How to Screen Record on iPhone 11 in Simple Steps

how to screen record on iphone 11
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Iphone 11 is one of the most sold iPhones of all iPhones. People still use it after the iphone 14 was on the market. If you are someone with Iphone 11 who wants to know how to screen record on an iphone 11, then you are at the right place. You want a screen-recorded video for your Youtube channel or to share it elsewhere. In this article, we will brief you how you can record the screen of your iphone 11. 

How to screen record on iphone 11:

To start screen record on an iphone, first, you need to turn it on from settings so the feature works effortlessly.

  • To enable the screen record, first, open the settings menu on your iphone.
  • Choose Control Center in the settings.
  • In the control center, find the Screen Recording and click it.
  • By doing it, screen recording will now is part of Included Controls list.
  • You can click and pull the items in this list to adjust their arrangement on the Control Center menu.
  • once you have all the items organized how you want, leave Settings.

After doing this now, you can go to the next step.

how to screen record on iphone 11
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How to screen record on iphone 11:

Now, I assume that you have successfully completed the first step by enabling screen recording. By completing this step, you can now screen record on your iphone at any time with ease. 

  • Swipe down the screen to open the control center. You can find it near the battery icon.
  • Find the screen recording button in the control center menu. However, You can easily identify it; it will be a red circle in another big red circle.
  • If you want to record without recording audio, click the button once, and if you want to record with audio, long press it. Choose accordingly what your needs are.
  • After pressing the Screen Recording button for some time, another screen will open.
  • Long Press on the microphone icon until it changes to red color, and one message will appear stating Microphone On.
  • It will start with a 3-second countdown, and after the countdown ends, you will see the screen record button turning red, and now your iPhone 11 will capture everything that appears on the screen as a video file.

If you also choose an audio record with a microphone, your iPhone 11 will also record your audio. So, if you are creating a video to post somewhere, you can describe what you are doing on the phone. It is an optional step cause you can later record the audio separately and add it with the help of an editor of your choice.

How to Stop Screen recording on iphone 11:

Now you know how to start screen record, you need to know how to stop it. There are two ways to stop screen recording: 

  1. Open the control center menu and click on the screen recording button. It will stop the recording immediately.
  2. The Second option is to click on the red timer and choose stop; it will stop the recording instantly.
how to screen record on iphone 11
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After stopping the recording, you will find all your recordings in your internal storage. You can watch them any time or edit them with the help of an editor.

Some Alternatives to Screen Record in Iphone 11:

Well, the iphone has its own screen recorder, but some people use a third-party screen recorder for recording. There are some apps available for ios, like Du Screen recorder and screen recorder+. These are the top ones, there are some other apps available, but my suggestion would be to use top-quality apps or apple’s inbuilt screen record feature.


Why does my iPhone 11 not let me screen record?

However, It could happen if you haven’t enabled the screen recording feature from settings. Sometimes when your iPhone has low space, it doesn’t save the recordings.

Does iPhone 11 have a recording feature?

Yes, all the iPhones after the iPhone 11, including the iPhone 11, has an inbuilt screen recording feature. You need to know how to enable it from settings and how to record it; read our post for full info.


We all know that screen recording is a great feature for recording your screen and making great videos. However, you need to have a separate app on your android to record, but on iPhone 11, you can record with an inbuilt screen recording feature. If you have an iphone 11, you now know how to screen record on iPhone 11. So, use it to create some dope videos for your social media. Lastly, If you have any doubts about the tutorial, you can ask in the comments.