What is the Android Emulator Mac? Top 8 Android Emulators

Android Emulator Mac 2020
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MacBook products by Apple are running wildly in the United States. The iOS operating system offers several benefits to its users – from the amazing user interface to 100% non-stop streaming, Macs are prominent for their world-class performance. However, when it comes to running android applications on Macbook laptops, you will require the best Android Emulator Mac to do so. To begin with, Android Emulator is additional software that allows a user to transform mac’s iOS system to Android temporarily in order to support the functionality of Android Apps. Not only Android Apps but if you are purchasing one of the top 8 Android Emulators for Mac 2020, you can run all Android programs in your Mac PC. 

Android Emulator for Macbook
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Earlier, it was very difficult for users to fit in the capabilities of Macbook because of its unique design, operating system, and non-availability of Microsoft Office Free programs. Nowadays, with the help of Android Emulator Mac, it has become easy to switch your Mac to Android without putting much effort into it. But before you go ahead and check out the list of best Android Emulator Mac – Download list, it is significant to find out how Android Emulator Mac works! So, let’s get started: 

What is the Android Emulator Mac? How does it work?

By definition, an Android Emulator Mac is a type of Android Emulator that allows users to run Android devices on their PC or Mac. By downloading Android Emulator online, you can easily connect your device to your Mac and get all the Android Applications running on your PC with the same speed, high-end UI, and 100% the same Android UX for easy understanding. 

When it comes to learning – how an Android Emulator Mac works? It is a very simple software mimicking software that is displayed as a guest in your hosting device (i.e.., Mac). In simple words, when you activate an android emulator on mac, your MacBook connects with your invited android devices and copies its current operating system by addressing both original software and hardware system. If your android device fits perfectly on your Android Emulator Mac, you can run all the android programs in your Mac PC in no time. Isn’t that amazing? 

2020 Android stimulator for MAC to Android change
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Yet, several users overthink the privacy and safety of both Mac and Android devices while using Android Emulators. Not only this but a countable number of users also question the legality of utilizing emulators in order to play games, run non-iOS programs, and so on. So, here’s the answer to your query.

Are Android Emulators legal?

To begin with, the legality of using Android Emulators highly depends on – what is your main purpose of using an Android Emulator on Mac? It is undoubtedly that Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store contains different sets of Applications. This is why Android Emulators for Mac 2020 are launched. They help you to run significant Android Apps on your Macbook. 

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However, gamers use Android Emulators for downloading commercial video games on their iOS device. Furthermore, according to the privacy and copyright policy of these games, the use of Android Emulator to download ROMs is illegal. Thus, we recommend you to use third-party Android Emulator Mac only when it’s unavoidable. 

Above all, users also need to know whether Android Emulators are safe? The answer is “No.” As mentioned before, Android Emulators seek your hardware and software environment in order to connect with Android devices. In this way, you put both your Mac and Android device at risk by allowing access to your private data, programs in both devices, and so on. 

Top 8 Android Emulators for Mac 2020 (Free & Paid)

NOXPlayer – Every Detail Matters

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Nox is one of the top-leading Android Emulator Mac when it comes to gaming. To be honest, the Nox program itself promotes its capacity to play Android commercial games in your iOS hosting device. Well! Apart from this, Nox comes out as a very effective Android Emulator if you are using it to check the functionality of your non-launched application on several operating systems including ChromeOS as well. To learn how NoxPlayer works – connect with us or watch a demo video available on the official site.

Android Emulator Mac – Download Mac here

Pricing: Free 

Main feature: Gaming

Best use: Play Smartphone Games on PC

ArChon for Mac

Image credit: Archon download

Archon is one of the all-rounding Android Emulators that remains supportable for OS X, Chrome, and all Windows operating systems. Yet, Archon is very popular for its support when it comes to running Android devices on the Mac screen. To the reader’s surprise, the user interface of Archon is a bit distinctive from any other Android Emulators for Mac 2020. Archon for Mac acts as an extension on the Chrome browser. Thus, you can download Archon for Mac online as a zip file. Furthermore, you will be requested to unzip the file. Now, open chrome and add Archon to the extension. Nearby Android Device will pair to your MAC and you can easily view every program on your Mac screen. 

Pricing: Free

Main Feature: no need to install, only add to a Chrome extension

Android Emulator Mac – Download Mac here. 

VirtualBox – Oracle VM Emulator for Mac

Android Emulator Mac 2020 version
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VirtualBox launched by Oracle is one of the high-end performing, cross-platform supportive, and open-source software that allows a user to run the best android programs in Mac OS. It is a well-known full virtualizer for x86 hardware with a general public license. To begin with, unlike other Android Emulator Macs, VirtualBox keeps developing in the context of key features. 

Pricing: Free

Main Feature: End-to-End devices connection

Android Emulator Mac – Download VirtualBox for Mac here.


Android Studio System Software with SDK Tools

Image credit: Android Studio official

More often than not, Android Studio Emulator download is one of the first choices of all software developers when it comes to testing a software’s functionality on distinctive operating systems. Using Android Studio, you can easily run small actions on your Mac’s screen like answering incoming phone calls, text messages, find your android device’s location, and whatnot! Android Studio helps your hosting device to correspond to the hardware and software environment of the invited android device. Then, you can easily navigate through the android programs and apps by using the 100% matched UI. 

Pricing: Free

Main Feature: Screen Recording, Snapshots, Minimize and maximize Emulator 

Click here to download.

BlueStacks – Android Emulator Mac for free commercial Gaming

Image credit: BlueStacks

If you are a regular user of Android Emulators for Mac 2020, you must have not missed the BlueStacks – Play Bigger. To be honest, BlueStacks is widely used for gaming with amazing features that improve your gaming experience to 200%. Well! Let’s countdown to the key features of BlueStacks Android Emulator MAC 2020:

  • Add Game Controls
  • Additional game modes – Shooting, Moba, and Farm modes
  • Multi-Instance Sync, HD Graphics, and Real-time Translation

Pricing: Free

Main Feature: Gaming and exploring brand-new gaming strategies every hour.

Click here to download.

Genymotion for Cloud-based Android Virtual Devices

Image credit: Genymotion official

Just in case you are wondering what is the use of Cloud-based Android Virtual Devices Emulator for Mac – Genymotion is a perfect example. From running automated tests to easy integration and creating a site-preferred version of your app – Genymotion is your emulator. Now you can connect more than one Android device to your Mac and work on your device as per your demand. From changing screen size to easy ADB manipulation, everything is possible with Genymotion.

Pricing: Free for learning and entertainment purposes/ $412 per year for business support. 

Main feature: On-demand Android Virtual Devices for high-end Android software performance on MAC.

Click here to download.

KOPlayer Android Emulator Mac 2020

Android Emulator Mac for 2020
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Do you want to run Google Play Store on your Mac? Well! Download KOPlayer Android Emulator for Mac 2020 in no time to experience the best of Android services. With its interactive UI, KOPlayer makes it easy to understand the imitation that the hosting website produces. Now you can fit Android Emulator at full size to your Mac screen and avoid any further confusion. Apart from this, you can also play downloaded audios, videos, pictures, GIFs, and other media content saved in your guest device.

Pricing: Free

Main feature: Download and install .apk files on your MAC. 

Click here to download

Andy Android Emulator – Your Desktop Mobile

Image credit: Andy Android official

Productivity and Development are other two major reasons to download Andy Android Emulator apart from gaming. Yes. you heard it right! Andy Android Emulator Mac generates an amazing Smartphone screen’s desktop view on your MacBook to give you the freedom to run all-rounding programs on your device. The high-end synchronization capacity of Andy Android Emulator creates an outstanding connection between the desktop and android devices. It runs non-stop. Now you can also download and save Android Apps on Andy Emulator and run these anytime you want. From WhatsApp, Viber, to Snapchat, you can run all apps on Mac now with zero interruptions. 

Pricing: Free

Main feature: Extended data storage capacity

Android Emulator Mac – Download Andy Emulator for Mac here.

What to do when Android Emulator is so slow?

To begin with, one of the main reasons for Android Emulator Mac to be so slow is that it takes time to imitate Android device UI on the Mac desktop. Hence, This is why you should use one of the top 8 Android Emulators for MAC 2020 for the best performance. 


Disclaimer: To begin with, It is important to note that all Android Emulators for Mac are not multi-function. For the most part, only a few android emulators support unlimited features including downloading Android Apps on Mac, avoid runtime error, use Mac Keyboard, or Phone as Gaming remote control. Hence, make a wise choice.