Top 10 Email Marketing Software for maximum reach and responses

top 10 email marketing software
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Times are gone when the business industry has limited resources to promote brand-new products and services. Today, high-end email marketing software has won the game of hide-and-seek that runs between brand promoters and customers. Yes! Earlier in the time, Gmail was the only valid email site for companies to spread positive words about their brand. However, the main disadvantage that came with it was “no insights.” that’s right! Today’s top 10 email marketing software list mentions software that gives the marketing executive insights for better representation of a single product’s, event’s, campaigns, and service’s growth among the customers. 

What is Email Marketing?

top 10 email marketing software for small businesses
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To begin with, email marketing is a digital way of communicating the latest information concerning new brands, products, discount deals, new campaigns, events, and others to potential customers worldwide. Today, email marketing has become one of the top-leading digital sources for broadcasting advertisements, sales, etc. 

Top 10 Email Marketing Software

So, are you a beginner in the digital marketing industry? If yes! This reading will help you reach your target in the context of bringing-in customers, spreading awareness concerning your brand, and enhancing business growth? We present the top 10 email marketing software that will help you reach maximum reach among customers worldwide and improve sales requests, website traffic, and effective response from a high percentage of potential customers. Get ready because your career as a digital executive is going to take a hike! 

Active Campaign – 1st ranking email marketing software

top 10 email marketing software for building campaigns
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“#ActiveCampaign” as the name suggests, this software has gained popularity among small businesses and newbie entrepreneurs. If you are in a meeting representing your marketing strategy, there’s no doubt that mentioning “Active Campaign” software will build your first impression as an executive very well. 

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In the past few years, Active Campaign has achieved millions of users in an organic way. It holds key features that a businessman cannot overlook. 

  • It broadcasts a scheduled email to each of your customers at once. 
  • You can add over 500 contacts at a time. 
  • Active Campaign tracks down what customers are searching for! Further, it automatically triggers emails concerning the discussion of the same products that customers are searching for over the web. 
  • Using Active Campaign, you can divide your customers based on price range, gender, size, occupation and whatnot! This will help you send the right email to the right person.
  • Do you feel like responding to your customers right away will make a difference? Well! Congratulations because Active Campaign does that for you! All you need is to set up an automatic reply to customers. 
  • Now, you can review which customer clicked on the link in the email sent. Further, divide them as per “successful sales” and “successful traffic on site.” This will help you find out the customers that are transformed from potential to loyal ones. 

Above all, Active Campaign is one of the top 10 email marketing software that is cost-effective. That’s right! Now, you can choose between a lite version, plus, professional, and enterprise version. It costs between $9 to $229 per month depending on your choice. 


Do you have a start-up? MailChimp is your guy to go to when it comes to spreading awareness of your brand. Rather than focusing on your brand’s online representation, MailChimp also gives you a glimpse of the Audience dashboard on the side. To summarize, it is an all-rounding email marketing software. But, its key features make it the 2nd ranking among top 10 email marketing software for faster growth. 

top 10 email marketing software for building events
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  • MailChimp helps you “know your audience” by offering CRM Tools, checking your customer’s pattern on the dashboard, and grasping customer data in a legitimate way. 
  • It also allows you to build your brand’s website, template, free domains, and content studio for 100% effective brand representation.
  • MailChimp’s email Campaign leads to the highest return on marketing. Therefore, you can re-invest in the growth of your brand. 
  • Transactional Email for barrier-less communication with customers. 

Above all, you can try out MailChimp to make sure its effectiveness by starting a free trial. MailChimp premium costs $299 per month plus which it also promises over 30 additional features. 


One of the greatest advantages of using Moosend is “it offers to create email that clicks.” that’s right! Now, you can create email without the help of your designers. To begin with, Do you know? Several agencies have thousands of dollars to get a single email template created. But, is it worth it? Moosend’s outstanding key features now make you, your own template designer. 

Moosend for excellent performance
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  • You do not need to know coding-encoding to build a marketing email. Moosend does it for you.
  • Categories your customers and view customer insights based on their responses.
  • You can review who opened your email, who clicked on links, how many unsubscribed it, how many forwarded the email, and so on. 
  • Personalize your emails and add value to it. Do you know? Over 40% customers open emails that start with their names in the greetings. 
  • Choose email templates from the built-in gallery. No need to hire a designer anymore. 
  • Compare the performance of former mails and present emails and build a brand-new email marketing strategy and email content. 

At Last, Moosend also offers a “Free version,” if you cannot afford paid one right now. Apart from this, Moosend Pro costs only $8 per month. Not only this but you can also build and buy a custom plan. 


To begin with, HubSpot is an Inbound-Marketing software that focuses on Return on Investment, or shortly known as ROI. When you create a marketing email, you must not focus on improving sales alone. Think likewise the creators of HubSpot. The reason being, HubSpot puts many marketing issues into the spotlight and further, helps your business to grow. Let’s countdown the main features of 4th ranking top 10 email marketing software, HubSpot:

Hubspot official
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  • Increase traffic on the main website. 
  • Increase lead conversion, a.k.a increase the number of potential customers that become permanent customers. 
  • Choose email template and content from build-in gallery. All you need is to drag and drop!
  • Find out why customers are responding positive and negatively. 

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Now, HubSpot’s marketing Hub pricing plan is available in three packages. Starter ($40/month), Professional ($800/month), and Enterprise (3,200 USD/month). Moreover, you can also measure revenue using the HubSpot professional package. So, it is time to drag and drop some CRM swiftly. 


Do you know why mostly all top 10 email marketing software are basically for small businesses? Well! The main reason is that everyone knows big brands. For instance, when it comes to online shopping, everyone knows Amazon. Similarly, those who are loyal customers of Gucci will buy it whether or not the company runs an email marketing Campaign! Hence, GetResponse is yet another small business all-rounding email marketing software that allows the brand to reach new heights. 

top 10 email marketing software for 100% CRM
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Its cutting-edge features are:

  • It is a world-class email content creator. No need to hire a writer, template designer, landing page designer, or even domain designer. All you need is here!
  • Create and broadcast newsletters.
  • Set up Automated response emails. 
  • Divide contacts into different categories and send emails to the right customers promoting right services and products. 
  • You can also Promote blogs, and increase views, and clicks on advertisements. 
  • Get a high return on investment. 
  • Prevent mail from dropping into spam folders. 
  • Check your email’s performance. 

getResponse is also very cost-effective. It has a basic plan that costs from $15 to $65 per month. Its enterprise plan costs $1, 199 per month giving access to 25,000 subscribers. 

What are free-of-cost top 10 email marketing software? 

If you find your business in an urgent need of email marketing, yet cannot risk thousands of dollars investment into paid software, the following list will help you reach your goal. 


  • Sender: A high-end built-in email marketing software with zero HTML knowledge requirement. You can send up to 15000 emails for free per month. 
top 10 email marketing software
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  • Omnisend: Send 2, 000 emails per day for free. 


  • Benchmark Email: Gives your email a professional look with zero cost involved. Stunned yet? You can attain up to 2, 000 subscribers per month. 
Benchmark email official site homepage
  • Zoho Campaigns: Whether you are looking for a free version or paid version ($3/month), Zoho Campaigns does not disappoint you. It delivers over 10, 000 emails to your customers for free. 


  • Sendinblue: With multiple features, built-in templates, customer database, 300 emails/day, and audience dashboard, SendinBlue is worth a trial on an entrepreneurial basis. 



In conclusion, these were the top 10 email marketing software that allow you to gain maximum subscribers and responses in lacs. In the past few years, these software have enhanced in the context of their features and price range. These software go beyond just marketing. They help you represent your brand at a global level. Whether you target a national audience in the United States or cover other countries as well, you can transform your emails into other languages. 

Disclaimer: Above all, We recommend all these top 10 email marketing software based on our research and personal using experience. Furthermore, we advise you to take us on our word but also connect with your marketing experts to inspect the features, benefits, and software’s limitations. Good Luck!