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Scanner App Download

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives now. Smartphones can now do a lot of things that were unimaginable in the past. One such task is to scan the document. We need to scan a variety of documents every day. There are many other documents that we have to digitally convert, besides the various tax files, mortgage documents.We all need Scanner App Download on our smartphone.

So today, I’ll share with you the best Scanner App Download for Android. By reading our scanning app review, you can choose the app you like. That brings transparency and speed into your daily life.

Adobe Scanner App Download

Adobe Scan is a relatively new scanning app. This is a scanning app that is capable of meeting all your needs. The Adobe Scan app has a variety of useful features that will help you scan documents more efficiently.

Scanned documents can be easily accessed if you want. You can easily send texts to email or upload them to the cloud if you want. The most useful feature I love is that you can easily convert the documents into PDF versions if you want. They just added features to their app that you’ll need a lot of work for everyday life.


The Camscanner app is the most popular Android app for scanning any documents. If you ever scanned a document on your smartphone, you probably this scanner app download. The app has many essential scanning features. You can easily convert your scanned documents to PDF or JPEG format.

Intelligent document management allows you to sort documents into groups, sort by date, tags or use keyword Search in documents, thanks to the text recognition tool in PDF documents.

CamScanner also has built-in cloud support and support for Google Drive, Dropbox, services. The application even features integration with Evernote, SkyDrive. This app offers a free version, but the free version has ads, watermarks appear on documents, and cloud storage and integration with Evernote and SkyDrive are available for seven days.

Clear Scanner

Clear Scan app is known as a simple application for scanning documents. It has high processing speed and support for Dropbox, One Drive, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Evernote. File conversion options include JPEG or PDF, depending on whether you are scanning an image or document. Other important feature consists of the small size of the app, documents organization, documents editing, and many more.

Document Scanner – PDF Creator

Document Scanner is an all-in-one scanning solution. It has most of the essential functions like PDF conversion, scanning, OCR support, and more. Besides this, Document Scanner also includes a QR code scanner and image support.

Thus, you can use this app to scan just about anything you might need. It even has a function to turn on a flashlight in low light conditions. It is by far one of the most potent document scanning apps out there. The free version has practically no restrictions and differs only in the presence of ads.

Fast Scanner App Download

Fast Scanner is an application that includes most of the typical functions, including PDF and JPEG support, document scanning, and some tasks for editing them. The developer also has an app for sending faxes to help if you need to send documents. The free version limits the number of documents you can scan, while the Pro version removes it.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is another of the most popular document scanning apps. It supports critical functions for scanning, converting, and sharing documents. It also has features to scan better things like blackboards, notes, and other items, which can be useful when digitizing. Like Fast Scanner, Genius Scan developer also has a separate faxing application if you need it.

Office Lens

Office Lens is Microsoft’s document scanning application that is equally good for school or business use. It does a great job of scanning ordinary documents, but it also boasts good quality scanning of things like receipts, whiteboards, sketches, business cards, notes, and more. You can save your snapshots to Microsoft OneNote for quick searches. The app works in Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, and German. You can download and use Office Lens for free if you have an Office 365 subscription.

Simple Scan Scanner App Download

Simple Scan is a simple scanner for documents that can be saved in PDF or JPEG format, after which you can simply preview and share them as needed. The app also features multiple image processing modes, five contrast levels for clearer scans, and a password lock for sensitive documents. It doesn’t include many features, but it is nevertheless one of the best apps for quickly scanning and sharing documents. The pro version costs $ 4.99, but many of the features are available for free.

Tiny Scanner 

Tiny Scanner is another good app that has support for most of the standard features. As with most applications, Tiny Scanner saves documents in PDF format for later use. The app also has five levels of contrast, fast search, and support for most major cloud storage services. 

TurboScan Scanner App Download

PricTurboScan is a simple version of a document scanning application. It has all the basic functions. It also has a perspective correction and page edge detection capabilities for more accurate scanning of documents.

TurboScan boasts fast processing times and the ability to save documents in PDF, JPEG or PNG formats. The application has support for multi-page documents, with a limit of up to three pages in the free version, the paid version removes all restrictions.e: Free / $ 4.99

What Is The Best PDF Maker For PC?

7-PDF Maker is free, which is one of the main reasons you should pay attention to it. The installation process requires some skills, however, it is not overly complicated. You should know that the app comes with options for Windows Explorer(aka “Explorer”) and command-line utilities.

If you are not interested in such features, then during installation, simply uncheck them. In addition, you will be prompted to install another add-on – Battery Optimizer. It is not at all necessary to do this. The installation of the optimizer does not affect the functionality of the program, and only because of its presence is marked as ad-supported software, that is, with ad support. Just ignore this suggestion and complete the installation.

The installation process takes some time, most likely because the Sumatra PDF tool is integrated into the installer, which is necessary for previewing the generated PDF files (options for viewing the created documents using Adobe Reader or any other specialized software solution will be available from the Settings tab (“Settings”) in the application window).

7-PDF Maker’s interface doesn’t look too fancy or presentable. However, despite its relative simplicity, you will appreciate its clear organization and ease of use. This is a classic case of the prevalence of functionality over external showiness. Before us is a simple window with four tabs, each of which is focused on the final result – converting a protected PDF file?

How to install Scanner App Download?

The first tab, “General” (General), allows you to configure the future document parameters. First, here you can specify specific pages from the document that you need to convert, that is, make a quick selection from the source file. Another interesting feature of the application, which many will find very useful, is the fact that you can create files with document schema labels. In this case, the output will contain information about the structure of the document, which will make it more convenient for display on mobile devices.

The program 7-PDF Maker allows you to export your notes and bookmarks, and best of all, these options are available for the format PDF / A-1, a standard developed for long-term storage of electronic documents. If the source files contain images, the application will take care of their neat transportation to the final file. As for the quality of the images, everything here is completely up to you.

You have two options for image compression: first – transfer with the least loss, if you want to keep them in their original form, then check Lossless compression; and the second is JPEG compression, which allows you to significantly reduce the size of images, with minor changes in quality. When zoomed in, you can also select its resolution by setting the number of dots per inch (DPI) from 75 to 1200 with one click of the mouse.

This application gives us the perfect means to protect documents from piracy.

The secret is that your output will be protected by a password, which can be set in two ways. You can select the Use “document encryption” option, in this case, the password will be required to display the contents of your document, that is, to open the file itself; by checking the box next to Use “permission encryption”, you thereby configure access rights, closing it with a password, which limits the ability to edit and print your document. 

In addition, an even higher level of security can be achieved by limiting the work with the document. If you checked the Use “permission encryption” option, you can select additional settings – Changes (meaning document editing) and Printing. In 7-PDF Maker, you can prevent inserting, deleting or moving pages, filling out PDF forms, inserting comments into a document,

What we liked 

7-PDF Maker is an intuitive, concise, yet functional tool. The settings for protecting the output files are quite varied and will satisfy even the most capricious users. Changes made to the application settings can be saved and the next time you start working with the program, it will apply them by default.

What did not like Scanner App Download

Incorrect operation of the application with documents in Excel format. The application does not support adding meta-information, that is, data about the properties of the output file, for example, title, author’s nickname, keywords and this is an elementary way to personalize your own documents. Let’s hope that the developers will please us with such an opportunity in future releases of the program. Another drawback of the application is the “greed” for system resources. When converting a three hundred page document, the program uses up to 40% of RAM and consumes up to 200 MB (tested on Intel Dual T2410, a processor with 2 GB of RAM).

Output Scanner App Download

Despite some shortcomings, 7-PDF Maker successfully fulfills its intended purpose – converting documents and images to PDF. Those who have been looking for a free, convenient, uncomplicated application with the ability to protect output files for a long time will enjoy working with the program.

Final Words of Scanner App Download:

We tried to cover all the Scanner App Download. Let us know which Scanner App Download you like the most. Comment us if we miss any of your favorite scanning android apps. We will surely add it up. And if you like our post about the scanner app please share the article with your friends.