What are the best screenwriting software to use in 2020?

best screenwriting software 2020
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Best Screenwriting software: Today, screenwriting is not limited to writing for television, but there are several platforms where the requirement of screenwriters is high-end. From Netflix to Amazon prime original, web series are prominent for their tempting dialogues, and compelling storyline. 

Well! For all the critics, the credit goes to the screenwriters? So, are you planning to build a career in screening writing? You will need one of the best screenwriting software, to begin with, in the year 2020. 

Today, screenwriting software works as an artistic agent for the professionals. This software works better than the face-to-face discussion with directors and developers. Without a doubt, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become difficult for film productions to sit with writers and work out the entire script. 

For this, it is also helpful to use a character count to help you keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text.

Now, we are presenting you with the list of best screenwriting software for 2020. These software(s) cut short the number of difficulties such as online discussion with the production team, leaving commentary for enhancement, and cosmic changes in the script as per requirement. 

So, are you ready to let go of your screenwriting, the traditional way? Because the following best screenwriting software will make things very easy for you amid quarantine!

Final Draft: top best screenwriting software

Once a traditional screenwriting script is ready, a writer must compare it with the industry standards. It led to several changes, formatting, and editing, which looks like an unwanted technique. What to do? Here is your solution: Final Draft. It is the top-ranked screenwriting software with illimitable features.
Final Draft screenwriting software, version: 11, is trending for its alternate dialogue options and zero language barriers. That’s right! This high-end software offers a writer to prepare a script in over 90 languages.

2020 screenwriting software
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Not only this, but it is also an affordable choice. Initially, it cost only 199.99, a one-time purchase. Furthermore, it comes with a 30 days free trial if you are doubtful before making a purchase. Currently, you can also benefit by purchasing it for $99.99 via an education license.

Do you know? At a time, Final Draft Screenwriting software allows two members to work on a script. For a better view of plot lines, premises, and character arcs, Final Draft offers an organized and customized beat option.

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Above all, the final draft app is supportive of cross-platforms including Microsoft Windows, iOS, and OSX. 


Have you ever switched dialogue to character description, and thus, it requires additional editing and formatting? Well! We know that feeling. This flaw of the human mind, especially a screenwriter, can be resolved with the Celtx app. To begin with, Celtx is the second-best screenwriting software of 2020.

First of all, its best feature is a 100% comprehensive user interface. One can find out any dialogue by using the search alternative. Not only this, but the administrator of the Celtx screenwriting account can also add additional users from the team to review work as well as prefix commentary for enhancement.

Celtx is the best screenwriting software for screenplays
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Some key features of Celtx are:

  1. Easy to learn for beginners
  2. Work on multiple scripts at a time
  3. Online and offline functionality
  4. High-end text editor for novel writing
  5. Cloud-based backup
  6. Allows active users of single production to collaborate 
  7. Download or print script in PDF

One of the best features of Celtx is its pricing. For scriptwriting, Celtx is purchasable for $!5 per month only. Apart from this, Celtx is also purchasable for other professional screenwriting operations such as video production, game production, as well as education.

At last, the Celtx pro version is also available to purchase if you are working on multiple aspects of a web series or film such as screenwriting, video production, and more. 


What do you think about an open-source screenwriting software? Sounds like Blyte? Well! Yes. We are talking about Blythe which is now known as Trelby. Although Trelby is only third-ranking best screenwriting software of 2020, it still has the most-effective built-in PDF generator for scripts. 

To begin with, it is the first best free screenwriting software of 2020 for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Not only this but if you are a beginner in screenwriting, it can be your top-notch educator for free. Trelby offers several tutorials and illustrations to help the first-time writer to learn what’s what!

screen writing for 2020 best screenwriting software
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What you must like about Trelby? It’s the following features:

  1. Easy UI.
  2. Screenplay editor with script format check, spelling check, and pagination.
  3. Support Windows 7 to Windows 10 and Mac (all generations)
  4. Allows you to Import and export content
  5. Customizable character arc, dialogues, premises, and more.

Highland Screenwriting Software

Highland screenwriting software has recently been updated to version 2, a.k.a Highland 2. This software comes with a very authentic and helpful feature called “revision mode.” not only this but the software recognizes characters introduced earlier. Therefore, you do not need to type the full name of the character each time, just press the Enter key and you are good to go. 

Here’s a fun fact! Do you know? Highland 2 is one of the best screenwriting software with unique features. It is the first-ever software to introduce Gender Analysis. This helps the screenwriter to revise the script based on a male and female character’s dialogue. 

best screenplay writing for highland 2 advanced version
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Furthermore, gender analysis features generate a specific form of creativity. For instance, a writer can check out what happens if the roles of male and female characters are reversed. Curious? Download highland 2 screenwriting software for free.

Key features of Highland 2 are:

  1. PDF Melting: Convert PDF screenplays into an editable version
  2. Navigates additional information such as scenes, synopsis, and notes.
  3. Saves “second-opinionated” scenes, dialogues, premises, and others to the Bin.
  4. Preview your work anytime.
  5. Recognizes the type of content via its appearance. For instance, UPPERCASE is the “name of the character.” below it, dialogue.

Above all, Highland 2 Screenwriting is free software. What will be more cost-effective than this? Phil Lord also complimented Highland on the stage while he received an Academy Award for his screenwriting. 

Fade In Script Writing Software

Designed by Kent Tessman, Fade In is the highest-ranking best screenwriting software of the modern age. To begin with, it has received a mention by several writers for high-end development supportively of writing for motion pictures, video games, radio, television, and so on.

From substantial formatting capabilities to collaboration and over hundreds of file format supportiveness, Fade In is everything you need in a single package. 

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Advanced Fade In screenwriting features are:

  1. Fade In is not just the best screenwriting software of 2020 for PC, but it is also operable on iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  2. This screenwriting app recognizes saved characters and premises. Thus, it auto completes the reuse of characters and locations many times. Hence, it saves time and energy.
  3. Fade In allows multiple writers to work on a single script. Additional commentary, tags, suggestions are also addable.
  4. Now, you can insert images of characters and locations to write rich descriptions.
  5. You can highlight significant twists in the plot by activating color codes.
  6. Navigate your script by previewing scenes in different orders.
  7. Recheck consistency and voice tone of characters via advanced rewriting tools.

Scrivener Screenwriting Software

SSS by Literature & Latte allows a writer to go into Nostalgia of traditional writing. Scrivener is one of the best screenwriting software of 2020 for MacOs as well as Microsoft Windows latest edition. Although it is not a free screenwriting software, the users are invited for a 30 days free trial with promised inevitable writing experience. 

best screenwriting software 2020
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Advanced features of Scrivener Screenwriting Software are:

  1. Freestyle writing option.
  2. It allows you to grow your manuscript via free scene editing from one location to another. See where it fits!
  3. Scrivener allows the user to create a draft or synopsis in order to correspond the script with the entire idea via previewing. 
  4. You can run side-by-side web research on Scrivener Screenwriting Software.
  5. You can give your final script an entirely new look in a single click. From PDF file format support to plain text or self-publishing format, everything is available Scrivener Software. 

Is Scrivener Screenwriting Software affordable? Yes. For US users, Scrivener costs only $51.99 providing a Standard License for macOS. 

Introduction to Screenwriting

Screenwriting is a professional term used for the art of writing screenplays. It is a very creative process. In earlier times, screenplays were written traditionally. Today, there are many screenwriting software(s) and mobile applications that offer several screenplay tutorials for swift learning and get the work in process. 

The significant elements of screenwriting are:

  • Synopsis: An official summary of the screenplay.
  • Character descriptions: A small introduction of characters involved in the screenplay along with their appearance.
  • Premises Description: In the screenplay, premises, where a specific scene is happening, must be described. 
  • Dialogues: What character says!
  • Scene Heading/Slugline: Where, what assumptions, what time a scene is happening. 


The scope of scriptwriting or screenwriting is growing at a reasonable rate in the television industry today. Not only this, but high-end streaming apps such as Netflix also hire screenwriters for writing subtitles and or converting a web series into another language. 

In this reading, we have introduced the best screenwriting software for 2020. You can try for the best writing results. You can also use these software(s) to learn screenwriting via tutorials and sample screenplays. For more information, connect with us in the comment section. Thank you!