What are Sneeze Guards & why Do You Need Them?

sneeze guards

In the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, companies are seeking ways to make indoor environments feel more comfortable and safe for customers and employees. Even when face masks and social distancing are used, sneeze guards can reduce the spread of droplets.

Materials, installation types, and designs of various sneeze guards can be implemented into any environment. In the business world of today, where customers and clients interact closely yet safely, sneeze guards, whether temporary, portable, or permanent, are an essential addition.

What factors should you consider when choosing a sneeze guard?


There are many types of sneeze guard Toronto on the market.  Acrylic and polycarbonate are the most commonly used materials, and glass is sometimes used as well.  

Consider your environment and the stress the sneeze guard will endure when choosing the right material.  These include how much traffic there is in the area, what kinds of activities are taking place and how often areas may be moved.

Sneeze guards are commonly made of acrylic.  Translucent or transparent acrylics are polymers or plastics made from acrylic. As a relatively low-cost and lightweight material, it can easily be molded into several shapes.  

In addition to being plastics, polycarbonate also has the superior properties of being resilient (less fragile) and crack-resistant. Airplane windows, bulletproof barriers, and machine safety guards that must resist shattering and penetration are often made of polycarbonate.  Branded versions of polycarbonate are available.

Mounting Sneeze Guards.

For sneeze guards, there are a variety of mounting options, depending on the intended use and requirements. The majority of sneeze barriers installed during the COVID-19 pandemic are tabletop covers that are portable with ease to meet workplace needs. 

Using metal bases and glass barriers, more permanent tabletop installations may be provided to counters and tabletops to serve as long-term fixtures.

People sit together in a dining room or waiting area with sneeze guards mounted on the walls or in booths. You can also add color or opacity to these to increase privacy.

Sneeze Guards: Why Do You Need Them?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we now understand the ease with which viruses and other germs can spread through close human contact. Keeping your distance from customers and clients during these uncertain times makes most people feel safer. 

In many businesses, this cannot happen, such as at a point-of-sale terminal, during a taxi ride, and while checking out at a grocery store.

While sneeze guards are not required by law in these situations, it’s a wise decision to have them installed for the purpose of improving customer comfort and safety.

In order to ensure that droplets do not spread among people, the CDC recommends all precautions. We all have an interest in working together and doing what we can. Installing sneeze shields makes companies look safe and comfortable. 

Cleanliness and organization will improve in foodservice businesses, so inspectors will not fine them. They will feel secure knowing their employers have invested in safeguards against the deadly virus, a wise choice during the pandemic.

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