Top 8 Twitter Features You Should Start Using


Twitter is one of the most popular social media applications nowadays. It is a fast-moving platform that can help you improve your business’s marketing efforts or your personal use. Whether you are using Twitter for individual or company use, it is an incredible app you should check out.

There are always new features and functionality rolling out to learn about this social media platform. Regardless of your interests, you can ensure that you will find others that also share them in this app. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to help you manage your account, such as learning how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter or muting notifications from people. To maximize its use, you should start using the following features listed below:

1.Twitter Lists

Besides your main timeline, you can create other feeds that include certain accounts. You don’t even have to be following accounts to include them in these. And this is what you call creating Twitter lists. Go to the drop-down menu by clicking on the small profile picture and then choose the lists option and create a new one on the page. 

You can also opt for a public or private list. If you select the public list, anyone you add will get a notification and can choose to subscribe to that list, too. On the other hand, if you set it to private, accounts won’t be notified once you add them, and you will be the only one to have access to this list.

2.Advanced Search

Use Twitter’s advanced search feature to be ahead of others if you know the search terms. You can access it on the web app by typing a keyword in the search window, clicking on More Options, and choosing the Advanced Search button. Then fill in the fields you want and click Search. Through this feature, you can find tweets originating in your locality, track brand mentions, do in-depth research, see interactions between your account and other accounts, keep up with the news, save previous searches, and follow the right people.

3.Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to manage your account easily. Each one can save you a couple of seconds when working on this app. You can do several actions with shortcuts, such as retweeting, replying to a tweet, sharing a tweet, writing a new tweet, and more. By knowing the keyboard shortcuts, you can improve your Twitter experience. However, these only work on the app’s home screen and may not work if you access your account from a third-party application.

4.GIF Search

Truth be told, GIFs are popular around social media. They are a great way to get other people to engage with you more and give you a laugh. Twitter has launched a native GIF search feature, so you can easily look for GIFs without leaving the app. Find and add a GIF to your tweet by clicking the compose tweet button and tapping the GIF button. The GIFs are separated into various, popular categories, or you can use the search option to look for a good GIF as quickly as possible.

5.Pinned Tweet

Yet another outstanding feature you must use on Twitter is pinning one tweet permanently. The purpose of doing this is to highlight a specific tweet and promote it more effectively. If there is a significant tweet you want to be seen easily on your profile, use this feature. 

Whenever someone visits your account, they will see your pinned tweet first. It will reach more people and get more engagement, such as clicks and likes. Click on the menu symbol at the bottom right of the tweet and choose to pin it at the top of your profile page. That tweet will be on your page until you change it.

6.Twitter Cards

If you are wondering how to create those tweets linking to web pages and blog posts with clickable images and captions below them, then the answer is the Twitter cards. There are a couple of ways to create them, and one of these is to install a social sharing plugin to your WordPress website, like Social Warfare, which creates the code right on your site and automatically makes Twitter cards. 

The clickable image and caption get included when someone shares the post through the sharing buttons. On the other hand, you can create these cards manually through the Twitter ads platform. There is no need to pay for an ad to make these, but you have to enter your credit card details to create an ad account. 

7.Photo Collages

Just like on other social media platforms, photos are seemingly one of the best things to post on Twitter. Nevertheless, this app lets you tweet up to four pictures and create a photo collage. All you have to do is tweet like you normally do, then put a text update if relevant, and add the image or images you like to share by clicking the add image button. Tweeting with photos from time to time is also a crucial way to better interact with your audience and increase your engagement.


The current Twitter user interface does not let you view a conversation between two or more people. But with the reply to feature, threaded tweets can give users the chance to participate in conversations in some Twitter feeds. These threaded tweets can also serve as a means for people to look for other users interested in the same subjects of conversation. Indeed, Twitter is a brilliant source of information and a forum for discussing different topics that can impart knowledge to you.


By using these features mentioned above, you can truly have a better Twitter experience. These are some of the simplest yet most effective tools that can enhance your marketing efforts and get outstanding results from social media, like improved traffic, increased engagement, and more audience. Hence, try using these Twitter features today and see the difference for yourself!