PDF Compressor: The Best PDF Tools to Compress Your PDF Files

Best PDF Tools

PDF files are a reliable and accessible format for many people to send and share their documents through web-based sharing tools or email. The PDF files are capable of preserving the formatting of any file when you transfer them. However, large PDFs are sometimes difficult to send or share because its size is too big. But you don’t have to worry because this article will help you know what reliable PDF compression tools are. With that, here are the best PDF tools to compress your PDF files.

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When you start using PDF Bear, it is quite easy to compress PDF, and you can do it under a minute. This software is secure and safe to operate; that is why many individuals would recommend using it. Aside from the compression tool, you can also utilize its different handy tools like the converter, merger, repairing, splitting, protecting, rotating, and unlocking PDFs. We all know that PDF Bear is a web-based software, and anyone across the globe is capable of accessing it whenever they need to through their tablets, smartphones, laptops, computer, and more devices.

How can you be so sure that it’s secure? Well, this platform will keep the user files confidential and restricted. After uploading tons of PDF files, PDF Bear’s system will automatically remove the data after one hour. Besides that, after merging PDF files, this software won’t eat a bit capacity of your PC’s memory drive.

PDF Compressor

It might be old and outdated, but this PDF compression tool is still capable of compress PDF files without risking their qualities. Users can only use this software on the Windows operating system. Its interface is straightforward, and it allows users to upload tons of folders and PDF files to be processed at once. 

Same with the other tools, users cannot manually compress their files, but its compression settings can do the job flawlessly. PDF Compressor can instantly compress a file from 656KB to 153KB, 911KB to 174KB, and 7.4MB to 5.88MB while retaining their quality.


This software is quite popular, and people use it to compress their folders and files so that they can send them conveniently on the web. While it’s capable of compressing different file types, 7-Zip can compress PDFs easily. However, it won’t reduce the original PDF file size; this platform will only compress then save the file in a format that is compressed.

If you want to view your files, you need to extract your data using this software or other compressor, and the size of your file will be back to normal. This tool is also a great solution if you want to send your files to other people online. If you download 7-Zip, it will be added to the context menu.


If your problem is that your PDF file size is quite big, this list will provide you with the right tools to compress your PDF files. There are also more PDF compression tools to help you compress your files so that you can easily send or share them.

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