Choose the ideal jewelry for your gown dress

Choose the ideal jewelry for your gown dress

Picking jewelry for the evening is more difficult than choosing a dress for the evening. The appropriate jewelry may highlight your personal style while also making you appear classy, sophisticated, and beautiful. On the other hand, combining the wrong or not ideal jewelry with a different dress would make you look inept and uncomfortable. 

To look perfect for any occasion, you ought to choose the perfect jewelry for your perfect dress and in this case, your evening gown. You might be hoarding a stunning piece of jewelry that you would like to flaunt on a special occasion and for that, we have compiled a list of 5 significant tips to help you in choosing the right and the ideal jewelry for your evening gown. Read further to know more- 

1. Combine colorful prints with effortless ideal jewelry- If you’re wearing an evening gown with a dramatic print, it’s better to keep the jewelry subtle. Whenever your dress has a vivid print, then jewelry like solid gold bracelets, gold watches, or a dainty gold necklace could be appropriate. You can browse for some pretty gold jewelry designs online to match your gown. When it comes to accessorizing, it comes in handy if you try to stick to a steady shade. If you’re donning white gold earrings, for one, make sure the white gold-tone is maintained overall. Likewise, if your gown is subdued in tone, then you can choose a statement accessory to break up the monotony.

2. Don’t be afraid to choose statement pieces- Statement pieces can bring out your unique style. Please dont confuse statement  pieces with jewelry sizing, which we will discuss later. Indeed the accessory does not even need to be large to be a statement piece. Take the example of  Solitaire diamond rings that are classic, with a timeless appeal. The brilliant center stone and simple band design will make your fingers the center of attention. Chandelier earrings or drop earrings are fantastic choices. There are some rules you must adhere to, though. You will notice we keep referencing some of these points. The first is to draw attention to the jewelry by wearing understated clothes. A simple black gown devoid of too many embellishments will look great. The second rule is not to overdo it. Wearing huge earrings and an equally noticeable necklace can make you look overstated. Take one piece and let it be the center of attention. Remember, balance is everything if you want to appear chic.

3.Approach contradictory colors and tones- If you wish to know what brings out the best in your gown, then your answer is vibrant and precious gemstones in your gold accessories. When coupled with colder tones, blazing, warm-colored rubies and golden jewels, in particular, create a fascinating difference. For a chic look, wear those gemstones that look gentler in tone, take blues, lavender, or purples for instance. If you’re wearing a solid dark-colored gown, add a gold and ruby necklace to complete the ensemble and give you a regal appearance. 

4. Size of your accessories- A piece of jewelry may look appealing to you, but if the size of this jewelry doesn’t align with the outfit you’re wearing, none of this would matter. You surely cannot wear your tiny diamond cuff earrings on a heavy evening gown, as nobody would notice your earrings. If your accessories don’t even show properly, then what’s the point of wearing one? However, you have to make sure the jewelry you choose doesn’t look gaudy at all.  When it comes to larger pieces of jewelry, you should think about whether your clothes and jewelry are fighting for attention or simply enhancing each other. It’s the most important aspect of styling. The key to remember while selecting jewelry is that it must accentuate the gown so that both the gown and the jewelry get noticed. 

5. Choose from Gold, Silver, Diamond, or Platinum- The kind of jewelry should you decide to wear must match the color of your chosen gown. For instance, if you choose to wear a red gown, anything shinier like diamond or silver would do the trick. However, if you are wearing something black, gold jewelry like a necklace would complement the look, giving you a regal appearance. Furthermore, if you are unsure of what jewelry to choose, you can download the Melorra app to help you choose the jewelry that compliments your gown. 

6. Dress according to the occasion- Jewelry like rings or earrings work all the time, meaning you can don them anywhere you feel like. They don’t need any specific occasion to flaunt. Jewelry must be fashioned in accordance with dress requirements and events. To tone it down with gowns for special events, you can wear jewelry like diamond earrings, pearl necklaces, or any subtle gemstones that would make you look classy. All in all, make sure you aren’t afraid to do some experimenting before you choose your final jewelry that goes perfect with your gown.