Best Video Editing Apps – Top 8 Listings with many features

top best video editing apps
Image credit: Soundeo and Youtube

In today’s world, videography at home is beyond worthy. In the meantime, there are thousands of video graphics content creators out there who are earning over $100 to $1000 per day through their homemade videos on different channels such as Youtube, Tiktok, Vimeo, and even Snapchat. However, for those who are trying their hands on careers like Youtuber, TikTok content creator, and others, it is important to pick some best video editing apps to receive a high-end audience on the web. 

Here’s a fun fact! Do you know? An exclusively edited video receives millions of views on social media sites. Furthermore, owners of these videos can monetize them and earn from the same. In the context of earning, many readers may ask “how much a video earns?” To begin with, According to the current conversion rate, a video can earn between $.10 to $.30 per view. 

In comparison, social streaming sites like Youtube pay $18 per 1000 views. On the other hand, a TikTok video earns over $200 to $20, 000 by companies. Hence, if you are a professional video creator, you can connect with MNCs and organizations for videography projects. But, before doing so! You must learn the art of editing. Hence, for your good, we are presenting the top 8 best video editing apps online that will help you improve your video skills in so many ways.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Adobe Premiere Pro – 1st ranking best video editing apps

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Image credit: Adobe

“Adobe” is the top-ranking best video editing software, yet, it is an expensive one. Therefore, it is best to purchase if you are working as an enterprise and thus, can cover-up the purchasing cost of Adobe Premiere pro. Recently launched in May 2020, Adobe PP has outdated several best editing video apps for youtube. No matter how long your video is, this software can help you edit and bring out the best of its moments. 

Site Link: 


  • For the most part, you can collaborate at the global level
  • No video-quality barriers
  • No video format barriers
  • Helps to smooth the video
  • Video reformation
  • Curves adjustment
  • Audio Mix and audio editing tools
  • Up to 8k video quality support
  • It is a hub for photoshop, after effects, adobe stock, and auditions
  • Works on smartphones, MacBook, Windows PC, and whatnot!


  • Demands professional videography and editing skills
  • Costs $19.9 per month for a single app. If you want additional features and apps, you need to purchase them separately. 
  • Not suitable for beginners

Filmora Best Video Editing Apps with Audio Effects

paid video editing apps after Adobe
Image credit: Filmora official site

The latest video editing software Filmora 9 by Wondershare is trending in the market. It is highly suitable for large scale businesses. You can edit a complete one and half hour movie over Filmora latest version. It caters you at best with the following key features:

  • Audio and Video automatic synchronization. 
  • You can edit your video at a personalized level by adding your storytelling skills to it.
  • You can add textual content for graceful observation opportunities for viewers
  • It is also a hub for light, effects, lens, digital flares, and natural glow. 
  • Moreover, you can warp and distort video in various ways.

There are no potential cons of Filmora Pro. Check out and download this best video editing app for Android and mac here: 

Nero Video Editor – Platinum

top 10 best video editing software
Image credit: Nero

Nero Platinum is an all-rounding video editing software that will allow you to experience video creation like never before. The entire Nero Platinum Suite contains over 200 features. It is a perfect video maker when it comes to working for an enterprise. You can take multiple video creating projects and keep working on them until they are sufficiently embraced for delivery to clientele. 

Site Link: 

Key features of Nero Video Editor are:

  • You don’t need to understand coding and encoding to work on NERO.
  • It creates an auto backup.
  • Furthermore, You can save unfinished projects into the draft.
  • It allows the import and export of videos.
  • Many editing tools are available to make your video appear professional. 
  • Also, The entire Nero Suite costs only 39.95 USD. 
  • You can set automatic updates for Nero. 


blender is top ranking video editor available online for free
Image credit: Blender official site

In case you are looking for the best free video editing apps for Android, your research is over because top-ranking “Blender ” Video editing software is a gem of an app made for you. Whether you are working on Anime or personal Facebook cover videos or even, highly professional youtube graphic video, Blender seems to blend everything in and delivers the best version of your video. 

Site Link: 


  • Built-in Video sequence editor to make your video smooth after cutting and splicing. 
  • User can color grade and adjust the contrast level
  • Live preview available
  • Now, you can Add endless videos, images, clipart, audio, after effects, and more. 
  • Cutting-edge features like chroma vectorscope and histogram display
  • Speed management, layers adjustment, filters, transitions, and whatnot!
  • It is also a free-of-cost video editing software 
  • Downloadable on Windows, macOS, iOs, and Android. 


  • Not suitable for Enterprise 
  • Asks for donation

iMovie best video editing apps for long videos

top 10 video editing maker
Image credit: imovie

As the name suggests, iMovie is one free video editing app that gives your video a pro appearance, likewise movies! Today, over 6 lac video editors have downloaded the iMovie app for world-class and free video editing experience.

Site Link: 

It is perfect for a beginner in the field of cinema, photography, video content creator, youtube, and other video-based social media career alternatives. Furthermore, iMovie is designed by Apple, and therefore, you can expect to work on your video applying some unexpected key features:


  • Adjust your video’s sequence in many ways
  • Customize your video in the context of textual content, iconic frames, color grade, contrast, saturation, filters, and so much more. 
  • Give your video a special effect with options like split-screen effects, picture-in-picture, and so on. 
  • Edit unlimited videos and import/export them effortlessly. 
  • Operates on all Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, watch, Apple Tv, and so on.
  • Edit professional film scenes and gain 100% pro cinematic experience on your device. 
  • iMovie is a built-in software in Apple devices now.
  • It does not cost any additional money.


  • Not available for Windows PCs, Android, and Linux. 
  • Costs over $5 in the App Store.

Quik Video Editor

Image credit: Quik download on google play

Quik Video Editor is a highly satisfying best video editing app for beginners in the field of video creation. Its free and latest version, Quik- GoPro is now available online, all you need to do is download and start editing! Yes! It is that simple with Quik for the MacBook and iPhone. Above all, it is only 245 MB in size, and therefore, you don’t need to wait for a long time to install it on your PC. 

Site link: 

And, for the most part, supports multiple languages including English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.


  • It is Free 
  • It allows you to reorder your video.
  • Trim, cut-short, adjust, volume management, speed management, and other features are available.
  • Manage color combination and grade as per requirement.
  • Now, you can add emojis if you are making a personalized, funny, or meme-based video. 


  • Not suitable for big enterprises
  • Furthermore, it does not work well with graphics
  • It is only available for Apple devices. 

InShot Video Editor

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To begin with, InShot is one of the best video editing apps 2020 for creating high-end rich-skilled videos for Instagram, TikTok, and other social sites. For the most part, you can apply to InShot for creating cinematic snaps and promote your brand over the web. Inshot is also a hub for animated stickers and iconic fonts. 

Site Link: 


  • Add Music in the background
  • Now, you can also create and add free vlog music.
  • Trim, cut, and splice videos and make them smooth.
  • You can also add voice-over 
  • Sound effects for world-class entertainment 
  • Furthermore, Numerous filters to enhance video clarity and sight are available
  • Now you can video playback speed and much more


  • For now, it is not available for Windows
  • It is only suitable for short and crispy videos
  • Hence, it is also not suitable for large scale businesses or multiple users at a time. 

 Splice Video Editor

Image credit: Splice official site

Bending Spoons’ cutting-edge video editing software called SPLICE has introduced many new video editing features in the context of iTunes. To begin with, it operates on both iOS and Android operating systems. Not only this but It also allows you to spot highlights in the video by cropping it, trimming it, zooming it, and adding after-effects to enhance its pro appearance. 

Site Link: 


  • It is a free video editing software in 2020. 
  • Furthermore, It is suitable for personal video editing and freelance video creation projects. 
  • Splice allows you to integrate music from iTunes and further, add it to your video.
  • Moreover, You can directly share editing videos on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and whatnot!


  • You may find yourself unable to remove watermark because of copyright 
  • You can trim or crop video on Smartphones, but, it may not come out very accurate.
  • Also, it costs up to $89 per year. Or, you need to make a one-time purchase of $249.



In conclusion, the world of video editing is a world of passion and inspiration. In the meantime, you can explore hundreds of things on how you can manipulate your videos and attract an audience of millions on several social media sites. To begin with, the usual world demands videos for entertainment. Above all, the business world demands videos for advertisement and brand promotion. Moreover, some of our readers must be reading this to kick-start their career as a video creator. We wish you good luck!