Why React Native Should be the First Choice of App Startups

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Startups are synonymous with speed. The employees are known to work around the clock to cope with that kind of speed.

And, nope, there’s no room for mistakes. According to a recent report, 20% of the startups fail within a year, and only 25% of the businesses make it through the 15-year mark.

5 Factors that Makes Startups Tick

Most of the app startsups walk the tightrope between the demands of the business and the realities of cost constraints. Working on shoe-string budget it’s hard for them to do the balancing act between different platforms. This is where React Native helps – a programming language that writes cross-platform apps.

Here we talk about 5 Factors that Startsups need to zero down on to keep themselves going in the marketplace.

#1. Cost: This sounds like a no-brainer, but it still bears repeating that money is a crucial factor to consider when thinking of a mobile app development project. When speaking of both platforms – iOS and Android – a cross-platform framework is an ideal choice. Why? It’s because a cross-platform framework allows you to use a single code to develop apps for both platforms.

#2. Developer talent: Choosing a popular technology such as React Native will help you find developers easily.

#3. Market Validation: A quicker validation of your app idea also helps. Building an MVP and validating your app idea quickly by getting the app to the market faster is a crucial step that makes startups tick.

#4. Blitzscaling: Blitzscaling means prioritizing speed over efficiency. And, yes, blitzscaling should be the catchword for startups. Think of the Indian app Chingari that leapfrogged its customer base from 500 thousand to over 10 million in weeks when the Indian government banned Tik Tok in India.

#5. Tighter deadlines: As mentioned in the previous point, Startups need to move fast. It’s said that in the U.S., you only need six days to start a business. So, imagine, if you take a day more, you may have ten more competitors in the market to breathe down your necks.

Why React Native?

React Native builds cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript. The platform enables creating multi-platform UI components that are bridged to native code and converted to Android and iOS views.

The code is written in JavaScript, so you don’t need to know Java/Kotlin or Objective C/Swift to write mobile apps while making them native.

Long story short: React Native is a cross-platform development framework that uses a single code to develop and deploy Android and iOS apps.

The Plus Points of using React Native for Startups

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The platform has been the backbone of many successful companies. But what makes this platform a favorite among the startups? Here we look at some of the most solid points of React Native.

Least Development cost: Since a single code runs on both platforms, the development cost is lower than that of native solutions. You require a single React Native developer to create an app for both platforms.

Abundantly available talent: RN runs on Javascript, which is already a favorite programming language among developers. According to a survey, almost 70% of the respondents were familiar with it. Again React is a popular framework on which RN is built. So, app developers abound when it comes to using ReactNative for building apps.

Ample Marketing Time: ReactNative helps you make apps faster than the native approach, giving the marketing team enough time to market the apps.

Reusable components: An app has many similar features that are spread throughout the app. You should identify these components, as these components are like reusable blocks. In other words, the reusable parts are written once and can be used in many places. And, since no new codes are required, it saves money.

You can also upgrade your React Native app with native components like a camera or GPS, provided you are familiar with native development. And, once you have written them, it can be used in other React Native apps.

Excellent User Experience: User Experience is crucial for any digital product’s success. If you look at it, technically React Native app is not an app though it feels like one because it’s fully responsive.

Stable and evolving language:

Right from the start, React Native has been evolving. Being an open-source framework, it has the backing of a vast community. So in case of problems, you can always reach out to other developers and search for solutions. Therefore, the risk of using it is the bare minimum.

Free Access to pre-made Solutions and libraries

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React Native developers have access to a range of pre-made solutions and libraries. The solutions help in app building and help developers with more bug-free codes.

Start-ups using React Native

As you may have guessed by now, React Native is the first choice of startups. Some of the famous start-up apps built using this trend-setting technology are:

  • Discord
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Salesforce
  • Uber Eats

When to choose native app development over React Native

Cross-app development is not always the right choice. Sometimes native app development is the go-to strategy. Here are some instances when you need to choose the native option over React Native.

  • When performance is a top priority
  • When security is high on the agenda, specifically if you are in FinTech industry.
  • When your app is centered on graphics and comprises advanced interactions, custom animations, or various screen transitions in your app.
  • Your app interacts a lot with hardware like GPS, i.e., if it uses geolocation tracking.

Time required for developing a React Native App

There isn’t an exact answer for this. We know that React Native speeds up the development process by 50% instead of native app development. The time required depends on the complexity of the app.

Cost of Developing a Native App

Again, there isn’t an exact answer for this. The mobile app development agencies will give you an approximate figure, depending on the time and complexity of the app.

React Native is unarguably the most popular app development platform for app startups. So, without further ado, contact any of the top app development development companies listed on GoodFirms – a review and rating platform for top app development companies.


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