Play a Barbie Games: Invention to Digitalization of Barbie & Barbie Games

Play A Barbie Games


Since the starting of civilisation people needed entertainment, still now, in this modern civilisation, we also need entertainment. But why do we all need entertainment? Because entertainment keeps you refreshed after a long hectic time. Accordingly, kids need more and more joy. Earlier, in the ’90s, the girl kids were obsessed with Barbie Dolls. The digital version of this doll is Barbie Games. But, what is the journey from the ’90s to the two thousand’s? To know the details, we are here with “ Play a Barbie Games: Invention to Digitalization of Barbie & Barbie Games”

Who is Barbie

After reading the introduction, anyone may want to know about Barbie and her details. So, who is Barbie? Moreover, how is her life-style? If you want to know these, then read afterward.

Barbie is mainly a Fashion doll. The American Company Mattel, Inc manufactured it. They launched this Barbie fashion doll in March of 1959. The credit for making this doll goes to American businesswoman Ruth Handler. She took the German Bild Lillie doll as her inspiration. 

Barbie is the figurehead of Mattel dolls and accessories. For over fifty years, Barbie remained an essential part of the toy fashion doll market. In these years, Barbie was in many controversies, lawsuits, and many more. People also trolled the Barbie doll and her life-style, including making parodies. But, kids loved this too. They loved to play a barbie games. 

Barbie doll is the most profitable and most extensive line of the Mattle, Inc Company. The Mattle, Inc has sold a record amount of Barbie dolls. They have sold over a billion Barbie dolls over these years. As a result, this Barbie doll became a vehicle for the sale of related merchandise and transformed the toy business worldwide. Significantly, this doll had a significant impact as she conveyed many characteristics related to female independence. This doll also made the upscale life-style idealisation easy. Starting from 1959 to these days, it has expanded in many sectors, such as animated films, video games, music, etc. However, the company Mattel, Inc declined sales sharply in 2014.

Prehistory: Idea & Example of Play a Barbie Games

Earlier you got to know that, the credit of making Barbie girl goes to Ruth Handler. Do you want to see the history of play a Barbie games? If you want to know, then go through this section.

She got this idea from her daughter. Ruth Handler’s daughter Barbara loved to play with paper dolls, and sometimes she tried giving them adult roles. Her mother noticed the matter and realised that at that time, most of the dolls were represented as infants. Ruth handler found an age gap in the market. She thought of designing an adult toy doll for teenagers. So then, she suggested this idea to catch the market. She shared this idea of an adult-bodied toy doll to her husband. Her husband Elliot was a co-founder of the company Mattel, Inc. But, he did not find this idea exciting or profitable and so on the Mattle Directors.

In 1956, they went on a trip to Europe. In the meantime, she found a doll with an adult body named “Bild Lilli”. This doll seemed like the exact reflection of her idea. So then, she purchased three Bild Lilli dolls and came back. Next, she gave one doll to her daughter Barbara and took the other two to Mattels.

The Bild Lilli toy doll was originated in Germany. A popular comic strip character inspired it, which was drawn by Reinhard Beuthin for a newspaper. Lilli was a working girl and a blonde bombshell. In 1955, Louis Marx and Company sold the first Lilli doll in Germany. It was initially for adults, but conversely, kids started loving it too. There were separate outfits available for Lilli doll. Kids enjoyed dressing Lilli up in these outfits. 

Post-history: Designing & Launching of Play a Barbie Games

Earlier sections must have helped you to know about the pre-history of play a Barbie games. Now, this is the time for the post-history. Are you ready for this? Then, let’s dig in.

Returning from the United States, Ruth Handler started redesigning the adult-bodied doll with the help of engineer Jack Ryan. They gave this doll a new name “Barbie”.This doll got her name after Ruth’s daughter Barbara. In March 1959 they launched Barbie at the American International Toy Fair held in New York. They also use this date as Barbie’s official birthday.

They marketed this doll as a Teenage fashion model those days. The first Barbie was wearing a white and black zebra striped swimsuit. It also had the signature topknot ponytail. Moreover, this doll was available as two different types, brunette and blonde. Charlotte Johnson designed Barbie’s cloth that time. She was the designer of Mattel, Inc. In the first place, they manufactured Barbie dolls in Japan. Japanese homeworkers hand-stitched the clothes. Later, in their first year of production, they sold around 350000 Barbie dolls.

In March 1961 Louis Marx and Company sued the Mattle, Inc. They claimed that the Mattle, Inc has copied their Bild Lilli doll. Louis Marx and the Company had the patent of Bild Lilli. The company also claimed that the Mattel, Inc pretended as they have originated the design. Similarly, the Mattel, Inc also counter-claimed about Louis Marx and Company. Later, in the year of 1963, both the company settled the case out of the court. At last, Finally, the Mattle, Inc bought the copyright and patent for the doll in 1964 for $21,600. 

Barbie’s Fictional Biography

After all of these histories, introductions you must have known that Barbie is a fictional character. Also, we people always want to know fictional characters deeply. Don’t we? As Barbie is a fictional character, you may want to know about her imaginary life. Don’t you? If you’re going to know Barbie’s fictional biography, then dig into this.

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. In the 1960s, a publisher named “Random House” published a series of novels where Barbie’s parents were named as George and Margaret Roberts. From those novels published by the Random House, she attended Willows High School. In books, published by Golden Books, she was a student of Manhattan International High School in New York City. 

She was in a relationship with Ken Carson. The Mattel, Inc launched him in1961. In February 2004 the Mattel, Inc released a piece of news announcing the split-up of Barbie and her boyfriend, Ken. In February 2006, Ken had a makeover, and then they were hoping to rekindle their relationship. The Mattle launched a campaign for Ken where he had to try to win Barbie’s affections back in 2011. The Barbie and Ken Karson pair officially reunited in 2011’s Valentine Day.

Barbie loved pet. She has had over 40 pets, including cats and dogs, horses, and many more. The Mattel, Inc designed Barbie’s careers in many ways to show women empowerment through the doll. She has various jobs. She also had license of pilot and operated some commercial airliners. Barbie the beauty had a wide range of titles including Astronaut, Doctor and Nascar Barbie.

Barbie Doll Variations

Since the launching, Barbie had many changes. Lastly, in 2014 we got a massive variety of barbies. Do you want to know the variations? These variations are quite impressive. Are you interested like us? Then stay with us for further. 

Toy industry considers the Barbie doll as an icon. The brand, Mattel Inc faced much criticism about Barbie. They were stuck in thin female dolls which promoted unhealthy body ideals, especially for girls. Again, people complained about Barbie’s male companion. 

So then, they brought up some changes. Mattel, Inc’s vice president Evelyn Mazzocco said that they were excited to literally changing the face of the brand. She also said that these new dolls would represent a line that is more reflective of the real world. There will be variety in body type, skin tones and styling also”. Lastly, this iconic doll was available in several different body types. What are those differences? Do you want to know? We also want to share. Let’s dive into this section.

Curvy: The Barbie is now in curvy shape. They made it to reflect a more realistic body image to the kids. 

Black: The company Mattlel, Inc had a new campaign slogan. That is, “Imagination comes in vsriety. For this Barbie also needs to have some change” According to this slogan to keep the similarity, they brought up a black Barbie. 

Variety in hairstyle: Mattlr, Inc brought many changes in the hairstyle of Barbie. They brought up hairstyles including afros, mohawks, curly, braids, and straight bobs. We got to see some unusual hair colours also such as blue and purple.

Finally, in the last few years, fashion designers produced a new life-style with a new dream house for her.

Play a Barbie Games: Barbie the Game Girl

Earlier, we got to know about the real Barbie and her history, life, etc. But do you know about the Barbi Games? Barbie, the game girl, is a software or apk game based on the real Barbie’s life. In brief, Barbie, the game girl is a 2D platformer video game. In 1992, they released thBarbie the Game Girl for the Game Boy. 

Now, it is time for the plot. Every game has at least one story. Barbie’s video game, play a Barbie games also has a nice word. Wanna know the action? Let’s know it together. 


One night, Barbie dreams that she has been invited to the Fantasy Ball. Sadly, in her dream, she has nothing appropriate to wear. In that dream, Barbie travels to three different worlds to gather accessories for the big to go with Ken. Along the way, she meets animal friends and searches to find many items and Charms for getting help along the way.

In the Mall World, Barbie goes on a shopping spree for Barbie coins. She uses these for acquiring a pink ball gown from the wishing fountain. In Underwater World, Mermaid Barbie and searches for pearls. Lastly, in the 1950s-style, Barbie must collect golds to order the last accessory, a charming pair of high heels. Then, finally, Barbie returns to the Barbie Dream House to get ready for the Fantasy Ball.

The above was the first-ever plot of Barbie video games. Later, they have introduced many more variations with these. We can say they were following the path of Mattel, Inc. Because then they started making videos which were women empowering. They represented Barbie in many ways. Such as doctor, homemaker, engineer, teacher, astronaut and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question-1: Is Barbie doll exist in real?

Answer: Barbie doll is a toy doll. You can find it as a toy doll but not as a real girl.

Question-2: Can I purchase an original Barbie doll now?

Answer: No, exactly not. The company, Mattel, Inc has stopped selling it in 2014. You may get the replica one.

Question-3: Is Barbie doll an adult toy?

Answer: Basically, it is not. It was for kids and young people. But, adults can also buy them.

Question-4: Does the Barbie video game has variety?

Answer: Yes! Barbie video game has now expanded in more than 40 categories. 

Final Thought 

We started this article to know about the Barbie dolls and games, to learn about play a barbie games. We wanted to provide you with all the information about this doll and the game version. Here, we presented the definitions, histories, variations, video games details. So then, you will have all the knowledge about this after reading this. We hope this article fulfils your expectation toward us. Wishing that you find this article named “Play a Barbie Games: Invention to Digitalization of Barbie & Barbie Games.” helpful. Thank you for staying with us.