What Are the Features of Article into Video Converting Software?

Video Converting Software

Converting articles into videos is not child’s play!

It is a time-consuming activity while requires lots of effort and hard work. However, with the advent of the article into video converting software, you can easily do it in the blink of an eye. 

This software works on advanced artificial intelligence technology, which helps you to instantly turn any article into a video. 

No matter who long or short the article is, you will be able to get a video in no time. The best thing about this software is that they come with multiple avatars and voice options to choose from.

You will be able to create videos in which human avatars will read out the article out loud. It looks like a real video made by professional artists. 

Features of Article to Video Converting Software:

Articles into videos converting software come with many advanced features. Here are some of the features you can enjoy when you use this software.

  • Generate Video from Article:

The biggest feature of this software is that they help you to easily generate video from articles. You only need a blog or article content to create a video. This software will help you to automatically convert the articles into videos. There is no manual work required. Once you enter the URL of the article, the software will take only a few minutes to transform it into video.

  • AI-Based Technology:

All these software works on AI-based technology. There are multiple ready to use human avatars along with voiceover options. These tools use AI technology to understand the article and make scenes according to it. Apart from that, it also uses AI-based lip-sync technology while reading the content. 

  • Multiple Human Avatars:
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There are multiple human avatars available with this software. You will get avatars of men and women. These are ready-made avatars that you can use directly by clicking on them. You can preview the avatars and see which suits your content best. 

  • Custom Video Templates:

You will also get custom video templates with this software. You can customize the video templates as per the type of video. It will help you to add sound effects, background music, animation as well as motion text in the video.

  • YouTube Video Upload:

This software helps you to directly upload all the created videos on YouTube. You don’t have to manually post the videos on your channel. You can directly integrate the software with your YouTube channel in order to upload the videos automatically. If you want to buy Bitcoins, you need to follow specific simple steps to buy crypto. We also suggest a service comparison website like Truely before you decide on anything related to bitcoin. Be it your wallet or broker, a site like that will have reviews and detailed descriptions of the services so you can be sure to choose the right one for you.

  • RSS Feed Support:

This is another feature you can enjoy with these tools. You will get RSS to feed support option as well. This way, the subscribers on your channel will be able to receive updates about newly uploaded articles.  

  • YouTube Video Optimization:

You will also get a YouTube video optimization feature that helps you to optimize the videos before you post them. It will help you to drive more traffic by using the right keywords. 

  • Multiple Languages:
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With these tools, you will be able to convert an article into a video in multiple languages. You will be able to create multi-language videos. 

  • Download Video in HD:

Apart from that, you can also download the created videos in HD quality. If you don’t want to directly upload the videos on YouTube, you can download them on your device.

  • Custom Avatars:

You will also get a custom avatar option with these tools. You can customize your own avatar to create videos.

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