Top 10 Apps to Hack Text Messages [Update 2020]


In the world of hacking, text messages have been a significant aspect to spy on someone and keep a record of their activities. Text messages are quite normal, however, they can be certainly susceptible when used for inappropriate purposes. Whether you are a parent or a spouse, you may want to know what your dear ones are conversing with and most importantly with whom they are conversing.

These days, a plethora of spying solutions are available that allow you to access your child, partner, or employee’s text messages and see what they are up to. Using spyier to hack text messages can be a great option.

1. Spyier- Text Message Hacking Solution

Spyier is one of the best hacking solutions in the world. It isn’t just us, but its million users across 190 countries. The hacking solution offered by Spyier is extremely useful for parents and spouses, who are highly tensed about the safety of their loved ones. There are plenty of reasons why people prefer Spyier over any other hacking app. Although, if you are willing to know what makes Spyier a reliable solution, then its recommendation is done from the leading tech platforms like CNET, BBC, and Forbes. It certainly sums up why Spyier is at the leading position.

Spyier- Text Message Hacking Solution

Along with that, Spyier is a hacking solution that boasts an extremely intuitive interface and features. The app works in stealth mode with extensive benefits to make hacking quite easier. You would be pleased to know that Spyier is functional for not just the Android operating system but also on the iOS operating system. The app’s most interesting advantage is that even if you don’t have any sort of technical knowledge, you can use the app with extreme ease. With no root or jailbreak, the app offers a high level of safety.

The Stealth Text Message Hack

The stealth mode is one of the most significant features of Spyier. This feature allows you to stay hidden and carry on your spying activities without the target person having any idea about it.

Stealth Text Message Hack

The stealth mode in the iOS operating system works purely on a remote basis. You are not required to manually operate the target phone. Just find the iCloud credentials and you are set to go. The Set-Up wizard will help you with the entire procedure and once the account is linked on your device you can use more than 35 features of Spyier to keep a complete check on your loved ones.

For the Android version, Spyier requires you to manually operate the target phone for less than 5 minutes and download the Spyier app on the target device. You can set the entire procedure with the help of the Set-Up Wizard. The app is less than 2 MB and can be easily hidden so the user has no way to detect it. Also, one of the most interesting things is that the app can be remotely uninstalled, so you don’t have to get hold of the target device again and again.

The Spyier solution works in complete hidden mode, with no excess consumption of the battery. Take a look at how Spyier offers hacking solutions to track text messages.

  • The Text Notifications: After Spyier is settled on the target phone, you will be getting message updates on your browser, where you have logged in and are accessing the dashboard. These message updates belong to notifications or text messages received by the target individual on his/her mobile phone.
  • Access Messages: With Spyier, you can easily access the received messages on the dashboard. You will be regularly notified about the incoming texts along with their dates and time.
  • Deleted Messages: Spyier has a unique feature to create back up for deleted text messages and further allow you to take a look at sensitive information.
  • Access Contacts: One of the vital things you want to know must be the contact, who is texting your partner. With Spyier you can easily look into who is talking to your loved ones along with their address, email, and pictures added to their profiles.
  • Check Media Files: By hacking through Spyier, you will not just be able to see the text messages, but you will also be able to access the media files shared and further offer a view on the prospect of the conversations.

Minspy- An Old Yet Solid Solution

When you talk about quality, Minspy is the name to look for. This professional spying solution offers loads of features. With no much technical knowledge, you can easily operate the app and gain extensive information on your partner or child’s activities. However, a significant drawback is that the interface is a bit old, despite that everything’s great.

Minspy- An Old Yet Solid Solution

3. Spyine – Another Interesting Solution

Next in the list is Spyine, which is one of the most sustainable solutions. It has a global clientele with millions of customers. It offers text message hacking through remote conditions. It is one of the most interesting solutions, which is featured on a variety of tech platforms. Spyine is certainly one of the most substantial options.

Spyine – Another Interesting Solution

4. Spyic The Next Best Option

The second option in the list is Spyic, which is yet another cool hacking solution. Like Spyier, Spyic also has a plethora of features and a substantial stake in the hacking market. Many of the parents find Spyic a certain option to keep an eye on their children. You can look for real-time message hacking and of course, can check the deleted messages too. However, all the features available in Spyic are centered over children, so if you are willing to hack an adult then it will work, but still has a room for improvement.

Spyic The Next Best Option

5. Fami360-The Kid’s Spying Solution

If you think your kids are up to no good, then here is the solution you were looking for. Fami360 is another interesting hacking solution for parental control. The app is completely secret and allows you to spy over your children in complete disguise. This app is functional and offers remote control from any browser and device. Along with text messages, you can take a look at a lot more like contacts, calls, etc.

6. TrackMyFone- Track Android & iOS

With TrackMyFone, you will be able to easily track the messages of your, loved ones, no matter they use Android or iOS. It works on remote conditions and helps you attain information online. You can also take a look at the contact information of the people your loved ones are in contact with. An app is a potential option for you.

7. Blurspy – A Potential App For Spying

This is one of the most interesting mobile hacking apps that offers stealth hacking mode. You can access real-time conversations and check that whom your dear ones are contacting. The app offers insight into messages along with time-based information. You can use the web-based control panel to access other options.

8. MobiStealth- Parental Spying App

If you are a parent and are worried about your child’s activities, then MobiStealth is a good option for you. The app works on Android and iOS devices and helps you track easily. However, the only issue is that it is a bit expensive, so if you are not willing to pay much then you can consider other options.

9. The Truth Spy- Simple Solution

This is a nice option for you to check on the activities of your partners while doing other chores. The app works on both iPhone and Android devices, which allows you to attain not just the messages, but also about the contact details of the individuals sending messages.

10. iKeyMonitor- The iPhone Hack

This is yet another hacking solution, mostly suitable for iOS devices, but can be used on Android too. The app has a brilliant interface, however, requires you to be technically upgraded. The app requires root and jailbreak, so spying through this app might risk your identity. However, it offers good text message hacking solutions.


So, these were some of the interesting options, which you can consider before making the decisions. In our opinion using Spyier to hack text messages, would be a wise choice. Spyier not only offers hacking solutions for text messages but also has various social media hacking and other app detecting solutions, so you can keep a complete eye on your loved ones’ activities.