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When it comes to premium television and web content in the context of entertainment, viewers are demanded to pay much more than cable costs. That’s right! From Netflix to HULU and Amazon Prime Video, amazing web series and movies have become a gem of entertainment that many fans cannot afford. In this situation, top sites like Solarmovie come to their rescue. 

Although, we are not encouraging our viewers to use proxy sites for premium content, however, they are free-of-cost and thus, it will help our viewers to enjoy their favorite and awaiting web series and movies without paying a dime. 

Disclaimer: Sites like Solarmovie and Solarmovie itself defined in this reading may cause interruption because of ads. We do not take responsibility for such inconvenience. Enjoy! 

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To begin with, has become a prominent proxy site for streaming tv-series and movies based on filters. The website is very easy to stream with. Not only this but the user can direct search for trending entertainment content and start streaming right away. So, why view the top 10 sites like Solarmovie?

Well! The reason to research ‘best substitute streaming sites like Solarmovie to watch movies online’ is more often such proxies block IP Address of users. Therefore, you may get errors constantly. What to do? Check out the following sites like Solarmovie to watch premium web series and latest movies for free. 


YouTube – Watch Solarmovie collection on Youtube

For the most part, YouTube is taken for granted by several percents of users looking to stream content for free. More often than not, people consider Youtube entirely invaluable without YouTube premium. Why? The answer is YouTube premium gives access to the latest movies. But, do you know? YouTube is also very prominent for free content that it offers. 

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That’s right! If you want to stream a high-end movie online that is very famous, there are chances that you can watch it online for free on YouTube. It is noteworthy to mention that free content available on YouTube is uploaded by users on their channels. Therefore, Youtube does not guarantee in the context of the content’s authenticity. Furthermore, it also removes illegal content from its platform.


123Movies – Solarmovie replacement site

To be honest, “123Movies” has been the hub of entertainment as long as we can remember. From streaming television shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the absence of cable or television to view the latest Netflix premium web series such as 13 Reasons Why and Never Have I ever, 123movies is the gem source of free content. Not only does it offer a user to stream any tv show for free but also download it. 

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Moreover, this site allows you to choose content based on categories, the country it is released in, year of release, latest, and IMDB Rating. Currently, 123Movies hold over 2000 movies and 300 web series from all sources like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and television networks. 

To name some of the fan-favorites are:

  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Stranger Things
  • Young Sheldon
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Vumoo – top Solarmovie alternative

If you are searching for the top 10 sites like Solarmovie with no ads, is one of the top-leading choices. One thing that users all over the world most like about Vumoo are its 100% easy-to-use and ad-free user interface. In simple words, wherever you click while using Vumoo, it does not redirect to rich-loaded cyber infected sites. 

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For the most part, Vumoo remains filled with classic television series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Spongebob Squarepants for Kids, and 365 Days with uncut scenes. You can fulfill your quarantine with entertainment. Vumoo offers to binge-watch limited web series online for free. 

Some of the most trending tv series available on Vumoo are:

  • The Purge
  • Mr. Iglesias
  • Madman 
  • Haunted
  • Grimm
  • F is for Family

To look for a specific tv series or movie, you can simply type in the search box at the top, Vumoo will show you matches immediately. Above all, Vumoo does not ask for any credit card details or pushes users to sign up. Hence, you feel safe. So, are you ready to stream? 


For over a decade, GoMovies site has been prominent for offering worldwide reality show content including Keeping up with the Kardashians. GoMovies although kept changing its URL because of legal reasons, but you will fall in love with this site instantly for world-class content. From Action-Adventure TV series to period dramas like Peaky Blinders, everything is available to watch on GoMovies. 

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Yet, it is noteworthy to mention that for listing the top 10 sites like Solarmovie, GoMovies is not very competitive in the context of ad-free and website redirections. It asks users to purchase premium versions to enjoy high-end web series and Movies in Ultra HD. thus, enter your credit card information at your own risk. 

VUDU: Rent, Buy, Watch Online

When it comes to reviewing the top 10 sites like solarmovie, VUDU is one and only sites with unlimited options. That’s right! VUDU is not a proxy website. Instead, it is a legitimate website that offers limited web series for free. On the other hand, it charges a very reasonable amount for trending and latest web series and movies. 

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Here’s good news for you! VUDU is not presenting all Marvel Movies in Order on Sale. Apart from this, if you cannot afford VUDU’s limited offer either, you can simply go to the site ( and click on the “FREE” option in the menu bar. 

All free to watch web series and movies will appear on the screen. No need for cable anymore, now you can stream television cartoon series and movies for kids on VUDU for free. So, are you ready to stream? Before you go! We do not recommend you to sign up or save any sensitive information on the site. It may lead to risk. 


Whether you want to watch Rick and Morty’s latest season for free or stream all seasons of Orange Is the New Black, there’s nothing that you cannot find on FLIXTOR. It is very effective and easy to use the site. Our team recently streamed the 100 online on Flixtor in ultra HD. The experience was inevitable. 

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Site Link: 

Some of the best features of Flixtor are:

  1. Available for Worldwide users.
  2. Top-rated tv-series and movies are available to watch online in Ultra HD. 
  3. You can create a wishlist or watch list online.
  4. It does not create any disturbance while buffering.
  5. You can filter movies and web series based on Genre, language, minimum rating and votes, and year.
  6. You can be a VIP member of the site.

PS: We do not recommend you to enter or save any credit card details online on Flixtor while signing up for a VIP key. 

PrimeWire – Solarmovie best alternative site

If you are searching for the top 10 sites like Solarmovie HD with sleep vision/theme, PrimeWire got you all covered. Its black background creates a cinematic look for the user. Hence, it delivers 100% entertainment satisfaction. Not to mention, it offers a “top watched” list if you are not sure which series or movie you desire to see online. Not only does it contain the latest American movies and television sitcoms but also Indian and Canadian shows and movies. 

watch 365 days on Solarmovie's
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Site link:

Now, you can stream R-rated movies online for free with blur effect or buffering issues. PrimeWire is presenting Fifty Shades of Grey film series, 365 Days, Sex Doll, After, and many more!


This ZMovies is yet again one of the best 10 sites like Solarmovie. However, we do not recommend streaming web series on ZMovies that are highly famous. More often, ZMovies uploads low-budgeted movies that do not run on the box office for long. 

Solarmovie's watch movies online
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Site Link:

To name a few:

  • I can Quit
  • Bad Boys
  • Chocked
  • Gabriel’s Inferno
  • Dreamland
  • The last day of American Crime


One of the top-leading rating websites IMDB also presents IMDB TV. On this site, you can stream highly rated and latest American dramas and movies online without any liable charges. But, one of the many disadvantages of IMDB TV is that it is only available in the US. Thus, if you are traveling out of the country or simply going on a vacation, you can enjoy free streaming while you reach your destination.
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Site link:


At last, Movie4k is not-so-great but average-rated top 10 sites like Solarmovie. In the past, Movie4k has remained very effective for streaming content free of cost. But now, content on Movie4k is very limited. Therefore, you may not find what you are searching for, on Movie4k. But, once again, the most appreciating pros of movie4k are that it contains the most famous television series available to watch for free such as Modern Family, Rick and Morty, and so on. 

Site Link: 

Above all, you can also change the streaming resource if one video source is not working. Thus, Movie4k never disappoints its viewers. 


In conclusion, these were the best sites to look out for when you are blocked from Once again, we request you to upload any credit card information at your own risk. For more information, connect with us online.

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