How To Select Best Fishing Reel


When it involves fighting game fish weighing 25 pounds or more, most knowledgeable saltwater anglers would choose a top quality conventional found out over spinning tackle because it’s much better suited to the work at hand. But when battling huge tuna and billfish that can tip the scales at several hundred pounds, even the very best quality single gear conventional reel are often put to the test. because of the relatively recent development of up to date 2-speed reels, however, the playing field for successfully landing one among these brutes has been leveled significantly.

Just as putting your car in first gear will assist you climb a hill more effectively, having a second, lower gear on your reel will deliver far more power to your retrieve. this will be an important asset engaged during a battle with a very big shot which may otherwise require far more time to bring back the boat.

Although 2-speed fishing reels have technically been around since the late 1930s, it’s only been a touch over a decade since a replacement generation of 2-speeds has caught the eye of anglers worldwide. they’re especially popular among passengers on West Coast long-range boats that fish the Lower California coast for large yellowfin weighing 300 pounds or more. As noted by Okuma Tackle representative, Brandon Cotton, “They allow an angler to place more pressure on the fish. Higher speeds let the angler fish jigs and lures at a faster pace, but lower gears help them to place tons more torque on a fish once it’s been hooked.”

One of the sole drawbacks to purchasing a top quality 2-speed fishing reel is that the cost; a couple of of the highest shelf brands and models can home in cost from $1,000 to $2,000. Fortunately, not all good 2-speeds require that much initial cost outlay, although they’re generally priced above single speed reels within the same size class. If you’re considering purchasing a replacement 2-speed fishing reel, here are a couple of that you simply might want to seem into as described by Melton International.