How to Live Stream on YouTube: An Easy and Thorough Guide

Live Stream

Live streaming is the latest video trend and has continued to grow in popularity. Learn how to live stream on YouTube and start monetizing today.

YouTube has grown into the world’s leading video streaming platform. It once started as a small website founded by then PayPal employees back in 2005. Now it has about two billion users and 50 million content creators.

One of the features they introduced to verified users back in 2011 was the live streaming feature. Now, every verified user can live stream on YouTube without any subscriber requirements. This means you can also stream from your desktop, laptop, or mobile without a hitch.

Today, we will look at the steps on how to live stream on YouTube. These tidbits will help you look at what you may need and what you should be ready for before you go Live.

1. Prepare the Essentials for Streaming

Before you learn how to live stream on YouTube, you will need to have several things prepared for live streaming. Having your own computer and a good camera that you can connect to is a must. A camera tripod is also a necessity for streaming on YouTube. Your camera will not stay stable without it.

You will also need a verified YouTube account to live stream. For streaming on mobile, you need to have at least 100 subscribers to your channel to avail of this function.

These are of course, not the only things that you will need to begin live streaming.

You will also need a few other things like a good microphone along with a decent LED ring light. You need equipment that provides clear visuals and crisp audio. These are a must if you plan to live stream.

Don’t forget to ensure that your internet connection is stable. It should be enough that it lets you stream without any problems on the upload and download speeds. Combine that with a computer powerful enough to let you edit your videos and stream at the same time.

2. Set Up Your YouTube Account Settings

To be able to do your live streaming, you need a verified account as we mentioned earlier. You can set up a YouTube account by signing up on YouTube. You can also start your YouTube channel by making a Google account first and then creating your YouTube channel.

After this, have your YouTube channel verified by following the verification process. Once you do that, you gain access to a number of features. Among these include the ability to upload longer videos and to begin live streaming.

You can enable the live streaming feature in your channel features page, the YouTube Studio live events page or the Live Control Room. It takes about 24 hours to have that feature activated. Once that one is up, your account can now live stream.

3. Make It Look Good

One aspect of live streaming that you should also prepare for is how your live stream looks like when viewers watch you. Use overlay programs and learn how to live stream on YouTube with OBS. The feature simultaneously presents your face camera and your live stream footage.

Other details you need to pay attention to are in what format the video recording should be for Video on Demand. Here are some instructions you can read to get the file format right.

4. Promote Your Stream

You will also need to promote your stream on your social media and YouTube channel. When doing this, remember to think of live streaming as an event. You’ll want your subscribers and viewers hyped up about the live stream and to spread the word.

Build buzz about the event and share your live stream link or your channel link at least 48 hours before going live. Make invitations and promote guests to engage your audience and keep them excited for the next live stream.

5. Setting Up and Streaming

Consider which devices you will use to live stream. Among the options you can use are your computer and your mobile phone. Other options involve a more technical approach that involves the use of specific hardware like software and hardware encoders.

If you plan to stream on your computer, go to YouTube and click on the Create button. One of the options on the dropdown that you should see is Go Live. Click that to see details about the stream that you need to fill up and set.

Afterward, go to the control panel where you see a preview window and other relevant settings. This includes the Stream Key, which you will copy and paste on your OBS.

When you have your OBS up and running, go to the Settings panel and configure your video, audio, and output settings as needed. Then go to the Stream tab and pick YouTube/YouTube Gaming on the Service dropdown. On the Stream Key field, paste the stream key that you copied earlier.

After that, set up your Capture Sources and you are ready to go.

6. While Live Stream

While streaming, you can do a variety of things. This is an interactive portion that lets you engage with your viewers and shout-out names. Find ways to make sure your viewers watch until the very end and don’t forget to recap events to newcomers.

When starting to learn how to live stream games on YouTube, it helps to have a community behind you. Listen to your fans and get ideas about your next live stream.

Having live chat enabled allows viewers to comment and interact with you. It also helps to have moderators on board to help you if you have trouble checking the chat. You also have tools to help you filter, moderate, and engage.

7. After Live Stream

Once you finish streaming, YouTube saves the video on your channel as a video that your subscribers and viewers can check out at any time. You can even download these videos and clip them for highlights. You can then share these highlights on social media or on your YouTube channel.

Now You Know How to Live Stream on YouTube

Once you know how to live stream on YouTube, you are all set to start your own. You can show your audience what you enjoy doing and have them join in on the experience. Make it presentable and fun, which will need a good deal of preparation and hard work.

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