Casein or protein which is better for weight loss

casein powder protein

When protein is mentioned, associations immediately arise with mass gain, increase in strength, and so on. Indeed, this supplement is most often used by athletes during periods of intense training to support muscle growth. But the beneficial properties of this nutrient are not limited to this. Protein is involved in many processes taking place in the body, including the effect on weight loss. That is why protein shakes are effective during the “drying” of the body. This useful property is especially loved by girls, since burning fat with protein is much easier than torturing yourself with diets. Buying protein is most beneficial over the Internet. But if you want the maximum benefit, it is better to take protein in bulk. Shelf life allows you to purchase many months in advance and thereby save a lot of money.

casein powder protein

Both casein and whey protein are saturated with all necessary amino acids and are extracted from dairy products. They have almost the same degree of purification and percentage of protein. Their main difference is the time of assimilation. Both products are suitable for weight loss, they give almost the same result, which depends on the characteristics of the reception and activity of the athlete. Casein and whey are in the same price category. The main rule when using any protein is to observe the daily dosage. They do not carry any health hazard, the body easily assimilates every type of protein. The exception is individual intolerance.

Casein is a slow protein. It is fully absorbed in 12 hours. The main plus is that at this time it gives a feeling of fullness, which means that it is easier to stick to a diet and not consume extra calories. It is suitable for active people who, in addition to losing weight, want to maintain muscle mass. Due to the fact that it is absorbed gradually, casein slowly saturates the body with everything necessary. Naturally, for proper weight loss it must be combined with strength training.

Whey protein acts in much the same way as casein, and hunger will not bother you. But given the fact that this protein is absorbed quickly, hunger also comes faster. Despite this, experts believe that it is more effective for losing weight. It is worth noting that there are only three forms of such a protein: concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate. During the period of burning fat, it is better to take the kaufen boldenone undecylenate in deutschland last two. They have a high degree of purification and practically do not contain fats and carbohydrates. Isolate and hydrolyzate improve metabolism, contributing to weight loss, while strengthening immunity. With systematic admission, you can achieve the desired result in a short time.