The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Good Quality Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fans are a must have for every home. That’s because they help ensure that our homes are habitable and hygienic. They help keep the kitchen and bathroom cool and odour free. Then there are the heavy duty fans that are used to vent out fumes, gases and other pollutants from the basements, warehouses and factories. In this post, however, we would stick to domestic exhaust fans and discuss the key things (besides exhaust fan price) that you should look for when buying an exhaust fan.

Why Are Exhaust Fans a Necessity for Every Home?

If homes don’t get a supply of fresh air on a regular basis, and if they continue to retain stale air, humidity and bad odour then this can be detrimental to the health of people living in that home. The bad air can even damage the rooms if it is not vented out. Due to these reasons, exhaust fans are a necessity in every home. It is important to compare electricity rates in your area to ensure that the integration of the fan will not result in a high energy bill.

Features/factors you should look for when buying an exhaust fan

●      Strong air suction to keep the air clean and fresh

When looking to buy an exhaust fan, make sure you buy one that comes with a high suction rate. The air suction capacity of an exhaust fan is measured in CMH (cubic meters per hour).

●      Aerodynamically designed blades of Exhaust Fan

The blades should be designed in a way such that they allow a faster speed of rotation. The material of the blade is also an important consideration. Usually, metallic blades are the most preferred option for heavy duty operations. But for medium or low duty operations plastic blades with the right tilt angle would suffice.

●      Rust proof body

If you are planning to buy a metal body exhaust fan and want to ensure its longevity then go for an exhaust fans that comes with a rust proof body. Reputable brands like Luminous manufacture exhaust fans with high quality metal that does not rust with time.

●      Dust protection shutter

This is a good-to-have feature in an exhaust fan as it prevents any dirt or dust from entering the house when the exhaust fan is not in operation. The shutters are usually located on the outside of the exhaust fans.

●      Compact Design

Since these fans may be required in small and cramped up places the fans should be designed in such a way that they don’t take up too much space. If you want to buy compact yet powerful exhaust fans then you must check out the wide range of exhaust fans Luminous has to offer.

●      High Quality Material

The longevity (or life) of an exhaust fan depends on its build material. And while metal fans are a good option when it comes to material quality, some fans made of high quality plastic are equally good. In fact, unlike metals plastic bodies don’t get rusted or tarnished.

●      Beautiful/Classy Aesthetics

The aesthetics of an exhaust fan are also an important buying consideration. That’s because with designer kitchens and modern bathrooms, people care about even the smallest of things installed in their homes. And therefore, the new age exhaust fans are designed in a way such that they blend with the interiors of the room where they are installed.

●      Noise Factor

If you are using the exhaust fan in a small space like an AC cabin or a conference room, you would want them to be noiseless. Therefore, noise level is also an important factor to keep in mind when looking for an exhaust fans.

●      Low Power Consumption Exhaust Fan

Low on power consumption, lower energy bills. That’s how we would like it to be. Right? Well, if you are looking for exhaust fans like that go for Luminous exhaust fans that consume 18 to 22 Watts only.

●      High RPM

RPM stands for rotations per minute and it’s an indicator of the speed of rotation of the fan blades. Higher the RPM, more the air thrust/air delivery. And that’s possible only if the exhaust fans has a powerful motor and aerodynamically designed blades.

●      Exhaust Fan Easy Installation

Make sure the exhaust fan you buy is easy to install so that you can simply follow a DIY guide and don’t have to rely on any technician for the installation.

Looking for a feature-rich fan, but worried about the exhaust fan’s prices? Well, then you should check out the exclusive range of exhaust fans Luminous has to offer. Their fans are loaded with all the features we just discussed and are still reasonably priced.