Why respiratory therapy?


What is the purpose of postoperative respiratory therapy?

  1. Prevention and treatment of atelectasis
  2. Increase in transpulmonary pressure, resulting in an increase in respiratory volume
  1. Restoration of normal pulmonary volume and ventilation. An incentive caused the alveoli to disconnect from the ventilator.

The RESPIFLO FS EXERCISERS were developed based on SMI technology.

One or two balls may be raised, depending on the patient’s inspiratory capacity, as they inhale slowly and deeply. To avoid an extremely high inspiratory flow, the third ball is used. The patient should not lift the third ball while using the proper breathing method but should keep the balls in the air in the first one or two chambers.


  • Easy to learn due
  • Operate simply
  • High compliance
  • Relief of nursing staff and professionals

Why should you buy RESPIFLO FS EXERCISES from Joya Medical Supplies?

An incentive spirometer indicates how well the patient is filling their lungs with each breath. Our range of respiratory exercisers are commonly used by patients following thoracic surgery or in other conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia or asthma, to assist the lungs in returning to normal functioning.

  • Incentive flow rate spirometry made simple and easy for use by a single patient
  • Hand-held measurement of inhaled respiratory volume and flow – measures and encourages patient progress
  • Easy to clean mouthpiece


  • Latex free
  • DEHP free
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