Which is best? spotify or apple music

spotify vs apple music

Streaming music is one of the most popular and growing industries in the world these days. Music is a vital thing in our lives, and we do need it in our daily lives to at least escape all that is going on in our lives spotify vs apple music. We don’t go to music stores as it was back then, where that was the only place where we could get the music we want. That is long gone, and with the introduction of the internet, everything has gone to the internet.

What you want today, you can type it on whatever browser you are using, and you will be on track to finding it.

The emergence of music streaming platforms just started as the many others where the need arises. People have a dire need for music, and renting them at stores was pretty expensive na it was only for a limited time frame. If you happen to be thinking of going to stores to get the music, you will find that some logistics can be hard.

All these and many more issues led to the rise of the online streaming platform, which either way time would catch up with. 

Apple and Spotify have been some of the big players in the streaming services, and so many users are using them. These streaming platforms have specific features that appeal to different users, and we will take a look at a few. So many people are questioning, which is the best between Spotify vs Apple music, and there are reasons for these. These are two different companies, and they tend to offer the same services, but some features attract different users.

This article is best suited for anyone trying to look for the best streaming services to use. We will look at some of the differences between Spotify vs.

Apple music and also some of the similarities between the two. We will also highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two, which can even grant you a better understanding of the two streaming sites. This can be a very insightful article that will open a lot to you and help you decide which is the best pick for. Music is life, as many say, and it can help us escape a lot, especially in today’s world, so let’s see which is the best between Spotify vs Apple music.


To start our comparison, the first thing that we will need to look at is the features between the two streaming platforms. 


The first thing that we need to look at when comparing Spotify vs. Apple music is the music library that the two entail. The library and the type of music selection in which a streaming platform has been very integral. The thing why some have an extensive library than others all depends on the platform that musicians or labels prefer having their songs on.

Between Spotify vs. Apple Music, you will note that there is a difference in the music library collection compared to the two.

The first thing that you will note between the two is that Apple music entails some of the biggest music library and selection than Spotify.

Apple entails a library that has over 60 million songs, which is a pretty vast library to have. With this kind of wide selection of music, there is a big chance that you will have almost all kinds of music from your favorite musicians, which is excellent. Spotify, on the other hand, has some of the best music selection, and the selection entails about 50 million songs, which is pretty vast too.

These two streaming platforms have expansive songs, but as you have noted, there is a high chance that you might miss some gems at Spotify because of the less vast music library it has compared to Apple music. But the thing that you will note is there is no significant difference between the two on the number of music they entail, which is pretty great.

There is no much difference between the two, as you can see, which means choosing between the two of them, considering this does not play that much of a difference. So as you can note between the two here, Spotify vs. Apple Music, Apple is the best when it comes to the two. 


The user interface is one of the most important things that you need to consider when it comes to using an application. A cleaner interface is essential, and it offers the users the ability to move around the interface without much trouble easily.

Both applications have a simple interface to use, which is pretty amazing.

The navigation is easy as you can get where to search, get to the radio, and even the library fast without any trouble. Between Spotify vs. Apple Music, you will note that Apple has one of the cleanest interfaces, which is excellent in moving around. Spotify, on the other hand, has some great black theme to it, which you will love.

The other thing I love about the Spotify interface is the animations that it entails, which play well depending on the song playing. Both Apple and Spotify offer lyrics on their interface, which is fantastic if they happen to be in a particular song.

Controlling playback is a breeze, which is excellent, and it does not take that much of an effort. The other thing that you will note is you can easily use Google Maps to be able to control the type of music you are listening to. Getting the music that you want is easy, and you can find it by searching using the search engine, which is pretty easy to do. When you look at the interface and how the two work, you will note that they are all similar, and there is no much difference between the two. So, when considering between the two on the interface, it’s clear that the two are on a level field, and I can say they are similar.


Price and subscription are also one of the big determiners when it comes to choosing the type of platform to get. This is what sets these two streaming platforms apart, and it’s the main reason for even comparing the differences between the two. There is no big difference between the two when you take a closer look between the two. The normal cost for the two ranges between $9.99 for the premium version.

The premium version is excellent as it entails some of the best options that you can get, which are pretty awesome.

I love this fact because it’s a low cost, yet you get quality sound and some other great content with it. This premium version provides you with all the content, and you can stream any song from any catalog that you want. This also gives you the ability to stream songs offline, which is pretty awesome. Spotify is ad-free, and the good thing about it is that you don’t have to have a premium version to listen to music.

The only drawback to it is the number of limited skips that you have, which you can skip. That means when you are listening to an album, there are a limited number of skips that you can make, which is so limiting. Apart from the paid version. The two streaming platform offers the users the ability to try the two platforms about three months on a trial period which will be great to find if you like the platform and continue using it or not. When considering Spotify vs. Apple Music, then I bet Spotify will take this category home.


Streaming quality is one of the significant determiners, also when it comes to choosing a streaming site. Quality is a significant player in selecting the platform where you can be listening to music on. The two formats offer the best quality, which is why they are among the top brands in the game. Different kinds of formats are being used in the two platforms, and they work perfectly fine.

Spotify uses Ogg Vorbis format, which is a great and quality format of sound to have.

The format offers you the ability to choose the type of bit rate that you want to stream at. This ability is excellent, and as you will note, the sound quality is top-notch, which is fantastic, and you will love it. The bit rate can get up to 320kbs, which is excellent, and this rate is great; it means you are listening to music at one of the best qualities ever. This quality obviously will consume a lot of data if you happen to be using this high quality.

It offers you also the option of listening to a lower quality, which is excellent and works well without eating up most of your data. Apple Music is also one of the best when it comes to streaming music. The platform streams music at a bit rate of 256kbps for AAC files, and this is great as it offers users the best sound quality, which is brilliant.

Both the two platforms offer the users an equalizer, which they can use to adjust the sound to the preferences that they like the most. This can mean boosting the sounds that love, and this is great for people who understand sound deeply or want a better sound. There is no quite different between the two streaming platforms when it comes to streaming quality. Therefore, there is not that much of a difference between Spotify vs. Apple Music and thus a draw.


The ability to discover music is one of the best things that I love with the two platforms. The actual reason why most people use streaming platforms is to have the ability to discover new music. Both of these two streaming platforms offer users the ability to discover tremendous new music daily.

Some tools have been put in place to help you discover new music, which is interesting. Some of the tools put in place include the weekly release, which has some of the best songs and new ones.

This includes music on the playlist and many more, which is pretty awesome.

When you first sign up at these services, you will be required to select some of the genres you like. This platform will then use this to help you find some of the new songs you like. There are also radio stations on the two streaming platforms, which can be great for discovering new tracks and even new artists.

These radio stations are so great. They offer the users one of the best abilities to get new music, which is something I love about the radios plus incorporation of traditional radio stations.

When it comes to playlist, Spotify has one of the best algorithmic suggestions based on your listening habits. It comes to radio Apple Music beats many because of the awesomely curated list it can provide you with. When comparing Spotify vs. Apple Music, you will note they both draw as they all provide different options.


I love the two streaming services because they offer you the ability to follow the artists you like. This is one great factor about this because you can follow the posts of the artists you like. The two also offer you the ability to follow some of your friends, and with this ability, you will be able to follow the music and artist that they love.

The thing that you will note between Spotify vs Apple Music is most artists are more active on Apple Music than on Spotify. Spotify, too, has artists who post on a daily, but that is less content compared to Apple. Also, it’s very easier to follow profiles on Apple Music than on Spotify.

I love Spotify’s group sessions, which allows two or more premium members to listen and control playback on a shared playlist. But with all these, I think Apple takes the music when comparing Spotify vs. Apple Music