Cool and Casual: How to Dress Up a Graphic T Shirt

Graphic T Shirt

Laundry isn’t done? Learn how to dress up a graphic t shirt! You’ll keep your wardrobe cool and stay fashionable no matter the occasion.

Nothing to wear? Laundry still not done? That’s okay! Graphic t-shirts are really having a moment right now. With the right styling, you can look well put together and ready for any big event in your simple graphic tee. 

This article will cover how to dress up a graphic t shirt and make it look more elevated for any occasion. Let’s get started!

Tuck it In with Graphic T Shirt

One of the easiest ways to make your graphic tee go from tragic to tres chic is simply to tuck it in. Pait your graphic t shirt with a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans of a super cute skirt and tuck it in.

Tucking in your graphic tee will emphasize your waist. Pair it with a skinny belt for the ultimate skinny waisted look. 

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If a full tuck isn’t your thing try a French tuck. A French tuck is where you tuck in the front of the shirt and leave the back of the shirt untucked. A French tuck looks flattering on fuller figures as well as smaller frames. 

Tucking can work for short sleeves and long sleeve graphic t shirts and it won’t cost a dime. 

Wear a Statement Piece of Jewelry

So many graphic t-shirt designs are a little on the casual side. Dress up your graphic tee with a statement piece of jewelry. This can transform your tee from basic to boss in a few seconds. 

Try a statement necklace or bracelet that stands out. Then you will be ready to grab lunch with friends or hit the town with the girls. 

Make sure you think about the neckline of your tee when choosing your necklace. For a graphic t shirt with a low v-neck try pairing a pendant necklace or a longer necklace to fill in space. If your t shirt is a scooped neckline wear a necklace that sits on your collarbone. 

Wear Heels

The shoes you wear can make or break any outfit. This is especially true with a casual outfit. Pair your vintage graphic t shirts with a pair of heels and your look ready to walk the catwalk in no time. 

Shoes can instantly make your outfit look lazy. Slide on sandals or flip flops may make your t-shirt appear too casual for a big event. Try a simple pair of pumps or a fancier pair of sandals that buckle around the ankle. 

Heels are always the right choice because they will elongate your legs and give your tee an instant dressy look. Pair your tee with a pair of heels and skinny jeans and you are ready for a night out. You can even roll your jeans up and inch or two if you want to show off your heels. 

A pair of cutoffs or a skirt will also do the trick. Whatever you decide to pair with the heels just make sure it is on the dressier side and it will glam up your look. 

Wear an Oversized Tee

If you have men’s graphic t shirts, you can try the oversized look on for size. An oversized men’s tshirt is probably one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces in your closet. 

Oversized t shirts are also more eye-catching than their form-fitting sisters. Pair your oversized men’s tee with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. If the tee is long enough you could also tie it in a knot on your left or right hip and wear the shirt baggy through the midsection. 

Oversized t shirts worn as dresses are also really trendy right now. Pair your oversized graphic tee with a cute pair of heels, wear it as a dress and call it a day. 

Add a Blazer with Graphic T Shirt

Every time I see a graphic tee on the red carpet it is usually paired with a blazer. Why? Because a blazer gives your tee an instant polished and professional look, even if itis old. 

You can wear a graphic tee to the office or a big night out when you simply pair it with a blazer. Choose a neutral-colored solid blazer that coordinates with the color of your tee and then you are ready for a business meeting or a day at the office. 

Stick to colors like navy, black, or white if you work in a more conservative office. Also, make sure the neckline of your graphic tee doesn’t cut too low. Tuck your shirt into your pants and pair it with heels. Voila, ces’t tres chic!

Add a Cardigan

Sometimes you don’t want to wear a blazer but you could still benefit from a little layering. Try pairing your graphic tee with a cardigan or oversized button-up sweater. This can do wonders to ad a little sophistication to your look. 

Layering clothing looks more complex than simply pulling on a tee and jeans. Experiment with different color combinations and different types of fabric to get a really unique look. 

Cardigans come in various lengths and styles and there are so many different looks that can be achieved with just one extra layer. 

Make sure your cardigan flatters your figure. The last thing you want to do is lose your body in a layered look. Your cardigan doesn’t have to be form-fitted if your t-shirt is together and vice versa.

Play around with cardigans and layers until you find a few looks that work for you. 

Pair it With Jeans

Jeans and a t-shirt are a classic combination. They go together like peas and carrots. Don’t underestimate this power couple when you are planning your outfit for a big event. 

Make sure your jeans are a darker wash and are not ripped for the best look. Lighter colored jeans or washes can look less dressy. 

Your jeans should add a bit of interest to your look. Look for jeans with details, embroidery, or little touches to balance out your graphic tee. 

Tips on How to Dress Up a Graphic T Shirt

If you have a big event and nothing to wear use these tips above on how to dress up a graphic t shirt to elevate your look and style. T shirts don’t always have to be casual.

Sometimes they can be fun to wear to a dressy event. If you enjoyed this article, read more of our latest articles now.

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