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The internet is one of the most amazing places that you can get all the things that you want. There is a lot of information, and everything that you can imagine is on the internet. The funny thing is we are not consuming all of the information on the web yet, and the percentage of how to block sites on the Chrome of that is slim. But all good things have their drawbacks that and the internet is no different. There is negative information that can be found there, some are so distracting, and some sites can prey on our knowledge and harm us.

With this kind of information, you must make sure that you know every kind of site that you are accessing.

You always need to ask yourself several questions of how secure the site is, and if you find the place is not safe, it’s essential you distance yourself from it. There are so many notification sites that tend to be popping up on, and these notification requests can be distracting if it’s a child using the computer. These can be sites that you have subscribed to or some which tend to send notifications to internet users. Chrome is a great browser, and the reason many prefer it is because of the way it’s fast.

This is one of the best and fastest browsers compared to many available, and it also saves your bandwidth. Today we will look at how to block Chrome notification requests and also how to secure sites in Chrome. This is a great article to spend your time on as it can save you a lot when it comes to concentrating on tasks that you are doing on your computer, and also it will help you be able to block sites that tend to distract you.


Before we look at how to block sites on Chrome, it’s essential; we look at how to block Chrome notification requests. Notification requests often come when you tend to visit a website in Chrome, and suddenly a window pops up, asking you if you want to get notifications from that site. If you tend to say no, the window will keep coming up again and again, which can be so distracting if you are doing something important on that site. These kinds of pop-ups can be so annoying, and you must figure out a way in which you can block those Chrome notification requests. 

The first step for doing this is clicking on the three vertical dots that are on top of your screen,

which will open up a window. From here, you will then need to click on Settings and then scroll to the bottom, and from there, click on Advanced. Under Privacy and Security, you will then have to click on Site Settings. Here you will now see Notifications, which you will toggle to block it.

Following the above procedure will now ensure you don’t get the notifications that keep annoying you from a particular website. This is one way, which is so great, and it works well, and I happen to be using these methods in most of the computers I use for the first time. These notifications are often distracting, and they tend even to waste a lot of your time.


Now that you have understood how to block Chrome notification requests, it’s essential that you also know how you can secure sites on Chrome. 

There are several ways to do this, and we will look at two instances. Some people use Chrome on their desktop, while others use Chrome on their desktop. We will take a look at how you can block a site in either of the two devices. 


Let’s say you are using your computer, and you find that some sites share inappropriate information and you need to block them. These sites can be containing viruses, and some even showcasing adult information in instances where a kid might be using that computer. Also, kids can easily access some sites, and you must block these sites as they can affect kids. You might be wondering how to secure areas on Chrome, but that can be solved quickly. 

The first thing that you need to do is add some extension in your Chrome browser,, and this extension will block all the sites that you don’t want anyone to visit. The name of this extension is Block Site Page, and you will then go ahead and install the extension. This is a great extension, and it works perfectly as it gives you the flexibility to a lot concerning a page. You can decide to block an entire website or choose to block a particular page that you don’t want anybody to see. 

Once you install Block Site, you can add the extension and begin doing a bunch of stuff that you do like.

If you click on the extension, which is often at the upper right side, you will see a drop-down menu that will let you do a bunch of stuff. There is an area where you will be asked to add the site that you want to block, and you can easily do this with no trouble. When you click at add site, you will have to paste the web address site like, and once you do this, it will ask you if you are blocking it permanently or temporarily. You will then use the + sign, which will then add the site to the sites you want to stop. You can do this several times with all the places that you wish to block. 

I love this extension as it offers you the ability even to set a password, and what this means is someone needs to have the website for them to access that site. The protection features that the extension provides is fantastic, and with the email provided, you will receive a notification if someone tries to access the site. Some people use incognito mode, and this tends to bypass these, but this extension also prevents that by blocking sites accessed through incognito. So, if you were asking how to block sites on Chrome this is the way to do it.


For Android and iOS users also asking how to block sites on Chrome, there is a simple process that I will outline to you which you will use to do so. Block Site is so awesome, and you will be able to also get this application on your phone, and it will do wonders for you too. You can get the Block Site application on Google Play Store, which is fantastic and once you download it there are lots of things that you can do there.

If you are an adult and you have a kid, there are some sites which you will not want your kids to be visiting. The other good thing with this application is the fact that it offers you the ability also to block applications which is great. Once installed, you can now begin setting it up, and at the top, there is a plus sign and what this does is it will block the sites that you want them blocked. So, you can add the web addresses of those websites and once you do that you can click on block and the sites will be blocked.

Apart from wanting to know how to block sites on Chrome, it’s essential that you also get to know how to block some apps, so your kids or some people don’t get hold of them. Blocking apps with Block Site is so easy, and the process is not that complicated as many of you think, and the app even outlines how easy you can do it. There is a tick sign at this app which you will click once you finish adding the preferred site and they you go. You will be done, and that is how to block sites on Chrome if you are using a phone. 


The personal blocklist is also one way of how to block sites on Chrome which you should also use. This is different from the other method of Block Site that we have discussed above how to block sites on Chrome. The way personal blocklist works is by ensuring that the site that you are blocking is not visible in the search engine. Interesting right? Therefore, if someone is trying to access a site that you have blocked, it will not be visible to them, and they won’t be able to access it.

You can get a personal block site and install it as an extension and then add all the sites that you want to block. Once that particular site is added to a personal block site, it won’t be visible any more, which is brilliant. This is another excellent way of how to block sites on Chrome that you need to have on your arsenal. 


There are several advantages which come as a result of knowing how to block sites on Chrome which you need to know. 


Distraction is one of the most common things that can happen when you constantly get notification requests. It’s essential that you ensure that you know how to block sites on Chrome to be able to minimize this. There are a lot of companies trying to sell you a lot of things on the internet and if you are not careful chance are you will be consuming a lot of internet notifications which is not great. Facebook and even Instagram notification can be a problem, and you need to be careful and block them.


There is a lot of content on the internet, and with this enormous kind of content, there is some which are not appropriate and even explicit. If your kids happen to be using the internet, then it’s appropriate that you ensure that they are not accessing some sites which can be harmful to their mind. Knowing how to block sites on Chrome can be of an enormous advantage here.


If you happen to be having a company, it’s essential that you prevent going through some sites as these can lead to lawsuits. If your employees tend to be accessing some sites, there are chances that your company can fall into legal action and therefore end up costing you money. To prevent this, it’s important that you block those sites and prevent anyone in your company from accessing them.


Data is so important, and this is one of the things that most people don’t understand yet. There are so many sites that are on the internet, and these sites can end up stealing your data, and you need to be aware of these sites. Therefore, the thing that you need to do is ensure that you block these sites from Chrome and thus minimize the chances of you getting your data stolen.


Data bandwidth is so expensive these days, and it’s essential that you ensure that you are conserving your bandwidth as much as possible. The are sites that drain bandwidths so fast, and it’s ideal that you block them so that you don’t end up running out of data. Some of the sites that drain bandwidth easily include sites that entail videos or even torrent sites where people can download stuff. These sites, therefore, tend to consume a lot of data, and this might end up costing you a lot of bandwidth that running out often, which is not something you will like.


To conclude, we have highlighted the several ways of how to block sites on Chrome that you need to use. There are many advantages of these apart from the ones we have highlighted above, which is fantastic.


Can I block a site on Chrome?  

 There are several extensions like Block Sites that allow you to block sites on Chrome which you will need to use.

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