How to get the Top Fan Badge on Facebook online?

Top fan badge on facebook
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Top Fan Badge on Facebook is an honourable badge that appears in front of Facebook page’s honoured customers who continuously remains active and widely engages with its content every now and then. According to the advanced theory of Facebook, a top fan badge will offer a status of goodwill to the top commentators on your Facebook page. Hence, if you as a company or individual is running as a page on FB, a top fan badge can give official identity to those who highly engage on your page. It is noteworthy to mention that top fan badges are an official mark, however, they are yet not equivalent to “blue tick” that celebrities and brands receive on Facebook.

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In the past few years, Facebook has widely grown as a business platform for start-ups, influencers, businessmen, and others to communicate with their customers and fan-followings directly. However, getting an official tick on Facebook business page has been an impossible task for strategists and social media experts because in that case, Facebook demands millions of followers on the respective page. Yet, the newly introduced Facebook top fan badge concept is trending worldwide right now. 

Although, the top fan badge on facebook has been proven less helpful for the pages on facebook, yet, business strategists have found their way of benefits out of it. Yes! Now, companies can get in touch with their top fans and use their favouritism towards your brand to drive its popularity. You may not be able to imagine this, but your top fans on Facebook page can be great brand advocates. 

Now that you know the definition of top fan badges on facebook, let’s review if you are an eligible top fan facebook user. 

What is the top fan badges eligibility criteria on Facebook?

Top fan badge on facebook pages
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To begin with, Top Fan Badges are not that easily assigned to Facebook Users. Yes! You have guessed right – you must fulfill the eligibility criteria to earn a star icon in front of your Facebook name on the profile. 

First of all, to get the best fan’s badge on facebook, your profile must be the most interactive on any Facebook page. For example, you can be the top most commentators on a page on facebook. This top fan badge also contributes to the growth of facebook groups and events. 

Thus, without any further ado, let’s countdown the eligibility conditions put forward by Facebook to get Facebook Top Fan Status:

Badges on Facebook
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Be the most interactive fan…

  • Liked maximum posts and events on the page.
  • Commented on maximum posts and events on the page.
  • Reacted to maximum posts and events on the Facebook page than other fans.
  • Shared maximum posts and events on the Facebook page than other fans.

Turn on – Top Fan Badges

For the most part, Facebook gives freedom of turning on and off the status of Top Fan Badge on facebook. Hence, if the top fan badge disappeared from your username, it is because you have turned this alternative ‘off’ in the facebook settings. 

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Apart from this, it is important to note that if the top fan badge is not showing, it can also be because of Facebook page’s setting. Thus, to be one of the top fans of a Facebook page, your eligibility solely does not matter. The top fan badge appears when both the Facebook user and page have interacted at their best to serve each other. 

Is your Facebook Page Eligible for Top Fan Badge?

Following conditions are set by Facebook for official Facebook pages to get top fan’s badges appear on the timeline:

  • Your page must create and upload video-graphic content from time-to-time. 
  • Change facebook page settings to Video Template.
  • Followers equals to or more than ten thousands.
  • The Facebook page should at least be existing for 28 days and more.
  • Civil Engagement Badge is turned off in Facebook settings. 

Tips on How to get top fan badge on facebook

When it comes to earning a top fan badge on a Facebook Page, you as a facebook user can play a bigger and significant part. As mentioned before, the top fan badge is honoured to frequent commentators and interactors. Therefore, one of the best tips that we can give you is – Interact as much as you can. It would not take long for facebook to announce you as “top fan” on a facebook page or even multiple pages.

Follow popular pages

By following popular pages on Facebook, you can get a top fan badge in no time. According to the facebook top fan badge’s eligibility criteria, the respective page must have equals to or more than 10, 000 followers. Hence, popular facebook brands that promote video-graphic content such as Netflix can be a perfect alternative. 

However, likewise any platform, top fan badge of Facebook can also lead to competition among facebook users. Therefore, we recommend you to watch full videos on the facebook page that you are keenly following. Like, share, react to, or comment on maximum videos, media posts, and events updated on the page. It can be a hectic process, yet, it can help you embrace your part-time career as a brand or business advocate if you hold a good understanding of the page and the brand that it promotes.

Choose subject of your interest

To earn a facebook top fan badge can be pretty boring if you are not at all interested in the content uploaded at the respective page that you follow. What to do? Well! Best solution to this is – follow pages of your interest. For example, if you love to read, you can follow an author and further take part as a fan actively. Similarly, if you love art, you can follow artists to check out their work from time-to-time without feeling it like a formality. To be honest, artistic videos on facebook are pretty interesting to watch.

Top fan badge on facebook
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Do not Hesitate to share content on your Timeline

To begin with, it is not important that you share all videos and posts on your timeline. However, this can decline in your performance as an active fan on the respective facebook page. Thus, if you hesitate to share content on your timeline because of the causes of being judged or unfriended, then Facebook top fan badge is not for you.

It is important that you are fully satisfied with the products and services that a specific facebook page offers. Otherwise, the point of being the top fan of such a page is useless.

How to turn on the top fan badge on Facebook?

You as a facebook page administrator or owner can turn on Top Fan Badge for your page. follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to your Facebook Page.
  • Click on the settings option given at the right side of the screen
  • In the dropdown menu at left, click on Facebook Badges.
  • Observe Top Fan Badges option.
  • Switch it “On”
  • Save the setting 
  • Now, you will be able to see top fans of your Facebook page on the timeline.

Note: If the top fans list do not appear on your page, it means that your Facebook Page is not eligible for this badge. Check the eligibility criteria above. 

Can you remove Top Fan Badges?

Negative comments by a facebook user or dereputing your brand can cause you to remove the user from the top fan badge list. 

The answer is yes. You as a facebook page administrator or owner can remove any top fan from the list. Follow the given steps to do so:

  •  Go to any comment of the top fan on your page that you want to remove from your top fan badges list.
  • Click on his/her username.
  • Select “Remove Badge” option.
  • You have successfully removed the top fan badge of the respective facebook user.

What are the other types of Badges on Facebook?

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Top fan badge is not the only honourable tag that Facebook offers. Indeed, to award its users from time-to-time, Facebook has introduced some brand new badges. Check out the following list:

  • Rising Star Badge

When you achieve a countable percentage of engagement on your Facebook page within one month, facebook awards you with the rising star badge.

  • Conversation Booster Badge

On Facebook, being awarded as Conversation Booster is beneficial than any other badge. It is because Conversation booster is a type of Badge that a facebook user receives for being highly interactive on a facebook page. Your performance is calculated by the number of users engages with your posts and comments each time. 

  • Visual Storyteller Badge

To begin with, the percentage of people who share posts on facebook timelines is less than those who simply like or comment. Thus, Facebook keeps its visual storytellers motivated by offering them a “visual storyteller badge” for their efforts. More often than not, this badge helps Facebook users to maintain their identity as Brand advocates on facebook. 

Apart from the given three amazing top fan badges and others, badges for new facebook members and link curators are also applicable.

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So, are you ready to benefit from one of the top-notch social media sites ever? Facebook is here for you! You can get in touch with us for more information on the subject. Till then, stay tuned and keep scrolling facebook feeds to explore your accountability as top fan on a facebook page.