What to do when Chrome shows your connection is not private error?


Chrome is a winner when it comes to using web searches daily for private or professional searches. But, it is also not perfect likewise the year 2020. Yes! Time-to-time errors on Chrome may frustrate you right away – all you feel like is shutting down your device and searching for a later search. However, for a few rare errors, this technique is not a preferable solution. Mistakes like ‘your connection are not private’ are quite common. Why? Well! More often than not, high-end browsers like Chrome set up a few security errors to safeguard users from cybernetics and frauds online. This is why, when Chrome does not guarantee a website, it prevents its users from visiting such sites.

Your connection is not private error in 2020
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Hence, in this reading, you will find some most effective solutions for ‘your connection is not private fix’ error in Chrome. But before we go ahead, it is essential to learn – why and how this error appears on your screen! So, let’s get started with today’s tech learning session.

What does it mean when Your Connection is Not Private?

To begin with, the statement ‘Your Connection is Not Private in Windows 7’ puts a question mark on the privacy standards at the user’s end. However, it is not entirely a valid conclusion of this statement.

By definition, a browser shows this error only when there’s a privacy or encryption glitch with the website that the user is trying to visit. In simple words, this error appears when a website is not safe for the user to visit and can lead to illegal transmission of data. 

This is why ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ error appears while visiting unknown sites. Not only Google Chrome but other prominent browsers such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge shows this error.

We are moving on! Let’s learn about it –

How does ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ error work?

For the most part, this is a tech-based guide on the subject. To begin with, there are several things that a browser inspects about a website before allowing its users to visit it. Check out the following list:

  • Whether the website is using the “HTTPS Protocol.”
  • Where is the respective site hosted? – IP Address.
  • Whether the respective website’s privacy standards match the benchmark set by Google Chrome or any other browser.
  • Privacy Certificate decryption and validation

If any of the above conditions fails, a browser or Google Chrome will protect you from visiting the site. 

In several cases of IP Address, some sites directly block foreign users from visiting. Hence, you may receive this error in those cases as well. 

Your connection is not private solution
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Apart from this, if you are trying to visit a payment-based website and it is not assured, there are chances that you will be a victim of cyber steal. In this case, as well, ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ error is pretty standard. 

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Note: These are also the reasons why you should not use non-authentic browsers. In the United States, the government banned Chinese browsers as they were spying on the U.S users by stealing their private data and info.

Best Solutions to resolve ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ error.


To be honest, there can be several reasons why ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ error appears. In many cases, certificate transparency comes in the way. And sometimes, the browser itself fails to decrypt the certificate. Therefore, one of the most straightforward solutions that you should try in the first place is – Refresh the page. You can either click on the refresh icon at the top or revisit it by entering the link again. 

Take a Risk

If you desperately want to visit a website and it is showing ‘Your Connection is Not Private,’ then you can take a risk on your own and visit the site anyway. To begin with, this error is only a warning to the users. Therefore, if you will try to visit this website – you will not be blocked or stopped again. However, it is essential to note that your privacy of information and data remain at your hand and not the browsers. Thus, we recommend you to avoid visiting websites manually in the following cases-

  • Website hosted in a foreign country.
  • It promotes illegal activities such as pornography or dark web.
  • If the site asks for debit or credit card details.
  • In case the site is redirecting, showing ads, or selling content or information illegally.
  • Above all, if the site is rather than asking permission, it automatically tries to access the device’s location, passwords, files, and cookies.

In all the above situations, visiting a website can be very risky.

Public wi-fi Network – your connection is not private

When we talk about public wi-fi networks, a lot of websites seem unsafe. Well! That can’t be all websites’ fault. So, what can be the issue?

Your connection is not private when you are in public why
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Your connection is not private
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Public wi-fi networks are more often not configured correctly. Other times these networks demand sign-up for the user to connect. And, in rare situations, these wi-fi Sign-up portals have their terms and conditions. Hence, this can be one of the good explanations why you are experiencing ‘Your Connection is Not Private in Windows 7’ or any other device of yours persistently. 

To resolve this issue, the following are a few solutions:

  • Use mobile data instead of Public wi-fi Networks. 
  • Ask the host to correct configuration settings.
  • Visit websites that do not follow the HTTPS protocol.
  • Sign-up for the wi-fi network. 
  • If you cannot sign in successfully, enter in your browser and go.
  • Download one of the best VPNs to protect all sites from accessing your device’s details or data.

What common locations have public wi-fi networks? – Airports, Restaurants, Government offices, Cafe, Workplaces, accelerators, and learning institutions.

Wrong Date and Time on your device

If you are experiencing ‘Your Connection is Not Private in Windows 7 or Android Smartphone,’ one of the primary reasons can be – wrong date and time settings. Aforementioned before visiting a website, Google Chrome and other browsers check for the site’s certificate. Therefore, if your device’s date and time are set in the future, then the site’s certificate might expire according to your device. Hence, you will receive this error.

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To resolve this issue, you can reset your device’s date and time manually or to automatic.

The process to reset date and time is very easy for Smartphones. However, it can be a little tricky for PC users. Follow the given steps to adjust the date in Windows – 

  1. Go to the Start Menu.
  2. Click on Adjust Date and Time.
  3. Tick on “Set Date and time automatically.”
  4. Save this setting. 

Now, try to revisit the site on your browser. 

For Macbook users, here’s how to adjust date and time settings:

  1. Go to the “System Preferences” option given in the top bar.
  2. Click on the “Date and Time” option.
  3. Tick on “Set Date and time automatically.”
  4. To save this setting, enter your Apple Id password. 
  5. Close and reopen your browser. 

Now, either refresh or revisit the site.

Clear cookies and cache

Do you know? Whenever you search for anything on your browser, bit-by-bit, it saves information on every website that you endeavor to cookies and cache. Hence, likewise, any software in Android or PC, browsers also run out of storage. In this case, these browsers find it unable to examine and store websites’ information, and thus, you end up receiving ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ error.

You can resolve this issue by clearing cache and cookies in the settings. There are several other benefits of clearing caches, such as it keeps your browser from hanging or shutting down randomly. 

Download and Install Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs are very much in demand nowadays. These Virtual Private Networks are helpful for users who don’t solely depend on the browser’s encryption and decryption capabilities. When it comes to saving high-end information in your device such as passwords, subscription info, credit or debit card details, workplace server login id and password, and other private portal details – VPNs are essential, otherwise, your device runs under very high risk of cyberattacks.

To know more about VPNs, click here.

By using Virtual Private Network, you can block your IP Address from other websites and this takes off the risk of security malfunctions. Hence, you will not receive ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ error anymore.

What to do if you still see this error?

There is a 1% chance that you will still see this error constantly if you have a problem with your device only. Some of the common PC or Smartphone problems are:

  • Outdated operating system 
  • Computer’s motherboard being interrupted 
  • SSL server issues
  • Outdated Software version 
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To resolve these issues, update your computer or PC. In mac, you can easily view if there are any new updates available. If not, we recommend you contact Browser/Google Chrome customer support service or visit the nearest technician.


In conclusion, ‘Your Connection is Not Private’ is a common issue in browsers. They are easily resolvable. For more information concerning this error, you can connect with us online. If you are using browsers other than Google Chrome, let us know if this reading has been helpful. Thank you!

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