7 Best Camera Apps to Use for a Great Hiking Photo

Best Camera Apps

Best Camera Apps

Taking great travel photos requires more than just the usual Instagram filter and a click on your phone. Whether it is documenting your hiking trip in the Himalayas, or hiking the highest peak in North America, you want to capture the essence of it. However, you need a device that you can keep with you, such as your rain jacket‘s pocket.          From editing like a pro to taking high-quality photos in different conditions, here are the seven best camera apps that you can use:

1. Google Camera

If you are wondering what the latest feature is, Google has introduced to Android photography, check out its Google Camera app.

This app allows users to capture super sharp, high-quality images. It also comes with various features like Super Res Zoom, Night Sight, and HDR+.

Other Google-centric features include lens support for searches that are photo-assisted, labels, effects, AR searches, and a lot more.

However, note that you should have a new Nexus or Pixel device that runs on Android Nougat or later. 

2. Camera Zoom FX

The Camera Zoom FX offers you a clean interface that has several features and settings. It also features various shot modes such as timed, burst, voice-activated, and a steady shot helper. 

Furthermore, there are settings for HDR, brightness, ISO, hardware button controls, and many more. 

The app also features fantastic photo editing tools like tilt and shift, color transformations, etc. This can also be shown in real-time while you are shooting or when doing post-processing. 

It also adds new features, like the Camera2 API manual camera controls and RAW file formats, if your device supports it. 

3. VSCO Cam

VSCO is a great go-to photography app used by a lot of users. 

But this is more than just a photo-editing app. With VSCO, you can discover a diverse community of pros and amateurs from the photography world. 

Similar to Instagram, you could browse through other VSCO users’ photos. You can even see the settings and filters that a person used, so you can easily pick it up. 

The interface is also relatively easy and straightforward to use and has ten pre-set filters. You can also buy premium filters if you want. 

VSCO is free to download, and it also provides plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop.

4. Camera+ 2

Camera+ is one of the most successful iOS camera replacement apps, but it had a makeover and was relaunched as Camera+ 2.

Although you can automatically take photos and opt for the manual mode to focus more on the shutter speed, exposure, and ISO settings. 

It also allows you to save photos in RAW format, which will enable you to edit it to the highest quality later on.

It also provides users with essential tools such as image filters and cropping. You can then review your photos in the Lightbox area, which can sync in your iCloud storage.

5. NightCap

Instead of using different photo editing tools, NightCap allows you to do one task in the best way possible – and that is taking stunning night photos. 

The app will analyze every scene and capture as much light as possible to come up with a stunning image. 

For as low as $0.99, you can purchase the NightCap app and take low-light photos or stunning night photos during your hiking trip.

It also comes with a Pro version that provides you with more options for only $1.99.

6. DSLR Camera Pro

Placing the term “DSLR” certainly puts a lot of pressure on this app.

It features manual controls, such as exposure, white balance, and RGB histogram support. 

But if you are missing the two-stage shutter button that you get with a real camera, this app mimics that camera function. 

7. Pixtica

The Pixtica is feature-rich and offers a lot of shooting features and camera controls.

Its manual camera controls, for instance, allows you to fine-tune the little details like shutter speed, focus, and ISO.

Pixtica also comes with a lot of extras, including panorama, active filters that offer real-time previews, hyper-lapse mode, a photo editor, a document scanner, and a lot more. 

8. Snapseed

Snapseed is a free app that offers users a variety of photo editing tools, such as red-eye reduction and HDR.

There are also relatively many settings and tools that you can adjust, so it might take some time to look for the tools you need. 

Moreover, the edits that you make in the app are non-destructive. You can always go back to your original images if you wish to. 

Listed above are the top photo editing apps that you can use to take great hiking photos. Rather than spending a lot of money on high-end photography equipment, you can invest a couple of dollars in these apps instead. That way, you can take stunning hiking images without bringing a massive tool with you.