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Dating is easier for some people than others, and most of that comes from personal confidence. People without the confidence to put themselves out there to be judged and asked out by others rarely have success. While many parts of the world have embraced the body positivity movement, it’s not enough to make every plus-size woman feel comfortable with their body. We’re going to show you some of the ways that these women should re-evaluate their bodies and understand that they’re deserving of love and connection!

How to use the benefits of your body?

The first question that plus-size people have to think about when they’re trying to live their best life and find partners is, what are the benefits of my body, and how do I use them? One thing that people notice about bigger women is that they tend to have more accentuated curves on their bodies. After all, hips, waist, derriere, and the bust line are all bigger on people that carry more weight in many cases. As such, you can try to draw more attention to those aspects of your body when you’re looking for dates because many men find them to be attractive. It’s an innate urge in men to look for women with wide hips and other prominent features, so you might discover that someone is attracted to your form as it is. Even if you have never tried to portray yourself as a sexual being, attempting to attract someone in such a way could lead to the proper outcomes. All in all, it is important to realize that there are several benefits to a larger body type. As long as you recognize them and draw attention to the areas, you’ll have an easier time dating.

How to love yourself and find your couple?

Another major problem that people have when it comes to dating as a BBW or large woman, in general, is learning to love yourself. The thing is that people view themselves so negatively for being overweight that they stop loving themselves. As Ru Paul likes to say, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?” You have to realize that your body as it exists now does not have to stay that way. You can work harder and do better to change yourself. The only thing is that this process takes time, so if you do want to lose weight or work on a specific aspect of your body, recognize that you’re doing the very best that you can to change. Even though it will take time, you should find satisfaction and love in your efforts. Learn to love yourself a little more, and it becomes easier to pursue a partner. You won’t settle for the first person that comes along, and you’ll have the confidence to leave a situation that is not perfect for you. These two elements, along with the confidence to go and find a date, can radically change your perspective on dating.

Main tips of dating with body positive

Finding a BBW woman isn’t always easy and dating them is not just a matter of saying a few sweet words. These women know what they’re worth and they aren’t going to settle for the first guy to show up. On the best dating sites for BBW, you can meet curvy girls that know all benefits of their body. So, to win BBW girl’s attention of will have to work hard. But tips below help you in it.

  • Be honest about yourself

You have to understand your mentality going into dates. Are you looking for someone because of their body type? Do you want someone with a specific personality? Know what your heart wants before seeking someone.

  • Accept their body and yours for what it is

Your body can change, and so can your partner’s. Accept them for what they are – a work in progress.

  • Understand that physical attractiveness is not the only thing that matters

Not everyone is born with conventional attractiveness. That doesn’t make them a bad potential significant other. Focus on learning about who they are on the inside.

  • Try to make a sincere connection

Don’t go through the motions of a date with someone that isn’t right for you. Be sincere about your intentions with them and let them know what you’re feeling.

Following all these tips will help you find a partner in a way that coincides with body positivity. That way, you will be building a relationship on a strong foundation of love and understanding.


Dating someone while abiding by body positivity elements can be a vast change for some. Yet, the ability for plus-size women and bigger guys to find love knowing that they’re worth it can be transformative. Go out there and be fearless in your pursuit of love and connections!