Best Paid Android Games to play in Quarantine – Games like PubG and Minecraft


It is 2020 already, and because you and others are going through a hard time as COVID-19 is spreading faster than ever; hence, it is best for all of us to stay in Quarantine. But, during this Quarantine, to remain positive and active is also significant. Therefore, to eliminate boredom from your time at home and further keep you busy – in this reading, we are representing the top 15 best paid Android Games.

To begin with, Android games are very prominent. Games like safest pubg hacks and Minecraft have fan-following in millions, but this is time to experience advanced gaming. That’s right. Our list of best-paid android games will fulfill your need for new gaming skills and challenges. Above all, you will be the master of your training as a gamer during this Quarantine. Hence, without any further ado, let’s get started

Top 15 best paid Android Games 

Monument Valley – 1st ranking best paid android games

Best android paid games apps 2020
Image credit: Monument Valley on Google Play Store

To begin with, at one point or another in your childhood, you must have imagined yourself as a king or warrior. Who fights to rescue the princess! Well! Download Monument Valley. It is one such top-ranking best-paid android game to fulfill this desire of yours. Not only this, but Monument Valley is rich-loaded with beautiful yet complex landscapes and objects with unimaginable architecture.  

Best features of this game are:

    • First, it has an automatic game’s update available. It comes with various challenges.
    • For the most part, the player has the power to rearrange the fields according to your understanding.
    • Moreover, several Audio effects are available. 
    • Also, you can download Monument valley on Tablets. 
    • Now, you can buy Monument Valley for $3.75 approx on Google Play Store. We recommend you to double-check prices on Google Play Store. 

Download Link:

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas, Best Paid Android Games with Action

Best weird android games reddit
Image credit: Grand Theft Auto

One of the most unusual yet weird android games in the history of Rockstar Game creation is here. It is called the Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas. This game is literally a 70 hours marathon experience. Do you remember the Big Bang theory and their prominent Dungeons and dragons Gaming-thon? If yes! You are going to experience something like that with GTA – SA. 

Some Best features of Grand theft auto- San Andreas are: 

  • HD resolution Gameplay with advanced storylines keeps the excitement going.
  • Incredible in-depth detailing of Gangsters and Police officers with hints hidden are also there.
  • You can connect with your Gamepad as well as Bluetooth to build a better grip on your performance.
  • In the meantime, advanced visual effects and graphic settings are available. They offer to make you feel comfortable, and the screen goes easy on your vision. 
  • Also, brand new control schemes and tactile effects are available to drive your gaming experience beyond your thinking. 

Download Link:

Pricing: It costs around $14.99 in the United States. 

Out There – Omega Edition 

Image credit: Out there Omega Edition official

Have you always been obsessed with the topic of Space and all the adventures take place there? Well! Omega Edition of Out there, the 3rd ranking best paid android games on Google Play Store is now out.

To begin with, this game revolves around the concept of an astronaut lost in Space/Galaxy. That’s right! In this Galaxy world, you will be in Space, exploring your way back to the Earth. During this adventure, you will come across numerous charming space characters who will be your enemy or friends. Above all, Out there – Omega Edition is like being in your own Star Wars. 

Critical features of Out there – Omega Edition are:

    • Brand new mysteries at every step. 
    • This game comes with no readymade climax, and your ending is in your hands. 
    • Encounter Aliens and use their technologies for your benefit.
    • HD quality graphics to soothe your vision.
    • Space is eternal.

Download Link:

Pricing: Now download Out there Omega Edition and install for only $14.99.

StarDew Valley

Android games free 2020
Image credit: Stardew valley official on Google Play Store

If you are a fan of Minecraft, you must have searched for games like Minecraft on Google! Found anything interesting? If not, don’t worry! Today we are introducing you to Stardew valley by Chucklefish Limited. This game is much similar to Minecraft but also has impressive and advanced features including:

    • Gameplay based on farming
    • It helps you learn a lot about Agriculture and rural living.
    • Some caves and mines can lead you to significant treasures but also more significant challenges.
    • Explore your cooking skills when you are not feeling like farming.

Download Link: 

Pricing: Download and Install for only $14.99. It functions on PlayStation 4, Android Smartphones, and Xbox as well.


Image credit: Minecraft on Google Play Store

When it comes to counting down best paid Android Games 2020 trending list, how can we ever forget Minecraft, the best-of-best games of all times? Yes! From Pewdipie to Carry Menati, all prominent YouTubers seem to have crafted their largest buildings in the virtual world of Minecraft. You can craft yours as well as share your performance simultaneously on social media. With Minecraft – entertainment comes to you. 

Key features of Minecraft are: 

  • Play in an open and unending world.
  • Now also available in HD.
  • Now, fully split watery components from blocks. 
  • Brand new and fancy graphics are available.
  • New and interesting characters are introduced in the latest Minecraft – Java Edition. 
  • Both Survival and Creative modes run the game smoothly and keep your interest growing.

Download Link:

Pricing: Downloaded by 3million gamers already, Minecraft is now available for $26.95 USD only.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Image credit: Kingdom Rush Vengeance on Google Play Store

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Or simply love to fantasize your life as a King with a Kingdom to manage and fight anyone and everyone who comes in between? Well! Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a game specially made for you. To begin with, it triggers challanges for you as a king and allows you to fight the enemies by creating your own army in the game. This game is an epitome of virtual kingdom adventure where you can be the greatest warrior or leader in the history of Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Best features of this game are: 

  • 10 powerful warriors will be at your command. 
  • Furthermore, there are secrets hidden in your Kingdom that create a rush of suspense.
  • Available to play offline now.
  • Moreover, you can customize your weapons to slice your enemies forever. 
  • Now experience iconic fights and get rewardful mentioning for your achievements.

Download Link:

Pricing: This game by Ironhide Game Studio is now available for only $4.99.

Sky Dancer Premium 

Image credit: Sky Dancer Premium on Google Play Store

To begin with, sometimes even best paid android games are not enough to fulfill our need for smooth and strategy less games. Yes! Some time or other, you may crave for a simple yet fun game. In the meantime, download the Sky Dancer Premium game that allows you to take over the virtual world of Skies and lands filled with several barriers like holes and drops. 

Best features of Sky Dancer Premium are:

  • Extra characters are available to fit your mood.
  • Also, you can play offline and ad-free.
  • Latest version comes with high-end challenges is also on the line of launch.
  • Also, HD graphics that are supportive in every operating system.
  • Above all, it is made by Topebox, one of the top-leading PC Gaming developers. 

Download Link:

Pricing: It is available for gamers in the United States for just 0.99 USD.

Race for the Galaxy – Best paid Android games in space

Image credit: Race for the Galaxy on Google Play Store

Race for the Galaxy is one of the most interesting and best paid android games that allows you to learn and develop new technologies in order to build your personally creative galactic empire and keep researching for new ways to smoothly survive in the Galaxy. Therefore, it is a board game adventure where you can join in on military conquests and whatnot!

Best features of Race for the Galaxy:

  • Multiple Player online Gaming Mode available.
  • For the most part, advanced Al network is open for single mode players. 
  • Also, you can explore the brand new world with added planets. 
  • Furthermore, Over ninety settlements are online and applicable. 

Download Link:

Pricing: It costs around $21.30 in the USA.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 

Image credit: Modern Combat Zero Hour on Google Play Store

So, Craving for another nuclear warfare but this time want to fight the enemies on your own and survive in the impossible-to-survive world? Download Modern Combat 4 in the Zero hour and end the community of terrorists in order to protect your mates and beloved in the game. Above all, this FPS complimented nuclear warfare based game is full of soldiers and terrorists who are ready to compromise their lives for the world to destruct. 

Best Features of this game are:

  • You have all the tactical power to rearrange this battle.
  • Furthermore, you can travel from virtual Barcelona to Antartica or vice versa 
  • HD Animations 
  • Also enjoy amazing audio and video effects 
  • As well as, Over 20k weapons are available
  • Moreover, Leaderboard is also available to track your performance.

Download Link:

Pricing: Modern Combat 4 ZeroHour by Gameloft SE is now available to purchase for only $6.99.

Fruit Ninja Classic

best paid android games for kids
Image credit: Fruit Ninja Classic on Google Play Store

Do you feel like slicing something just for fun? Well! Grab your Android phone and start slicing fruits by downloading Fruit Ninja Classic. Moreover, this game may not contain any advanced features but it delivers a soothing gaming experience when you are finding your way out of boredom.

Download Link:

Pricing: To begin with, Fruit Ninja Classic by Halfbrick Studios is now available for just 0.99 USD.


In the meantime, we hope that you have enjoyed this list of best paid android games 2020 available on Google Play Store. However, for more information, connect with us online and get a chance to put your name in the gaming leaderboards. Good luck!