Using Kratom for Workouts

Kratom for Workouts

Using Kratom for Workouts

Along with the long list of benefits that it offers, kratom is also admired for its versatility and ease of use! Kratom is available in many types of veins and strains, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking to up your workout game or to find relief from sore muscles after strenuous workout sessions – chances are, you’ll be able to find the perfect kratom product that will suit you best in no time! Having that in mind, let’s see how you can use kratom in your workout regimen properly and effectively!

Kratom for workouts – how does it work?

Kratom’s main characteristic is that it contains a lot of alkaloids. There have been many studies done on plant-derived alkaloids that confirm the fact that they are useful and beneficial for our bodies and the processes that happen in them, so this is why kratom is very popular for relieving anxiety and stress. With this in mind, we can certainly understand why implementing kratom into your workout routine would be a super-smart idea!

Kratom can be divided into four groups: white, green, red, and yellow vein kratom. Each vein has a different amount of alkaloids present in it, so the effects of kratom will ultimately depend on the vein you choose to use.

In order to understand how kratom would work on your body to help it endure high-intensity workouts, we need to take a closer look at what each kratom vein is used for.

  • White veins are the least mature leaf; when consumed, white veins have an effect very similar to the one of coffee, so they’re mildly energizing and stimulating.
  • Green veins are a bit more mature, but not completely aged. They promote feelings of euphoria and positivity. This means that, in small doses, green veins are a great option if you would like to prolong your workouts and increase stamina.
  • Red veins are aged all the way, and they have the highest alkaloid content, which means that they promote sedative effects, depending on the dose. This is the reason why red veins are not as popular as white or green strains for high-intensity workouts – they work best with relaxation practices like yoga or meditation.
  • Yellow veins are the golden mean – they are relatively newly discovered veins that don’t offer effects as strong as the other three veins. They’re good for people who have just begun using kratom.

How people use kratom for workouts

Although taking kratom is an individual decision, what research shows is that most people prefer using white and green veins in their workouts because of their stimulating properties.

As mentioned above, red veins are not exactly the best choice if you’re looking to hit the gym hard. Nevertheless, many individuals have reported that they find it best if they take small doses of either green or white vein kratom before their workout, and then using even smaller doses of red kratom to cool down afterward – so it really depends on your preferences!


Doses should be personalized based on size/weight and desired effect, but taking very small doses of kratom (usually between 2 and 5 grams) before working out helps make sure that your body will be able to endure the workout more effectively without causing too much muscle soreness afterward. Kratom can be taken in the form of powder, capsules, or even as a tea. This means that you have a lot to choose from. Some people (especially weightlifters and bodybuilders) have even reported using coffee and kratom together before working out, but this is a strong combination that should be carefully thought out beforehand.

Since kratom is mildly stimulating, many are concerned that it will cause them to be too hyped-up or energized, but this isn’t something you should be concerned about if you make sure that the doses you take are within the normal range! After all, kratom is, before everything else, a natural supplement, which means that it may be a safer option than some synthetic products on the market.

Kratom for pre-workouts

When used as a pre-workout supplement, kratom is best to take in its white vein form. Making sure that they have energy levels that are high enough to bear intense workouts is something that most people are concerned with – so white vein kratom is a great option to take a few hours before the actual workout. It also helps with calming your nerves and de-stressing, especially if you’re dealing with feelings of anxiety.

Since kratom can be nauseating on an empty stomach and working out can only upset it more – it’s best to take kratom with something to eat so you can feel comfortable enough to hit the gym!

Kratom for bodybuilding

Green veins are a bit stronger than the white ones, just like bodybuilding is certainly harder to do than other fitness practices! Kratom is very popular in the bodybuilding community where green veins are the most favorable option.

Many people stick to a certain green vein and take it consistently, but more and more people enjoy making their own kratom blends of green and white veins to maximize the stimulating effect for a highly effective and energized bodybuilding session! You can buy pre-made blends of kratom, or you can try making your own by following the tutorial here.

Final thoughts

There is no doubt that using kratom is a fantastic option for any type of workout! Taking kratom is an individual decision – make sure that you start with small doses to see how you tolerate it! If you find that kratom suits your needs, then you can certainly try to increase your doses slowly and steadily!

Note: This article only points out the authors’ best information on the topic – it is absolutely not intended to serve as a substitute for medical advice by a professional.