Interesting marketing trends that you should follow in 2021

Interesting marketing trends

Interesting marketing

Using content wisely helps a brand increase ROI and awareness. The modern consumer values ​​inclusiveness, personalization and convenience. We will tell you how to take into account current trends in your marketing strategy.

Every brand strives to get to the top of the search engine results. For this, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the content. It can be anything: instructional videos, humorous articles, or social media stories. If a brand takes a responsible approach to filling its sites and profiles, an attentive audience will not be long in coming.

Profitability – to achieve a high return on investment (ROI) can be a challenge for small businesses after a pandemic. Content marketing can save you almost 62% on advertising costs.

High Conversion – Content marketing attracts 6x more leads compared to other marketing methods. Small business blogging attracted 126% more leads than non-blogging competitors.

Brand awareness – Almost 615 million users use ad blockers, which significantly reduces the reach of a wide audience with regular advertising. 88% of marketers believe quality content increases consumer confidence and brand credibility. YouTube is the best platform to get brand awareness with video marketing. You should buy YouTube likes and get more attention. With more likes and subscribers, the YouTube algorithm gives an organic boost in the recommendation system.

However, it is important to constantly monitor changes in consumer behavior and adapt promotion strategies and interesting marketing trends. In a pandemic, the ability to adapt to new realities has become the most important sign for successful business development.

Inclusive marketing

In the report, Accenture about retail trade said that the views of customers there was a significant cultural shift. More than 40% of buyers belonging to ethnic minorities and minor communities are willing to ditch brands that do not adhere to multicultural marketing.   In the beauty industry, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is an example of this promotion. A comprehensive line of foundations for different skin tones has forced competitors to rethink their approach. Now, international brands make sure to take into account the needs of women of color when launching new products. Also a good example of inclusiveness was Savage Fenty X, which introduced a line of lingerie designed specifically for curvy women. Consumers are ready to fight for their rights and no longer take brands at their word.

This is what it means.

  • Brands should be held accountable for their indifference.
  • Companies need to hire writers, leaders, and marketers from a variety of social backgrounds to convey diverse opinions to the masses.
  • Inclusive marketing should be integrated into the corporate culture and not be a one-time promotion.
  • Brands must build their marketing strategies based on cultural realities and change. Otherwise, they will miss out on the opportunity to influence their target audience.

The power of personalization

Media giant Netflix has gained widespread acclaim for this approach. After subscribing, the service invites users to mark several favorite films or TV series. Netflix’s online database will then provide a list of recommendations.  The information is updated after each viewing, so the user can always choose what to watch. The company always focuses on consumer interest, starting with the selection of relevant shows, and ending with cooperation with content creators.

  • 70% of companies say personalized AI marketing strategies increase ROI by about 200%. 
  • 86% of brands saw a dramatic growth in business after integrating this approach.
  • Personalization works through marketing channels and platforms. Here are some of them.
  • Emails – It’s important to be personal, address by name, avoid common labels, and use existing personal information. These methods double the CTR and drive consumer interest.
  • Customer segmentation – Instead of reaching out to a wider audience, it is necessary to design advertising in accordance with the interests of the customers. This approach is much more valuable than regular mailing lists.
  • Chatbots – in the new reality, the number of overnight impulse purchases has increased significantly. In order not to involve support staff on night shifts, you can use the help of chatbots. This will keep buyers interested and active. Also, bots are able to collect CRM data, which can make interactions more meaningful. AI bots can use the data to make recommendations.