The 5 Key Advantages of Buying a Pure Sine Wave Inverter

a Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The advancement in technology and the widespread applications of electrical appliances have increased our dependency on technology, so much so that it gets hard to go through even a few hours without electricity. We’re surrounded by several electrical appliances that support the most basic of everyday activities. In such a scenario, power cuts can cause major inconvenience and prevent us from carrying out some crucial tasks.  This is why power backup solutions such as inverters have become immensely popular in today’s times. These power backup solutions act as a substitute for grid power and can be used to support your electrical appliances in case of a power cut. Read about a Pure Sine Wave Inverter-

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While there are different kinds of inverters available in the market, a pure sine wave inverter can be one of the best options. These inverters keep power loss to a minimum so that your electricity cost does not rise. In addition, a pure sine wave inverter is excellent at converting stored energy (in batteries) to alternating current for your appliances. 

Let’s look at five more advantages of buying it for your homes.

  • Gradual Shift in Voltage

The voltage of a sine wave rises and falls with a gradually shifting phase angle, and it also changes polarity quickly as it reaches 0 Volts. The voltage in a modified sine wave rises and falls quickly, the phase angle changes abruptly, and it sits at 0 Volts for some time before changing polarity. As a result, any device that employs control circuitry that monitors phase (for voltage/speed control) or instantaneous zero voltage crossing (for timing control) will not function properly when powered by a modified sine wave-form voltage.

  • Cleaner Power

The output voltage wave produced by pure sine wave inverters is comparable to that of household energy or that provided by the local power grid. It is considerably cleaner and has extremely low harmonic distortion, which helps maintain your appliances and equipment in good working order and extends their lives.

  • Certain Appliances are More Efficient

Microwave ovens and motors, for example, are more efficient when linked to a pure sine wave inverter than when connected to a modified sine wave inverter. They are both quicker and quieter. They are also less prone to overheating. You can make the most of appliances with inductive loads by using it.

  • Compatible With a Variety of Electrical Gadgets and Devices

The majority, if not all, of electrical gadgets and equipment in the market today are intended to operate on pure sine wave AC electricity. Pure sine wave power inverters can power devices that would ordinarily not function with modified sine wave inverters, such as mobile devices and power tool battery chargers, medical equipment, laptops, and computers.

  • No Electrical Noise

The absence of electrical noise and interference is a significant advantage of employing a pure sine wave inverter. Fluorescent lights, radios, fans, and similar appliances are substantially quieter when connected to a pure sine wave inverter than when linked to a modified sine wave inverter. When viewing television, the visuals are clear and are neither grainy nor fuzzy due to the absence of signal interference.

So, these were five of the most crucial advantages of getting a pure sine wave inverter. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a pure sine wave inverter is to opt for a reputable brand such as Luminous. Luminous offers an extensive range of high-quality inverters and batteries for homes at the most affordable prices. 

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