Live Home 3D Version 4 Brings New Advantages


Working on the house building starts long before the first construction materials are delivered to the building lot. This project has to be well-planned at the beginning — the beforehand preparations and a thoroughly made list of steps and actions you should stick to will reduce and even eliminate that something will go wrong during the home building or renovation process.


The very first task is to create a virtual image of your virtual place of living or work. Compared to the recent past, the design approach has altered drastically. Of course, there are customers who still prefer making hand-made plans more than modern alternatives, but their percentage is decreasing fast. Home design applications are indispensable working tools that allow you to have a keen sense of the pulse of the project realization 24/7. Among them, the Live Home 3D interior design app is for sure outstanding and attention-grabbing.

Benefits of Using Live Home 3D

Unlike paperwork, using the software under consideration saves time on fulfilling several tasks (from choosing a proper material to picking up the right room planning), speeds up real construction progress on the target location, and helps avoid a lot of mistakes. Besides, this work is versatile, and any design update can be shared immediately via one click between the project members. A wide range of options allows you not only to create the house of your dreams and think about its layout and interior content, but also to equip the adjacent territory.

Overall, having this architecture software in your collection of tools will result in the following enhanced capabilities at the consumers’ end:

  • A manual approach isn’t deprived of handwritten mistakes, and preferring technical tools like Live Home 3D that was recently updated to version 4 will give more reliable and long-term efficient assessment of project quality.
  • The level of security and availability when it comes to virtual materials is definitely higher than what paperwork can offer. Besides, if you need it on paper, it is a quick task to print the layout created within the program. Getting a 3D virtual project of your paper plan is much more challenging: you will need to repeat the same drawing routine on your computer.
  • This tool differentiates with its excellent compatibility. Apart from being suitable for Windows and Mac, the users have a great opportunity to work on the go anywhere and anytime by giving their final “yes” to iPhone and iPad versions.
  • With its help, you are involved in the design process for one hundred percent. It is much simpler to make early design decisions, define constraints on the further project realization, predict its schedules and cost more accurately.
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Additional Enhancements in Version 4

Stopping on the achieved results is far from what Live Home 3D developers prefer doing. Instead, they do their best to adjust and modernize the present functionality sections to keep up with the leading trends and stand out among competitors. From this perspective, Live Home 3D version 4 is a program for breeze task performance and solid cooperation between separate departments of your team.

Here are some of the features that make it stand out among other the alternative options:

  • Terrain editing — this software offers a myriad of different objects, materials, and structures to get a plan for your dream. The long-awaited ability to master terrain visualization is at your disposal now. With its help, you can not only recreate the same landscape you have around your home you see every day. It is a wonderful opportunity to implement changes or prepare a completely new design from scratch. It is as simple as ABC to add hills, mountains, pathways, cutouts, and ponds to your plan.
  • Advanced materials — visualization matters, that’s for sure. The more vivid impression you get, the easier it is for you to define whether any improvements have to be made. Physically-based materials available in Live Home 3D boost up your visual content to a new level. If you are looking to add a more natural flavor to the way your house looks from an exterior or interior perspective, don’t hesitate to apply the program’s tools.
  • Object manipulation — previously, when there was a need to rotate the house, it was necessary to start all over again. Version 4 brings the long-awaited house movement and rotation feature. It allows customers to manipulate the objects’ position as they need.
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Wrap It Up

All in all, Live Home 3D is developed by professionals who understand the goals of their users and know how to simplify the tasks that seem so complex at first. Some of the amazing examples are the use of the AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies and multipurpose tools for intuitive workflow. We sure recommend this home design app for all interior design tasks. You can find more information and support form on the product website:

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