location, and when they’re most active on the platform.

3. Q: Should I post multiple times a day?

A. Posting too frequently can overwhelm your audience. Aim for 2-3 posts daily and ensure they offer value and engagement opportunities.

4. Q: What other factors should I consider?

A. Content type: Different types of content may perform better at different times.

Seasonality: Consider seasonal changes and adjust your posting accordingly. Back-to-school content might work well in August, while holiday-themed posts might be better received in December.

5. Q: Are there any tools to help me schedule Facebook posts?

A. Many social media management tools allow you to schedule Facebook posts in advance. This can save you time and ensure your content is published optimally. Some popular options include Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social.


So, are you ready to boost your Facebook post with much more confidence? It is time, to begin with – the best time to post on Facebook. And, schedule a Facebook post beforehand so that you don’t need to rush into the procedure. For more details, bookmark us, and we resolve anything for you!