Top 5 Apps to Send Fax from iPhone (Easy and Secure)

send fax from iphone

Nowadays, iPhone is famous among business people because they find it secure. To entertain these people, online faxing solutions are available for iPhone and iPads. Feel free to download and install their special apps for your device.

The market is flooded with plenty of faxing solutions. To make things easy, here is a list of top 5 apps to send a fax from the iPhone.

CocoFax: Best Service for iPhone Users

If you need a comprehensive and reliable faxing solution to send fax from iPhone, CocoFax can be the best service. With this service, you can manage your faxes without any interruption. They are famous for offering secured and HIPAA compliant services.

CocoFax: Best Service for iPhone Users


Why CocoFax?

Remember, CocoFax allows you to evaluate its services for almost 30 days. At the time of sign up, they offer a 30-day free trial and a fax number. Users are free to pick their favorite fax number.

CocoFax: Best Service for iPhone Users


If you are looking for internet fax free services, CocoFax will not disappoint you. It helps you to send international faxes with maximum security. Its secure services get recognition from Life Hacker, iGeeksBlog, PC World, Forbes, CNET, etc.

Free App for iPhone

CocoFax offers a free app for iPhone users to conveniently manage your fax communication. This app has user-friendly features. With a free app, it will be easy for you to access this famous brand’s dashboard.

Free App for iPhone


If you are using CocoFax, you should not worry about errors and delays. It enables you to send and receive faxes through an email client, web browser, and apps. With the help of CocoFax, it is easy to turn your smartphone into a virtual fax machine.

See also  What is optane memory? - A complete guide! allows you to send faxes from your iPhone and iPad. It helps you to send faxes to almost 50 countries in the world. You can get started with this fax service without any registration. Make sure to install their software and start using this service.

It enables you to send faxes to Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, China, and Australia. Inbound faxing needs a €5 monthly subscription and a dedicated number. may entertain you with all these things.


RingCentral is an affordable fax service to send almost 500 to 1000 faxes. Remember, it is suitable for domestic faxing. Avoid using it for international faxing. Their app is easy and simple for iPhone users.

You can get started with a free trial. Moreover, integrate this app with Dropbox and Google Drive. It is easy to find essential documents and attach these documents in faxes. No doubt, this service has several useful features.


MetroFax is an efficient fax service to handle outgoing and incoming faxes. Unlike other fax services, you will find it great for small and medium businesses. Their price packages and features are flexible.

For new users, they offer a trial period for 30 days. It allows you to send almost 500 faxes. The app of MetroFax is highly efficient. Feel free to use it to receive and send notifications, faxes, and manage contacts.


With the help of the FaxBurner app, you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a smart fax machine. This app is entirely free to manage faxes. You will get a toll-free number to use it for almost 24 hours. After receiving fax, FaxBurner will notify you.

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A fax will be stored on your iPhone, and one copy is forwarded to the inbox. You may get a phone number from the USA. In a free package, you can send almost 25 pages each month. This package is available with ads. Remember, it can be annoying to work with ads.


In short, iPhone fax apps available on this list have their specific benefits and drawbacks. If you want to best service for your business, CocoFax is always recommended to use. Moreover, you can use RingCentral for occasional use.

For domestic coverage, RingCentral is a suitable service. It is expensive for international faxing. Hence, CocoFax can satisfy all your business needs. You can get a free fax number for international and national faxing.

CocoFax allows you to send several faxes to international customers. It is an affordable and efficient faxing solution. Other faxing solutions are suitable for occasional uses. You will get regular coverage with the use of CocoFax.

Feel free to evaluate your needs before choosing a faxing solution. If you are interested in CocoFax, you can get started now with a free trial.

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